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Berkley IronSilk

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Berkley IronSilk is the only super-polymer mono fishing line that features a built-in molecular reinforcing network. This dramatically improves abrasion resistance, durability, and fighting power at a thinner diameter than other abrasion resistant lines.
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The Brand (11 months ago)
I love this stuff. The only problem I have had with it is that if I tie a palamar knot it always breaks. Any other knot is fine. And I wish it came in other colors. Hi Vis for me. Looks like they are discontinuing it though. Hate to see it go.
Berkley Fishing (11 months ago)
Hey, thanks for the feedback - we'll pass it along to our team. We're also sorry to hear about the difficulty with your line. Please contact consumer services at [email protected] or (800) 237-5539 so they can look into this.
Dylan Johnston (1 year ago)
I'm nervous to buy it cause the color trout are very line shy so I'm kind of curious to see how visible it is underwater
Bed Bass And Beyond (2 years ago)
does it float or sink
TexasSaltwaterFishin (3 years ago)
Well I tested. And I have to say its done very well in inshore saltwater fishing. Caught some big monster fish. Even caught some around the jetties. Okay put it this way. The line is what it says it is. Great job Berkley!
omer kishanov (3 years ago)
I used it for the first time , got a 31 inch musky on 6 lb iron silk on a zebco 33 .....this is the best line out rite now, cast like a dream and strong as hell.Forget braid ...this is the bomb and for $10,00 at bass pro you cant beat it.
charlie madson (4 years ago)
cant wait to get some iron slk hell i got a 40pound musky on 15lb Berkeley triline big game extra fightin power mono can wait for this stuff 
jdowney308 (4 years ago)
I will try it. I'm getting tired of everyone trying to shove braided down our throats. They want you to think that if you're not using braided, then you're not really fishing. I still love my XL.
omer kishanov (3 years ago)
I will take on anyone with braid with iron silk.
Forever Trill (4 years ago)
Does it float or nah?
onthewater247 (4 years ago)
seems like an updated version of the XT. 
TexasSaltwaterFishin (4 years ago)
Have to try it to believe it.

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