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Whoa! How I Scaled My Shopify Store To $300,000+ From India

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This is it you guys - the new chapter of my life and it begins with the 1 year anniversary of my Shopify Dropshipping Store. Amazing, right? Watch the complete video to get all the numbers and the entire annual income report of Common Panda. 🤟🏽Get The FASTEST Conversion Theme For Your Shopify Store - https://ecom.flyingstartonline.com/theme ⭐ Start Your Free Shopify Trial: ⭐ https://www.flyingstartonline.com/go-shopify 🙌🏽 Join The DOer Group - http://joindoergroup.com - - - - - - - If you liked what you saw, hit that like button and subscribe. And if you know someone who wants to open their online business, share this video with them. #Shopify #Dropshipping #Rito Please Note: The income shared in this video is a personal experience unique to Ritoban. Ritoban and his company, Flying Start Online, Inc. does not guarantee that you or anyone using these strategies will make the stated earning amount if you use Shopify. These are educational videos to help entrepreneurs - not income promises.
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Text Comments (220)
Mukul Dubey (2 days ago)
I subscribed your channel I have a question that....u r living in India and u r earning in dollar that means it has h big amount when it converts into a Indian currency ...so u r earning in lakhs something?? Per months??or u r an rich person I think
Sonu Kharb (10 days ago)
What is shopify payments? You told the paypal.
Flying Start Online (10 days ago)
I made a video on it. Search on YT
Akhil Ashokan (11 days ago)
Yooo Man.. Cool
Hindifox (18 days ago)
rito daru nahi pito........you are jam of a person man.....nice work
Muhammed Hisham (18 days ago)
What If someone doesn't have access to paypal as well? No stripe, No paypal, only 2checkout - that also closed account. Closed my shopify account :(
HIMANSHU SHARMA (20 days ago)
Today i have seen all your videos on shopify playlist maybe it been so late 1year.. ohh.. why i have not seen this all before. I think god want me to watch your shopify playlist. And 1 will promise you rito today. I will meat you after creating my shopify store. With 3rd profit i will reach you to see and shake hand with you. 🙏 thnx again for all knowledge on shopify.
Flying Start Online (20 days ago)
All the best and stay focused
HIMANSHU SHARMA (20 days ago)
Can you suggest me anything before starting my own shopify store.😊
INFO FACTS (21 days ago)
Sir can you tell me how much did you invest on common panda in 1 year
Priyanshu Gumashta (22 days ago)
Hey rito, do you have any information when will stripe open its gateway in india?
Anubhab Biswas (23 days ago)
So fb add cost is greater than product fulfilment cost.This is strange😲
Yash Veer Nagar (23 days ago)
What are legality for dropshipping business from shopify (India) ,starting from zero ,and selling products world wide, plz help !!!me plz!!!!!!,do I have to form a company and just get gst no and start my dropshipping business or something more?????!!?
Akash Patil (24 days ago)
Is this the right time to start the e-commerce business in 2018-19?? I am thinking of starting my own store but is it the right time?
raoul hayes (24 days ago)
Hey buddy how can I contact you?
raoul hayes (24 days ago)
I was born in bangalore, now living in Melbourne.
Shakib Sami (25 days ago)
EAIaIQobChMIoY2GsrmZ3gIVEr7ACh2QYQCQEAAYASAAEgJM6PD_BwE. "Can this website help me find winning product bro?"
Shakib Sami (25 days ago)
Rito SIr I am a huge fan of yours I have started my first online store in the month of June I got my winning product I got more than 12 orders by hitting ads on FB and Instagram. But I was not able to manage my money I spent all what I got on ads and loss tons but was not able to scale up. Now I am starting It again but I have only 200$ will it be a good amount to start with?
Jimmy Heuangpangna (27 days ago)
How does this video only have 7 thousand views...But yall wanna watch SCAM artist like Kevin David and Matt Tran....Bwhahahahahahaah. Give me a break.
sachin yadav (27 days ago)
hey Rito!! do you have to pay Gst for this revenue ??
Lyrok Dark (27 days ago)
Hey! I want to dropship in the US but I'm not an US citizen I live in Germany so what do I have to do to be able to legally dropship there? I heared you need some kind of ITaxes number or something? Since you are dropshipping from India what did you have to do before you were able to dropship in the US?
chirag kantharia (28 days ago)
Why is your fb page not there
Ismail (29 days ago)
But do you need to pay tax over your net profit?
Chloe Anne (29 days ago)
Hi Rito, great vid, anyway, i saw your income report.. can i ask you what do you mean by "product fullfillment".. does it mean you ship your item from US? so you buy products in bulk? really appreciate if u can answer my question..)
vimal sabnani (30 days ago)
bro bro bro!! you are real pro man! hats off and its really impressive, ur an inspiration and a positive idol i look up to.!
Mike Gupta (30 days ago)
Voahhh amazinggggg sirrrrr but sir lisn how to take Shopify trail free for 30 days it's only free for 14 days
MEDICINE S review (30 days ago)
Ok sir make a video on bugget. I mean how much we should have to start a six figure business
Let me tell you an interesting stat
Dhruv Kapadi (1 month ago)
one question :: you have reached ~$93k but what about the taxes?? are u liable for indian taxation or usa. and how much??
Gamently (1 month ago)
For shopify payments USA bank account is required by shopify , how can we get that for getting payments? I know alternate is paypal but they also terminates sometime.
Graceful Towels (1 month ago)
Hi Rito. Amazing. If i want to start a shopify shop. Should i just follow from day 1 challenge onwards? Or are there changes that we should do after you been doing it for 1 year plus? Thank you
Congrats on the effort. But your Store sucks dude. Its not a real business what you are doing.
Santanu Mahato (1 month ago)
I Have No Laptop .....can I open shopify store with smartphone 😢
david opembe (30 days ago)
Nop! If you can't buy a laptop for yourself fb ads cost will make you sell your phone
sagar suri (1 month ago)
i am from Chandigarh mate. I need some guidance. It would be great if you could guide me
Vincent (1 month ago)
How do you use Shopify Payments if you live in India?
Nelson Xavier (1 month ago)
Awesome Rito! I been watching you from day 1!
Tv Of Need (1 month ago)
Do you not invited in Google or Bing Ads?
Graphic Ease (1 month ago)
Congratulations on your 1 year store anniversary! You have a lot of interesting products 😁 Saw a few I’d like to buy. lol I’ll have to watch your series from the beginning. Wishing you continued success and an amazing 4th quarter!
Aashia Sharma (1 month ago)
RITO I WANT TO BE YOU. You are like a mentor to me
Suresh Patel (1 month ago)
many many congratulation.... it's really motivating journey...!!
Amrut S (1 month ago)
Can someone help me with few shopify queries. First time seller, targeting Indian demo. Is there any minimum to what shopify charges? If product price is Rs 750 then shopify will charge Rs 15 (2%) or there is any minimum to that ?
Srinivas R (1 month ago)
Fantastic Rito. You truly are an inspiration for me. I have already spent about $1500 on FB ads with a revenue of $25 and am scared to continue. But after listening to you,my spirits have gone up. I think I should continue. what do you say?
Srinivas R (1 month ago)
+crazy indian .Thank you for taking time off to reply. I am following you keely,but still I could not get the hold on FB ads. What should I do now? Somehow FB is not my cup of tea.
crazy indian (1 month ago)
You made a mistake spending that much money with no insights.....You should have spend 1500 dollars in a matter of 6 months....In my opinion you didn't spend 1500 dollars...You burned it
Nitin Agarwal (1 month ago)
Hi Rito, Thanks for inspiring us. Please also share your Google AdWords expenses.
jalabi99 (1 month ago)
I think I started watching your videos two months after you started Common Panda. It's been a great ride from 0 to almost US$100,000 in net profit in one year. The best is yet to come! Congrats to #TheOnlyRealShopifyGuru on YouTube :)
xRo5han (1 month ago)
First off, congrats Rito! Love the transparency. A quick question: with a general store as you have, what do you do about different products affecting your Facebook pixel differently? Do you use multiple pixels, or just the one? Do you still optimize for purchases? Thanks!
Business Mind (1 month ago)
Ritto I want start Shopify alidropship in india.What kind of document require to start..
Business Mind (22 days ago)
+ENEMY GAMER should pay tax or not
ENEMY GAMER (22 days ago)
Gst number
Devraja Rathore (1 month ago)
The irony is, you are making the amount which iit's top packager make in USA .....there is no job could be compared to business if someone pursue entrepreneurship seriously, ready to hustle and grind..... hope you make your 1st 7 figure revenue in 2019. Good luck
Mahesh Chinna (1 month ago)
Make a video abt buying the store with debit card from India..... Coz many Indians are facing this prob I guess!! And yeah I am also facing the same problem buying the plan from debit card
Abhiraj trivedi (1 month ago)
Do you live in india?
Hey Rito.... Missed First Bootcamp Registration... How Unlucky...😐😐😐
Ankit R (1 month ago)
Love you rito. Please teach FB ads
Ketogenic Diet 101 (1 month ago)
My brother all payment gateways and paypal does not support my country and this is what keeps me from working what your suggestions are please and thank you very much
With 109.000$ fb ads i can making affiliate website and earn over 1$m. Are you crazy man fb ads money more than you earn from shopify
Manav Puri (1 month ago)
Fake 100%. He simply divided the Net Sales / Gross Income by 3 and entered that as the fullfiment cost/ COGS and didn't show the actual proof/fact of how much it was. Net sales and ads cost maybe accurate. But still, nice way to mislead viewers.
crazy indian (1 month ago)
You just disappeared up your own asshole.....For fuck sakes ,stop you negative hypothetical wiseass comments....You can't be happy for someone because you haven't achieved it ....You are an asshole who disappeared up his own asshole...
Gajanan K. Channel. (1 month ago)
Ahsan Nadeem (1 month ago)
the only person on youtube who is actually transparent 😍
Kelly Lu (1 month ago)
Woo! May I know do u have any interest to find some new and better suppliers for yourself?
sumukh hrr (1 month ago)
Fuckin epic.
AGT STUDIOS (1 month ago)
Sir can we start shoppify in kerela with rs 20000₹??
Ritoooo sir, can u speak hindi? Please sir u speak hindi I better understand,I can small small understanding English, so big problem in Shopify store
Meet Patel (1 month ago)
Is It Good , To Start Dropshipping From Wordpress & Wocommerce
crazy indian (1 month ago)
No it's goddamn isn't.....You will prefer that someone would rape you instead of you using WooCommerce......
sonet johnson (1 month ago)
Yesterday I published an ad for 1000 daily budet for one day. It has reached only 340 and only 3 link click.. please help me ....☹️
sonet johnson (1 month ago)
I have purchased the dropship theme.but the USD doesn't automatically change to INR when I visit the site Help me...
ENEMY GAMER (22 days ago)
Purchase in USD simple
Tejas Malshe (1 month ago)
Just a quick tip RITO , as this house has given you its best leave something back for it. It could be anything like just some stuff that someone else can use in this house. It’s like thanks giving to the house energy😊. I moved 2 years back from my previous property that i had stayed for 6 years. I actually ended up hanging a beautiful wind chimes for that house as it gave us some of the best memories of our life 😇
Flying Start Online (1 month ago)
Wonderful thought Tejas. We did leave a few memories behind and donated most of our furniture to those in need
Hardik Panchani (1 month ago)
Wow awesome great journey 👍
Dungeon Master (1 month ago)
Awesome Ritooooooo. Just can't wait to meet you at bootcamp :) - Prasad
Golthier Santos (1 month ago)
Congratulations Riiiitoo. It’s been amazing to see you growth. Keep it up with with the good content on your channel.
Cristina (1 month ago)
I'm about to start my own store soon because of your videos. Thank you for all the videos. I have a question though! Do you negotiate with the aliexpress sellers or you just sell the products right away without talking with them?
TheWildOne101 (1 month ago)
Man you're amazing. Thank you for all that you've done. Couldn't thank you enough :)
Marwah Aljunaid (1 month ago)
U r genius
Wander bug (1 month ago)
How did you move to Shopify payment?
Mohtasim Ahmad (1 month ago)
Indian Tim Ferris 👍👍👍👍
riejurr wheelieboy (1 month ago)
If someone would like to review my webshop and leave some feedback, you would be helpfull👼 https://hyped-style.com
ATTA E MUSTUFA (1 month ago)
Tayyab Razi (1 month ago)
Love from Pakistan. The Real common man. The Real common panda. 😅
Teo Almonte (1 month ago)
What was the website purchase conversion over the year?
Project: Setby30 (1 month ago)
Profesor Rito! Have you been following the same things you taught in the bizathon (plus any modifications in later videos) throughout the year to achieve these results? Referring to product research methods, Facebook strats, etc.
Nirav Vyas (1 month ago)
Bro, you are awesome... Not seen any YouTuber so transparent like you... 👍
nicki das (1 month ago)
drop shipping is hard you will lose money on facebook ads eats all the money up that s the problem
crazy indian (1 month ago)
So you wanna be millionaire by complaining why u are not succeeding?
Praveen Dixit (1 month ago)
Sir which festival to focus on now for getting sale and I only got 1 sale so please tell me what to do next and how to use IG influencers for getting sales
Jun Fabros (1 month ago)
Congratulations! :)
saturas505 (1 month ago)
and 248 rank on myip ms. That is awesome!
Subhojit Karmakar (1 month ago)
I've been watching your videos since April 2018. You are truly an inspiration.
rishabhchawla (1 month ago)
This is absolutely amazing, you are getting rich and rich day by day
HJ kks (1 month ago)
Congratulations man, I am in a weird position now. I had reached a point where I was doing like $30k a month. But now I am back to zero due my own fault and ignorance also not evolving my strategies. Now I have to start all the way from bottom again, hopefully I can get back up. My goal now is to do $100k month which I will achieve.
Nandakumar k (1 month ago)
I just watched and its amazing . congrats ! Am realising why didn't I get to know about ur channel a year back .
Goutham gowda (1 month ago)
Sir when our coustomers receive the product they ordered after receiving the product they can see the AliExpress logo and the real prize of the product.Then our coustomers will think that we have cheated them,etc.what should we do to avoid that.
Flying Start Online (1 month ago)
Just mention in order notes while placing the aliexpress order to not include the invoice.
Fun with Chig's (1 month ago)
well done rito. i'm from gujarat.
I wanted to started something like you teach... but dont know why hold back. Soon i break this hurdle. Congrats on anniversary of common panda and new house. Cheers!
Nitish Gongala (1 month ago)
This is THE best YouTube series on Dropshipping hands down. The transparency and the value you provide is truly amazing. Keep up the good work Rito, I can't wait to see where you take your business 💯🔥
Varun Kumar Gupta (1 month ago)
I just want to ask if you really want to reply that you does not promise for income only education can i get promise from somewhere...
Kais Momin (1 month ago)
Love you rrrrrrrito. Congratulations on your one year of ups and downs. Love commonpanda🐼🐼 Love Rito. I am just going to start my own drop shipping business. You are my inspiration.
Flying Start Online (1 month ago)
Love you too
Mitesh Nagpal (1 month ago)
Congratulations sir👍🏻🔥🔥
Nimish chauhan (1 month ago)
I Missed you Bro :)
Dev dutt Hangal (1 month ago)
Sir what is the charge of urs to set me a full shopfy store,pls reply 🙇
Jayant Nautiyal (1 month ago)
What about special seminar for those who bought Anik singal's eSCAPE???
Flying Start Online (1 month ago)
That was hosted a few weeks ago. Contact my support team and they’ll send you a link for the replay
Akash Besra (1 month ago)
I want to learn from Scratch each nd everything is there any way or course of yours
entertaintment ka baap (1 month ago)
why Urban sigma .com has been closed
I want all knowledge about dropshipping business. Please help me
Ivy Zhu (1 month ago)
definitively checkout all Ritos videos for educational content!! and if you wanna see someones shopify dropshipping journey, checkout my videos
Amit Kumar Gupta (1 month ago)
Congratulation for first anniversary Sir.I like all your videos and the way you inspire its really amazing.By watching your videos i have also created a dropshipping website (wowlooking.com) 2 months ago selling Halloween product for USA customers but not getting a single sell even after running lots of Fb ads and campaign. What should i do now?Please guide me or suggest me to scale my business.
BANANA Tv (1 month ago)
1- I got a dig bick 2- you that read wrong 3- you read that wrong too 4- you checked 5- you smiled 7- you are wondering why you're still reading this 8- you saw that mistake... Right? (On 7) 10- but did you see that I skipped 6? 10- you checked 11- And saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped9 12-I said saw you, not you saw 13- I also skipped 2 14- You got tricked 15- I'm just wasting your time, I deserve a like for that, go back to reading the comments Watch this https://youtu.be/muq0TNB3FAI
Master Suraj (1 month ago)
The Numbers are Great....... 😨😨😨😨😨😨......
jasonville9223 (1 month ago)
Awesome content Rito. Just wondering if you should minus off the Shopify monthly subscription fee and all other paid plug-ins from the net profit ?
Flying Start Online (1 month ago)
I mentioned that towards the end. Ancillary expenses like subscriptions and VAs
Master Suraj (1 month ago)
Heyy.... You're getting emotional..... At beginning😢😢😢
Zoom4tech (1 month ago)
+Flying Start Online bro I have been texting you to from few months to take a course of shopifystore.. U dint responded now u leaving Blore huh
Master Suraj (1 month ago)
I'm a really big fan of you & your channel😍😍❤️❤️💞💘.... It's a dreams to talk with you{Through Comment Also} 💣💣💣💣..... OhhhMygod.... You Give a reply... Good Luck for Your New Journey of Life.... 👏👏👌👌👌😎👍
Flying Start Online (1 month ago)
Yeah man. It was an emotional moment. Leaving Bangalore behind

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