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How To Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Website Using Wordpress + CardConnect + WooCommerce

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How To Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Website with Wordpress, Woocommerce, & CardPointe by Cardconnect ►►--●--Apply For A New CardPointe + WooCommerce Merchant Account--●--◄◄ http://www.bancardsales.com/get-cardpointe Video Reference Link #1 --- View The Payment Page Shown In This Video https://www.getcardpointe.com/product/cardpointe-ict220/ Video Reference Link #2: Sign up for SiteGround Hosting here: http://bit.ly/2lzG5Lc Video Transcript: I’m gonna show you how to take your Wordpress website, your CardConnect merchant account hook them together so you can accept payments for YOUR products or services on your website. I’m gonna show you how to set up payment pages like this and we’re gonna use “Off the shelf” tools to do it. No custom coding or programming needed. The things you’ll need to follow along in this video are: 1- a hosted wordpress website with a theme that is WooCommerce compatible along with the WooCommerce Plugin which is FREE (and I’ll show you how to download that in just a minute). You’ll need a website that is already set up. Not a free one from wordpress.com but... Continued at http://www.bancardsales.com/ https://youtu.be/Jz1_MtApTaE
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Text Comments (51)
Deval Shah (19 days ago)
Sir it's need premium woocommer plug in ? In this payment gateway ?
Deval Shah (18 days ago)
Thank you sir
BancardSales (19 days ago)
The plugin is free, but you need a merchant account that costs $20 per month for this particular plugin to work.
İftixar Həsənov (28 days ago)
Hey bancard sales, I have created my website https://www.nursach.com/ using Wordpress&WooCommerce. I need to accept credit cards payments on my website and I am new in such matters as merchant account, payment gateway e.c. Is this video for US residents only? Can the people from other countries, for instance, from Azerbaijan, use your service as well?.
Jaxx d (1 month ago)
Stop doing unnecessary mouse scrolling and page scrolling it is really confusing, when you're talking about something and pointing towards something else. Feels like you're talking and your dog is moving the mouse. I liked the video btw. However there is no plugin for the merchant provider that I can use in my country, how do we usually set it up without a plugin?
S Blijheid (2 months ago)
It would be nice if you redid the video and speak slower. This was an Olympic game style sprint! The information was helpful though.
Casey Lee (1 month ago)
Use the speed control on YouTube to slow it down... it's 2018 man
BancardSales (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching! I've had that comment before :-) are you setting up a cardconnect merchant account or do you already have one? -Brian
Goldenchildgt (2 months ago)
Hey bancardsales, I like how the setup looks simple enough, but what if I want the payments to go directly to a bank account with a commercial bank? I didn't see you mention anything about where the money from payments will go. Is there a setup component for this via the cardconnect?
BancardSales (2 months ago)
The merchant account with Cardconnect is what is responsible foe deposits to your account. You have to apply for and become approved for the Cardconnect merchant account so click the links in the description of you want to apply. Thanks for watching! - Brian
Ashkan Ahmadi (4 months ago)
Hi. Is the whole process free or do I need to pay?
BancardSales (4 months ago)
You need to have a Cardconnect merchant account in order to follow along with this video. Thanks for watching!
SOCK OPP (5 months ago)
what if when connecting my accounts I get error messages about the port not being open?
BancardSales (5 months ago)
Call your hosting company and ask them to open ports: 6443 AND 8443 Those are the testing and Live ports (respectively) and if you open those, it should correct the error
kabuye erıas (5 months ago)
very very great
Miles Dennis (6 months ago)
Hi I'm selling pipes and bongs but stripe wont accept payments as it's drug paraphernalia will card connect do this. looking for alternatives thanks
BancardSales (6 months ago)
Well I can connect you to international processing solutions. But I'm not sure if that same source will handle the product (SIC code) your selling...
Miles Dennis (6 months ago)
BancardSales how can they help are they compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce I'm based in the UK thanks for replying
BancardSales (6 months ago)
I have a solution for you. Schedule an appointment here: www.bancardsales.com/call
Kim Gaskins (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video. The website I'm building is using a Dynamic Pricing plugin; is CardConnect compatible with this?
BancardSales (6 months ago)
Is the website built with WordPress? If yes, then Yes. Whether it will integrate with that specific plugin, I'm not sure yet... I'd have to do some research on that specific plugin. What is the payment "flow" that you are trying to accomplish for your customers? (I.e. single product for sale, multiple products, multiple price points, what happens after the customer makes a purchase, etc... )
AllShots (10 months ago)
arabbaba uae (10 months ago)
not working in uae !!!!
grimoxz11 (11 months ago)
will this work in the Philippines? pls reply asap
Liliana Lopez (11 months ago)
Is Woo Themes the best one to download from? Or does it matter from whom?
BancardSales (11 months ago)
Liliana Lopez >> You don't have to use woothemes for this to work, you just need a Wordpress theme that is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Then you should be able to get the CardConnect payment gateway plugin to work. If you don't have a CardConnect merchant account yet, go here: http://www.getcardpointe.com/apply
Kyron Turnbull (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video, how long does it take for the money to reflect in my back account if installed?
BancardSales (11 months ago)
+Kyron Turnbull >> that is determined by CardConnect. typically it is funded the next day unless your account has different guidelines from Cardconnect. typical funding time is next day to 48 hours.
how bout doing a vid on setting up merchant account on ebay esp for beginners / tech challenged lol?
Moxet Khan (1 year ago)
Thanks, but it works in US/Canada only.
BancardSales (1 year ago)
+Moxet Khan >> that is correct. This particular solution is only for U.S. based companies.
naomi kamoun (1 year ago)
?if i want to set paypal and credit card both, can i enable the paypal and it should work?
BancardSales (1 year ago)
+naomi kamoun >>> yes that's correct. You can an able more than one payment option. So if you want to PayPal as an option you can enable it and it will give your customer the ability to select that option when they check out.
Darrell Anderson (1 year ago)
Great video. One thing how would you use this to accept donations on a website? Thanks for your reply.
BancardSales (1 year ago)
Not sure if you saw this video, but it shows you how to set up a payment workflow for a service (vs. a product) using woocommerce. https://youtu.be/_-wSY2Go2EM The process is the same you just create an image placeholder that represents the amount given. If you want the page to allow for a variable amount to be given, I would recommend using the SimplyPay.me hosted payment page option.
Joanes J Vincent (1 year ago)
Hi Brian, Quick question. Do I need a merchant account to set up the Card Connect account?
BancardSales (1 year ago)
Joanes J Vincent I'll also configure everything shown in this video for you, as part of the set up.
BancardSales (1 year ago)
Joanes J Vincent yes you need a merchant account but cardconnect IS the merchant account. I can help you set it up. schedule a call with me: http://www.getcardpointe.com/apply
Angie On The Go (1 year ago)
Best straight forward tutorial I've found! Thank you so much.
Bloggin Brandi (1 year ago)
Great tutorial. I use wordpress and just worked with a client that uses WooCommerce. Glad to see this! :) Thanks for the tutorial.
BancardSales (1 year ago)
Glad you liked it! Stay tuned for the Wordpress + Woocommerce + Stripe integration video!!! Coming soon!
Nathalie Callender (1 year ago)
Great info - thanks
BancardSales (1 year ago)
You're welcome. Glad you liked it!
isitebuild (1 year ago)
Great tutorial
BancardSales (1 year ago)
Thanks, Glad you liked it!
Angélique Binet (1 year ago)
WooCommerce... I wonder if my Wordpress account would let me do that. Something I need to study this. Thanks for the video #YT4Bosses
BancardSales (1 year ago)
Angélique Binet it very well could be if it's hosted. I'm happy to take a look at it for you if you want to schedule a quick call with me at http://www.bancardsales.com/contact us
Angélique Binet (1 year ago)
Well, it's annual fee I pay www.angeliquebinet.com - Is it compatible? THanks.
BancardSales (1 year ago)
Angélique Binet do you have a hosted WordPress account or a free Wordpress account?
Valy Elle (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video, very useful!
BancardSales (1 year ago)
Thanks Valy Elle! Glad you liked it. Stay tuned for more in the "How to accept payments on your website" series!

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