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Berkley Havoc Unleash the Action!

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Berkley innovation together with professional bass angler experience has created a new series of soft baits. Our in-house scientists have teamed up with top bass anglers to develop new worms, lizards, craw and other unique shapes and trailers that anglers, and especially bass have never before seen.
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Randy Hules (2 years ago)
I swear by the Havoc line. Pit Boss is my favorite so far. I wanna try the Devil Spear...
SAVAGE308SNIPER (2 years ago)
Dick dog
BigMCMan22 (6 years ago)
love the rocket craw cought a 7 lb large mouth on it today
chris cota (6 years ago)
lannon craig (6 years ago)
no he didnt ive caught alot of fish off of it
BassMastersToBe (6 years ago)
Cool, all together they have about the same stats as KVD. But Mike is still my favorite.
milexhighxmessiahx15 (6 years ago)
well i started using the craw fatty..... no surprise first cast caught a little bass.... the craw fatty was almost as big as the fish
milexhighxmessiahx15 (6 years ago)
for ppl saying these are crap or just grubs with fucked up names...guess what these baits out produce the baits that i spent 5 bucks a pack and i got 7 packs for 20 bucks at gander.... obviously they did something right...my top producer right now is a tie...devil spear with a swim bait weighted hook and a carolina rigged pit boss with some craw fish scent i used the gulp alive brand
bassinhavoc (7 years ago)
Love the devil spear
Enrique Olvera (7 years ago)
skeet reese u designed a shit, a shity version of the crawfish
Enrique Olvera (7 years ago)
Bobby lane looks like a goddamn redneck not even closer to a pro
Enrique Olvera (7 years ago)
nice marketing crap those plastics look very very common for me they re not more like grubs whit fucked up names
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@881ACR NICE...the grass pig does have what I would describe as a "Fat" Wobble, which works well weightless. Don't forget the newest addition the Larry Nixon designed Bottom Hopper and Bottom Hopper Jr., they are great shaky worms that have a lot of action with this type of soft plastic.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@nico4kp2 I guess the action was real enough to fool the turtle as well. I would love to see your videos, I am going to film some of my own for Havoc as well
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@nico4kp2 If you are in a boat or fishing from a dock, one trick is to swim the bait in a slow figure 8 pattern after you are bringing it close, it will increase your hookups big time by giving the bass an extra look.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@madakopee HAHA...NICE!
Anthony Xiong (7 years ago)
@berkleyfishing08 haha its supposed to be sparta but i stopped it midway and changed it to havoc
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@madakopee SPAR?
Anthony Xiong (7 years ago)
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@nico4kp2 Yeah man. It's a great price to snag em' up at. Send me a note when you have a video ready, I would love to see it!
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@letsgofishindotus Yeah man...I work with the new Havoc lineup every day and still get excited every time I get to throw one! Keep an eye out, the next shape announcement is coming soon!
letsgofishindotus (7 years ago)
Definately a bait worth fishin' with
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
2011 Bassmaster Classic Anglers Fishing Havoc that were able to tell us along with which shape(s) they were throwing most... 4th Place - Brandon Palaniuk - 55lbs 7oz (Pit Boss) 6th Place - Boyd Duckett - 53lbs 2oz, brought in the big fish at 8lbs 15oz (Pit Boss) 9th Place - Bobby Lane - 45lbs 9oz (Craw Fatty) 10th Place -Gary Klein - 45lbs 6oz (The Deuce) 11th Place -Mike Iaconelli - 43lbs 3oz (Devil Spear and Pit Boss) 14th Place -Skeet Reese - 42lbs 3oz (Pit Boss)

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