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How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

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Thanks to a 2016 Instagram update, you can now manage multiple Instagram accounts! Let me show you how to add multiple accounts, streamline your workflow, and easily post to other social media platforms! Want more fabulous social media tips & tricks for female entrepreneurs? Check out www.sparklesocietyworkshops.com/freebies/ to grab a free mini-workshop of your choosing and then connect with me on Instagram https://instagram.com/sparkle.society/ ! xoxo, Cyrissa
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Abdallah Mustafa (5 months ago)
is it post in all accounts like a manual post or repost ?
Gerard Snyder (6 months ago)
There is a powerful social media management software FollowingLike https://tinyurl.com/y9lawovs that could manage thousands of Instagram accounts for you. यह आपके Instagram पृष्ठ / प्रोफ़ाइल पर गतिविधियों के दौरान आपके स्वचालित आभासी सहायक के रूप में कार्य करेगा।
Lew Jackie (6 months ago)
thanks for this great trick.
Josephine Webster (6 months ago)
Manage multiple instagram accounts with botchief http://whitehatbox.blogspot.com/ Il builder Regex integrato ha impronte comuni per trovare indirizzi, e-mail, ecc. Che ti permettono di raschiare il testo.
Matthew Paul (6 months ago)
you had me at "sparkle society" lol
Sparkle Society (6 months ago)
i mean.... it's pretty fabulous.
mono (11 months ago)
How do I delete a account, while I have two acccounts Also, I have an account, and my dad has it on his phone, how do I delete my account from his phone without deleting it from MY phone? Please help me!
PhoenixIceable (1 year ago)
I have two instagram accounts, but with he same Email at first it was separate the way I wanted, but now it acts like the same accounts. Help Me.
Barbara Corfield (1 year ago)
I made a mistake when I had to get a replacement cell phone, and thought I lost my instagram account... So I set up another account. I can't get back to the original account.. How do I delete the second account? I have forgotten my instagram password.. this has become a nightmare for me. I don't want to lose all those that are on my instagram.. But I don't want the second account either.
Mark Trinidad (1 year ago)
Does anyone have a way to undo this ?
Hello thanks for your video, I just looking all over to see what I need to know and I get your video, very interested to get this done (How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts)
Lil’_Orangeee_101 _ (1 year ago)
Can u plz help me
Tiffany Parr (2 years ago)
Can you please walk me through how to link my Facebook fan page to the instagram page? I have multiple businesses and fan pages and it keeps linking to one timeline, (which has 1 fan page), and no matter what I do....I've done it million times on/off both FB pages and Instagram pages, how do I get this instagram account to post to one fan page? My email is [email protected] I appreciate your help, its so frustrating and I know its a simple solution.
Sparkle Society (1 year ago)
hey honey! ugh - it can be glitchy sometimes! if you haven't already figured it out, check out this article! https://sparklesocietyworkshops.com/login-to-instagram-with-multiple-accounts/
Ella Marie (2 years ago)
She looks like Gerri Halliwell- Gerri Spice Girl.
Sparkle Society (2 years ago)
oh my goodness ella!!! that is so funny!!!
Jeff jazzy/Tj w (2 years ago)
I just have a question do you use the same email and phone number for your accounts? or do you have to use a different one?
Luis Fletes (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! And You are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!! Cheers from Vegas!
WhiteHatBox Service (2 years ago)
you can use followinglike software http://whitehatbox.blogspot.com/2016/05/whitehatbox-revolutionary-tools-for.html
videobenji (2 years ago)
well arent you chipper! thanks for the video. I wonder if there's a way to switch between accounts on the web version of instagram. looks like no hmm
Sparkle Society (2 years ago)
ha ha ha ha ha!!! you're welcome! :)
Brian Sumner (2 years ago)
Can you have the same email account for two instagram accounts?
cyrissa carlson (2 years ago)
hey brian! to my knowledge, no! you'll need a new email address for each account!
Darron Harris (2 years ago)
Good Job
umm ก็นะ (2 years ago)
*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway* http://storage.googleapis.com/4168612499455/4338076989253.html
Mary Jane Postiglione (2 years ago)
Does this work if you have a different email address for the additional account?
Sparkle Society (2 years ago)
absolutely! i've got three different email addresses connected to my accounts! :)
chowceo (3 years ago)
So helpful thank you 💜
Sparkle Society (3 years ago)
+chowceo you're so welcome! are you loving being able to flip back and forth?! it makes life SO MUCH easier! :)
Victoria (3 years ago)
Really enjoyed the clear step-by-step! Thank you, I'm enjoying your channel :)
Sparkle Society (3 years ago)
+vitcoria07 oh thanks for the sweet compliments!!! are we connected on social media?!?! if not, come join me at https://instagram.com/sparkle.society - if you loved this, you're gonna love that social account! :) xoxo

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