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XTV- Bass Fishing- rigging Caffeine shads w/weighted hooks

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A quick tip on catching suspended smallmouth bass with Strike King Caffeine shads with weighted hooks, this is how I rig it.
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Don Motley (1 year ago)
i bought 2 packs of theses last weekend,first weekend off,caught a 5.68,he devoured it.have video on youtube.
ExtremeAnglerTV (1 year ago)
right on, they catch for sure.
Rivercat63 (1 year ago)
Awesome video ,Great system there.Use it alot with the Rage craw also
ExtremeAnglerTV (1 year ago)
right on, appreciate the comments
Jeff k (2 years ago)
got to love them they sure catch fish
Jeff k (2 years ago)
Yeah I love them especially that style bait flukes catch fish. I love to fish them with some 20 pounds mono in the summer the zoom is lighter so it stays on the water longer and fish it just like a frog.
ExtremeAnglerTV (2 years ago)
They are my 'go-to' soft bait when fish seem to be 'lazy'.
Fred McCormack (2 years ago)
What weight do you use for that bait ? 1/8 or 1/4 ounce ?
ExtremeAnglerTV (2 years ago)
1/8th oz
Bass Bulletin Board (2 years ago)
Thats it im buying me some
Bass Bulletin Board (2 years ago)
ExtremeAnglerTV I subbed, Hit me back with a sub. Thx
ExtremeAnglerTV (2 years ago)
They catch. Thanks for watching

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