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Berkley® Snap Jigs

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The Berkley Snap Jig is a versatile action jig head that pairs with your favorite soft plastics. The Snap Jig can be fished both vertically over structure and for suspended fish in open water and ice, or cast and retrieve for side to side and backward and forward dynamic darting action. Shop the Snap Jig on our website: http://www.berkley-fishing.com/berkley-terminal-tackle-jigheads-berkley-snap-jig/berkley-snap-jigs/1447340.html
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Text Comments (4)
Urky Murse (1 year ago)
I can't wait to buy this! This looks like ANOTHER all around GREAT tool from Berkley
firstname lastname (14 days ago)
I personally prefer there hard baits
Robert Howe (3 months ago)
i found em here in Oz
J will (9 months ago)
Urky Murse have you seen these on the shelves yet? I tried to pick some up but couldn't find them

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