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Havoc Craw Fatty with Bobby Lane

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Berkley Pro Bobby Lane talks about the Havoc Craw Fatty soft plastic and how to fish it. This bait has bigger ribs and a wider body for increased action and maximum disturbance in the water. The thinner design in the plastic body results in flawless hook-ups. It's a great multipurpose bait, you can flip it, pitch it, punch it, Texas & Carolina rig it, or use it as a jig trailer. Check it out at: http://www.berkley-fishing.com/products/soft-bait/havoc/craw-fatty
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Rob P (5 months ago)
I love these Craw Fatty's for the Price and Overall looks. I also LOVE YUM Christie Craws those are Great as a Swim Bait Especially Weightless
David Weston (1 year ago)
I use them in ohio love them have caught several 5 and 6 ponders on these baits pitching and jig trailers.
Gregg Eide (1 year ago)
I like them on a Terminator swim jig. and swim\ float retrieve. like a spinner bait deadly. the thin design really helps with the hook pct. great bait!
Berkley Fishing (1 year ago)
Thanks, Gregg!
steve g (2 years ago)
they are awesome! I use them Texas and on a skirted football jig
Texas Rig King (1 year ago)
steve g oh yeah there perfect for a jig one of the best thing about them is there meatier then rage craws
steve g (2 years ago)
+NorCaliAngler Hugo 3/0 hook size 3/4 football jig by booya.. I trim the skirts they are a bit to long.
NorCaliAngler Hugo (2 years ago)
+steve g What brand and size hook you use ?
Burke Mathews (6 years ago)
that doesn't look anything like Bobby Lane?

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