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Berkley "Night Life" - Fishing Lights

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Berkley's Tools and Accessories Manager, Scott Thomas talks about the all Night Life series of lights for anglers at ICAST 2014. A night fishing solution for every angler!
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shallowaterfishing (1 year ago)
I fish with green lights. Nothing much new here but a bunch of features I would not use. Wanna know what I would buy RIGHT NOW! An LED battery powered floating green light that I could drop off my boat in multiple places I want to fish after dark. Dropping a light off the boat is simple and has been around for a long time. However, once you catch a fish or two, the fish will move off. This is why you need something that can be dropped off and anchored to a spot. That way, I can fish 3-4 spots all night moving from one to the next. I can tell you I never need more than 4 hour battery life. If you are out for longer than that, you put the lights in a bad spot. Guess I'm going to end up buying pool lights.
Berkley Fishing (1 year ago)
Thanks for your feedback! We'll share your recommendation with our product team.
tiger tail (2 years ago)
Xavier Quintana (2 years ago)
spencer norman (3 years ago)
has anyone used these???
Pale Horse (3 years ago)
Great idea!

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