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How To Make Simple Billing System Using Excel

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this video is created by software info. this video is helpful for create billing system in microsoft Excel. in this video i am teach about how to create simple billing system and how to make bill easyli. in this video i use various function of microsoft excel like vlockup data validation if else Function. i hope this video is Help full for you. if you enjoy this video please "like & share" this video. for watch more videos please subscribe our YouTube channel "software info". and press the notification button (bell 🔔 icon) #SIMPLEBILLINGSYSTEM #BILLINGSYSTEM #BILLINGSOFTWARE #GSTSOFTWARE #CREATEBILLINGSYSTEM #MICROSOFTEXCEL #BILLINGSYSTEMINMICROSOFTEXCEL #NEWBILLINGSYSTEM #ADVANCEBILLINGSYSTEM
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Text Comments (103)
Pritam Sil (21 hours ago)
Dinesh Kaushik (22 days ago)
please make video with sound then not complete leAERNING
The Arts Center (1 month ago)
Very hlpful vdo👌👌👌👌👌👌 Thnks🤗👍🙏🤗
prashant patel (2 months ago)
very good video. I have found the best billing software for the businesses https://www.softwaresuggest.com/billing-invoicing-software
Div Jangid (2 months ago)
Instead of excel you can use dedicated billing software. Excel is OK but not a reliable software. You can checkout a billing software which has features like barcode printing, stock management as well. Try this at https://bit.ly/2lPIjEP
Suhail Khan (3 months ago)
please make videos with sound for completely learning,
sulav dhakal (3 months ago)
Can we edit the content s inside this bill
software info (3 months ago)
sulav dhakal yes we can edit the quantity, but if you want to edit price so do not specify the price.
krishal vyas (3 months ago)
F3 key not working....????
Surjit Sapamcha (3 months ago)
Thanks.. It was useful
satish sharma (4 months ago)
Muje transport bill banana k liye soft wair ki jarurat h
vikram kumar (5 months ago)
Sir formet mail to my mail id [email protected]
Neelam SHARMA (5 months ago)
Right data f3 key is not working
chandra sekhar (5 months ago)
Audio please
Love Sing song vidéó (6 months ago)
kisi me sound hi ni
OFFICAL ATUL YADAV (6 months ago)
Iska sample mail kar dijiye [email protected] pe
E- CaMS (6 months ago)
plz send this soft at [email protected]
Pradeep Kumar (8 months ago)
sir is video main aap ki voice nahi hai
Bijay Kumar (2 months ago)
MEHEDI HASAN MOROL (8 months ago)
pleace Send this file .
Abu Sayem (8 months ago)
Thx .. This system is done
Ankush Sinha (8 months ago)
Doctor jo dawa ka name lekh kar purchase data h pasent ko wo kaisa banaye
prabhanjan singh (9 months ago)
ples... bro provide me your contact no or whatsapp me 7549886733
Software Guide (9 months ago)
Awesome tutorial!
majda hadifi (9 months ago)
Hello, thanks for the video but i think that using an invoicing software will be much easier and more practical. Especially now with the existence of many online applications that don't require any installation or configuration, some of them even offer a free permanent account https://aliphia.com/en/
Shamalee Ffrench (10 months ago)
Raghuraj Hari shankar (10 months ago)
I need bill project in vb
Raghuraj Hari shankar (10 months ago)
I need bill project in vb
Vijay Kumar (9 months ago)
Raghuraj Hari shankar Pls Contact me [email protected] for VBA based applications with 100 % Customize as u need
usha dudhbhate (11 months ago)
Excel per aur video banaye..
Krm G (1 year ago)
hello . bhai muje ye temple email karo please. meje Ye Excel file completely email Karo . please. I want to learn. send me your mobile number I will recharge your number.
Rohit Sharma (11 months ago)
Free!!! www.fasterinvoice.com Create online invoice for FREE. Save, print, email or download invoice. No account necessary.
Psycho Indian Gamer (1 year ago)
If I need a copy by the bill no. How will I get that
majda hadifi (9 months ago)
Hello sir, i recommend using an invoicing software, especially that now there are many online software that don't require any installation and some of them are even free of charge as they offer a free permanent plan like Aliphia https://aliphia.com/en/
Krm G (11 months ago)
you go to save as " Ms 98" and then save file give file number same as invoice number and save to your folder.
md monjurul (1 year ago)
how to convart number to in word. please ans... thuory
majda hadifi (9 months ago)
Hi, for this feature and more i recommend using an invoicing softwarelike Aliphia, it offers a free permanent plan https://aliphia.com/en/
mmlps (1 year ago)
majda hadifi (9 months ago)
Hello, Aliphia software for inventory management and invoicing offers all of these features and more and it even offers a free permanent plan https://aliphia.com/en/
Vijay Kumar (9 months ago)
Pls Contact me [email protected] for VBA based applications with 100 % Customize as u need
Life Success (1 year ago)
Please download and use my software https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxidlwVsKHnCM25CNElENnlZd2M
How to make cable tv billing softwere in exel
Vijay Kumar (9 months ago)
Pls Contact me [email protected] for VBA based applications with 100 % Customize as u need
software info (1 year ago)
Shyju Meenkunnu Star Net what is your requirements. please describe
gajendra kumar sony (1 year ago)
can u send this invoice bill format At [email protected]
Useful Help (1 year ago)
sir please give this software iam a student and i have no money to buy this software sir help me next moth i have practical exam i will submit for this project please help me. my mail id is [email protected]
software info (1 year ago)
but it is not a software it is billing system create in Microsoft Excel
Bhim Singh Yadav (1 year ago)
Thank you so much.
Vikram Bajwa (1 year ago)
how to make new invoice button in excel
majda hadifi (9 months ago)
hello, i recommend using an invoicing software there are many online software that offer free accounts. Aliphia offers a free permanent plan. https://aliphia.com/en/
Shivamurthy Sp (1 year ago)
How To Make Simple Billing System Using Excel send me this copy by mail my mail id is [email protected] i am waiting for ur response
Vijay Kumar (9 months ago)
Pls Contact me [email protected] for VBA based applications with 100 % Customize as u need
Technology gyan Gyan (1 year ago)
Karamoko Alhassane Bah (6 months ago)
Nanu Ram ضعف
Mahmood Abdul Rashid (1 year ago)
smarty roney (1 year ago)
thanks but dir ager items 550 me krib ho to
smarty roney (1 year ago)
thanks but dir ager items 550 me krib ho to
smarty roney (1 year ago)
thanks but dir ager items 550 me krib ho to
Vivek Patel (1 year ago)
hello, have a good day ☺ i ask u one question ??? i m go to data validation and select Allow in list potion and source inbox F3 key press coad option is ok but iteam coad is not appear inbox so how to do iteam coad . my iteamcoad is not show. when i press F3 key.
Shahid Computer (1 year ago)
Psycho Indian Gamer (1 year ago)
agar hme ek soft copy chahiye hogi us bill ki toh kya karenge and har bar sare items clear krne padenge kya before making the bill
Thongam Deepak Singh (5 months ago)
If you want a soft copy of the bill, then I suggest you click "Print" command and select "Save as PDF" option. That will give you a PDF file of the bill you created. Hope this helps you.
Akshay Porwal (1 year ago)
with same billing technique how the data entered here can be tabulated in other sheet and every time a new form appears
Biren LIKE TO DANCE (1 year ago)
Sumon khan (1 year ago)
what can I do this with smartphone? how it's
abhishek singh (4 months ago)
Sumon khan usi me ghuse raho bhosdi ke
Bhaskar Yadav (1 year ago)
Hi sir very nice but i have one question take one example we have one general store how to remember all itmcode it is possible scanning option to link xl sheet and at a time print option is there let you know that will help to me thanks bhaskar my mail id [email protected]
Jalaram Prajapat (1 year ago)
THANKS BRO..............
software info (1 year ago)
you may watch GST billing system from this link https://youtu.be/KvBBB0DBzPg
rashmi gurung (1 year ago)
how to save that item and code I am in confusion it didnt work to my computer... or please guide me
software info (1 year ago)
for save the iteam and code select the cell of iteam code and go left up side corner and write name then press enter see my video how to make simple billing system thanks
Tarun Lamba (1 year ago)
Zenith Jhony (1 year ago)
Data Validation f3 key is not working.
Buelah Daisy (9 months ago)
Sorry fn
Buelah Daisy (9 months ago)
F3 key is not working with fb and also It can’t accept for manual entry also pls help
Rohit Sharma (11 months ago)
Hi , i would like to know how to change the bill number automatically , i want it to change after each save. is it possible? Thanks
software info (1 year ago)
yet i am work on it
Husnain Flex (1 year ago)
hello yar is ka total sales per day or jo bill print hon gay wo kahan se check ho gay save kahan ho gay plz rply or send your no i call you plz
software info (1 year ago)
If you contact me with on my mail id [email protected]
software info (1 year ago)
In this system no total sales of day is calculated and appko 2 print karani padegi. You said this system is some typical and hard. I will make video on this system after 9-5-2017. Beacous I am busy now. Thanks
Mr Bean (1 year ago)
Hi. I hope you can help me with my other excel formula (excel newbie here), although this a different topic. If i have a series of dates at column A, then at B i put a letter say "x", then at C i will get the difference of days at the dates mention every time i input x through =if(B2="x",A2-A1&""&"",""). Then finally my problem is at D, i want to get the average of my results at C, which always an error for a normal average formula.. Can you help me please with my problem? Thanks
Mr Bean (1 year ago)
ohhh thank you very much.. im very glad i've found you here. i really appreaciated your time, effort and generosity.. :)
Mr Bean (1 year ago)
already sent. its [email protected] thanks
software info (1 year ago)
If your problem is not solve you sent your file in my Gmail [email protected]
Mr Bean (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but still the formula is an error.
software info (1 year ago)
I hope using my formula your problem is solve. Thanks for your reply.
Zuhaib Khan (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot. I was in need of this so badly. keep good work up.
sandeep singh (1 year ago)
Jaipdehtam Jaipdehtam (1 year ago)
how to enter the same iteam code in both iteam no 1 and 2? i've tried to enter but the price didn't come in iteam no 2... please help me...
Jaipdehtam Jaipdehtam (1 year ago)
yes now it is working ... thankyou very much
software info (1 year ago)
You will mistake in the formula please see this video https://youtu.be/MrHDpqwH5Lk and if not work comment again. And your problem is solved please reply.
Tracy Ben (1 year ago)
do u make them for people
software info (1 year ago)
For the protect the formula lock individual cell in the excel. For help see my video how to lock individual cell in excel. And for make new invoice delit the code and quantity. If you need another help please comment your problem.
KatherineCardoza20 (1 year ago)
How do you do to protect the formulas in the cells and allow people at the same time to clear the data on it and start a new invoice for another customer?
Marcus Pacheco (1 year ago)
I made one for the company I work for as well. Did you need help?
software info (1 year ago)

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