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Berkley Havoc Pro J Todd Tucker tips on Using the Havoc Craw Fatty

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Berkley Havoc Pro J Todd Tucker, currently in the top 10 in the Elite Series, gives tips on how he hooks up with fish using the Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty. "What's unique about it, when you put it in the bed, it actually stands up and gets in a defense mode, and it's what makes the bigger fish come in and eat it" "I went to a 3/8oz slip sinker with a 3/0 hook, which seems to be the key to keeping the fish hooked up" Bobby Lane designed this bait with shape, action and color in mind for you to Unleash the Action!
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TheHuntingFanatic (5 years ago)
where does the hook come out when you put one on a jig?
cesar cuellar (7 years ago)
@berkleyfishing08 thanks for the reply now im gonna sub
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@rcairplanefan When you rig weedless, you just put the tip of the hook back into the body of the bait, upon hookset as it's pulling out of the fish's mouth it comes out and goes into the lip.
cesar cuellar (7 years ago)
how does the fish get hooked if the hook is in the rubber please reply
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