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Wordpress Security Essentials - Best Practices & Plugins

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Wordpress Security Essentials - Best Practices & Plugins tutorial video. Update for 2016 Flatsome Course: http://ckl.ph/21KBmk0 Today we’re going over the much needed: * best practices of securing WordPress (such as better passwords and how to do do) * Best WordPress security plugins (2015) * Best WordPress website post hack fixing plugins * Best WordPress monitoring and management plugins / tools and a little bit more. You can get the plugin's list (actively maintained) here: http://ckl.ph/1Ho8kOc This is video one of this mini-series. I’m focusing on the what are the best options in this video. If you’re looking for how to configure these plugins and services, I’ll be covering that in the next set of videos.
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Marcin Burak (2 years ago)
Very clear list of WP security plug-ins. Finally all of them in one place.
Rachel Burkett (3 years ago)
Thanks for this, so confused by security out there. Everyone keeps recommending I-Themes security but I installed and activated it and have NO IDEA what to do. Is there any chance yu can do an up-to-date tutorial on how to set this up?? yours hopefully RB
Logos (3 years ago)
Great video but please consider eliminating the BS background music. It adds NOTHING to your content and distracts the listener from the valuable information.
Good to knowINFO (3 years ago)
my wordpress not finished design the hack me  i can not  go to wp admin  and login when I write my URL in web is a red page with Musick and e mail adres. I have all the date deleted in Hostgator?what to do if something comes exactly nexte times? help  thnaks

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