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7 Landing Page Hacks That'll Double Your Sales | AWasia 2017

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7 Landing Page Hacks That'll Double Your Sales After building 10,000’s of landing pages, here are my seven most valuable tips for the hottest affiliate landing pages right now. We’re going to review the most popular landing pages that affiliates are using and break down how you can double your conversions. Speech by Neil Patel Co-Founder, Crazy Egg & Hello Bar ----- Website: https://affiliateworldconferences.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/affiliateworldconferences Twitter: https://twitter.com/AWConferences Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/AWConferences #AWasia
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Text Comments (156)
Robert Williams (3 minutes ago)
Quick question.. How does something improve 108%? Where does the extra 8% come from????
Danny D'Angelo (4 days ago)
08:11 dude is SOUND ASLEEP. Not good editing, myguy.
siwa69 (5 days ago)
Subtil Muslim iconography
Roman Tsarev (8 days ago)
Too much "shit" in one speech.
Stunami (11 days ago)
And the manipulative tactics are right here for everyone to observe. Even when knowing everything he said; people will still fall for the same marketing tricks.
Fabian M. (11 days ago)
How rich are you ready to be Slider How can I do it? Does anyone know a Plugin?
moto gand (16 days ago)
I do not agree with this guy, I wont go for lengthy quizzes though, either popups. Also a terrible presenter.
Sofie Markets (16 days ago)
I cant laugh at the stove story........:(
Dope Stuff
Kevin Clarke - Focus (21 days ago)
Excellent content. Will share at my next conference.
Bikram Perhar (23 days ago)
Neil I'm a stand up comedian so let me know if your ever speaking again so I can write you some jokes. Some off your jokes were not landing lol
Limvmil (23 days ago)
anyone know where I can find the original website from the goji cream example?
I assume that people know there are over 1.8 billion websites on the internet. Google only searches 4% of the internet, correct?
JohanRickardt_yt (28 days ago)
This is awesome. Love Neil Patel's work, especially the "ubersuggest free keyword-tool". A must-have for affiliate marketers!
Teresa Ward (28 days ago)
Appreciate the content, but under impressed with how you say Sh*t all the time... very unprofessional to swear, especially when you're a public speaker. It doesn't make you "cool"... it's a total turn off.
Teresa Ward (2 days ago)
thanks for the judgment and insult +Carlitox b And why are you on here if you don't like him? BTW... He didn't say the F word, he just says "shit" all the time.
Carlitox b (14 days ago)
Teresa Ward he’s literal teaching people to deceive their customers and the worst thing you could find abut this video was the use of the F word? Your moral standards need to be checked
Eric Peregrine (26 days ago)
Apparently you've never seen Gary Vaynerchuk. You wouldn't be able to handle him if saying shit like 3 times in a 45 minute talk offends you. Stop letting "bad words" hold you back from valuable info.
G&T HD (28 days ago)
Teresa Ward that’s too bad. No one cares about professionalism here, we’re human beings and can swear if we want. Listen to the crazy knowledge Neil is telling us or GTFO. We’re entrepreneurs, not businessmen.
jnscollier (29 days ago)
These tips suck. People HATE these tactics and will learn to distrust them. "Here, fill out this form. There's a carrot in front of your face. Chase it. Now you're at the end. Give me your info." WTF. It's called MISLEADING people. Which is why this an affiliate conference. Makes total sense.
G&T HD (28 days ago)
jnscollier dummy, this is Neil Patel. If you think these suck then you must REALLY suck at online marketing.
Dave Thomson (1 month ago)
Emailed Eric haven't heard back :(
Ian Donohoe (1 month ago)
So that's where all those annoying exit popups come from. "Justs make me want to leave the site even more"!
G&T HD (28 days ago)
Ian Donohoe you don’t represent the majority. They increase conversions. That’s a fact
Pablo Cortés (1 month ago)
Lol guy sleeping in minute 8:08
MathinusG (1 month ago)
Sorry man, but when a site asks me to start filling stuff in in order to get more info I move on.
Insane Cuckooman (21 days ago)
+G&T HD these people will buy. from your competition. i guarantee it. the first sign of suspicious business is to hide details or prices behind a sign-in form or wanting my email address.
GaleZ - FGC (23 days ago)
Here's a simple rule about marketing: don't go with your gut, go with what works.
G&T HD (28 days ago)
MathinusG then you weren’t that interested in the first place. We only want people that will buy
Jason Peterson (1 month ago)
You're talking to a room of like 3000 people like you're in a high school math classroom.
Zambo (1 month ago)
What shirt he is wearing?
Ajay Malik (1 month ago)
Digital comicme (1 month ago)
neil patel most humble guy. they replay any comment on his youtube.
TheRealCritique (1 month ago)
E B (1 month ago)
Good Vid... Guy Sleeping in 8:10
Nasir Tresor (1 month ago)
The Square Root . (1 month ago)
Cockiest Indian I've ever seen in my life !
Chicago Wholesales (1 month ago)
He mentioned Sam oven's... dope
gonootropics (1 month ago)
Great presentation by Pat Flynn
augi blutz (1 month ago)
You need to stop saying LIKE. It makes you sound retarded.
Kavi Sivyer (1 month ago)
46:19 Does anyone have these email funnels that he's talking about?
neil send me the perfect webinar awesome presentation
Abraham (2 months ago)
Instead of "wasting your time" [ 8:02 ] i presume he was talking about about "converting filler engagement in a traditional site browsing experience in the funnel to capture the user flow more boldly in to associating value and convenience to the site or product/service". I'm only writing this because i thought it was a more precious moment to reflect on.
BIGNELL TV (2 months ago)
Troy Crayson (2 months ago)
What do you use to make a slider exit popup? I'm using shopify exit popup but I don't see anywhere with a slider.
Phillip Maser (2 months ago)
People need to sign up to my stuff and email list so I can practice these techniques.
aaronh678 (2 months ago)
Jif? You mean Gif...
David Finney (1 month ago)
and so the battle begins...
Mohamed GADHI (1 month ago)
actually it's Jif
Baldeep Birak (2 months ago)
Quality content
Baldeep Birak (2 months ago)
Quality content
Nathan Chen (2 months ago)
Webinar converts better than content marketing
Francisco Gómez (2 months ago)
8:10 sleppy guy 😂🤣
Arron Williams (2 months ago)
8:12 This guy Said "I'm out"
Andrew Schmaltz (2 months ago)
How come all of this stuff is always geared towards digital products like ebooks, webinars, etc... and not towards brick and mortar and/or service based companies? I am interested in increasing sales for a service based company... Does this translate?
Elijahone Wheaton (2 months ago)
That's great, Andrew. Their are many things you can implement on a service based website to get more phone calls coming in for lawn service and landscaping. For example (not including what was mentioned in the video) "Before/After" slider of your services (such as Before: Wild Grass - After: Fresh cut grass and trim) People see the before and after, it's interactive, it works, and so much more. Feel free to send me an email with your website link. I'd like to check out what you have so far :-) My email is [email protected] I'll chat with you soon.
Andrew Schmaltz (2 months ago)
Service - lawn service & landscape.
Elijahone Wheaton (2 months ago)
I'm using some of these methods for my local clients. They help Brick and Mortar and service based companies a lot. You should give them a shot. Do you have a Brick and Mortar or Service company? I don't mind giving pointers on the best ways to implement them for local :-)
Shane Keizer (2 months ago)
I went a long with what he had to say and these are my notes. Perhaps someone can get some value out of them (besides myself). 1. Have a slider on your page, when people slide it to the right, let what they want to achieve be there. (reward -> buy) 2. Have your call to action also in your blog post, not just some place on the sides. (but dont over-do it) 3. When people notice something they want to buy is closeby, they are more likely to buy it (so use geo-locations) 4. Upsell is easier than selling. When someone is about to buy, throw in a great deal for them, that they can not refuse. 5. Make people work for shit! Set restrictions for people in order to buy, when the restrictions are met. Congratulate them. General rules for headlines: 6a 1. use numbers and negative words in your headline. 2.65 characters or fewer. 3. headline (equals) content 4. odd numbers are better (for some unknown reason, perhaps someone can shed a light on this?) 5. 6 word headlines! 6. Avoid words with multiple meanings. 7. use power words + adjectives (fun, effortless, painstaking, strange, incredible, essential, absolute, happy, gentle, eager, melodic, modern and quick are examples) This is for headline and blog post also. 6b. 1. evoke curiosity (generate clicks) 2. headline (equals) content (again hehe) 3. conversational tone (you and I) 4. dont be too salesy 5. should be clear and easy to read (the blog also) 6. make loading times fast for mobile (and desktop alike, use something called AMP?) 7. Answer objections! Some tips If someone lingers on your site, ask a question: What did you come to our site for? Were you able to do it succesfully = yes or no? Send button. Why should they pay you instead of your competition? Your landing page should be short and easy. (with a BIG buy button to end it all) 1. Apeal to no techies (so easy talk anyone can read) 2. Let people know how easy the product is to use 3. A short video is better than a short image explaining how to use the product 4. what is the catch, why free? (give something but ask media attention in return) 7. Evoke fear (personally not my cup of tea, I can see why this would work, but do you really want to be such a person?) 8. Send out an e-mail asking for a favour. Example: (subject) Hey (John, Dennis, whoever) I need a favor can you help? (plus I have some good news) I have a favor that I am asking of you I want to help aspiring (your market audience) by providing them with (your product). I make these amazing (your product) and (product). No, I am not here to sell you (in-fact the opposite). What I want you to do is help me reach out and in exchange I will send you a free sample. All you have to do is let other people know about my product. And share this link (insert link) on your facebook/twitter or wherever you like. With kind regards, your name you logo (your landing page, link?)
mark luma (2 months ago)
I don't think asking visitors for a favor works ever ! Its almost like begging ! Nobody wants to do you favors, but they will come if you give them freebies !
Mahedi Hasan (2 months ago)
*7 Landing Page Hacks :-* 1. Engage visitors first 2. Don't forget to use an exit popup 3. Use geo location data 4. Add a checkout bump 5. Make it hard for people to buy 6. Copy tweaks have the biggest impact on conversions 7. Evoke fear Bonus tip: Ask your customers and visitors for a favour.
Hasanuddin Abu Bakar (2 months ago)
match dot bang cock. nice one aneil
Linda Moore (2 months ago)
Good info.
Wayne Jordan (2 months ago)
Neil. You see the faces on that crowd, who died. Did the serve something that gave everyone the runs. Why are they not happy or excited to see the man himself. I know I would be Hell yes. Lets do this!! anyway some people just dont get it. You are one of the best and a wild man. Rip and Tear my Brother. ps you should of just walked out. Id bet over 50 Percent would of sat there for hours thinking it was part of the seminar. shotgun in da ghetto.....
Shawn Gollatz (2 months ago)
Landing page hack #8. Make your site as spammy and click-bait looking as possible.
Great information!
nizamm (2 months ago)
When I got bad grades, my dad locked me in a microwave.
TexasCoders.com (2 months ago)
Why not include location in the copy? A) It's a creepy invasion of privacy, especially if they have location turned off and you're stalking them with a reverse lookup! B) Most of the time, reverse lookups are wrong--that only shows the location of the ISP. AND if they have a VPN (which is very common now) then you may have the wrong state or even the wrong country. Lots of websites think I'm in Canada :-D Guessing what they might buy (based on location) could be a good idea--but last time I checked a reverse-lookup can be slow which might delay the loading of the page.
Azril Aziz (2 months ago)
7 Landing Page Hacks: 1. Engage Visitors First 2. Don't forget to use an exit popup 3. Use geo location data 4. ....... 5. Make it hard for people to buy 6. Copy tweaks have the biggest impact on conversions 7. Evoke fear Bonus tip: Ask your customers and visitors for a favour.
Ahmad Ali (1 month ago)
4. Add a checkout bump.
U J (1 month ago)
What do you mean by copy tweaks and using geo loocation data?
Sharon Tsai (1 month ago)
dXabier (2 months ago)
Well he said it helps you convert 6% more so...
arnold koci (3 months ago)
this is gold
A lot of these techniques usually work for Americans. Europeans, South Americans and other cultures and nationalities aren't as gullible. These techniques should be tweaked a bit depending on region and culture. Great talk though. Lot's of stuff to take away.
Huy Nguyen (3 months ago)
Awesome man. i am a convert. You are Morpheus bro.
John N (3 months ago)
dude is so full of shit
Ivan Kartofanov (3 months ago)
Hello, is it possible to get free bonus stuff Neil promised in the end of a video? Thank you.
Andrew Rulnick (3 months ago)
Buy buttons / call to action should not be too large, makes a campaign look cheap. Most high end, fortune 500 brands use smaller call to action with large headlines and standard caption / sub-text. Sometimes we'll use a slightly larger CTA button / action font size but only ever so slightly. Sometimes we'll uppercase all letters, sometimes we wont. It just depends on the size of the action and the intended use or audience. Entertainment typically goes all uppercase on CTA all the way, whereas a product or service marketing manager would opt to a uppercase / lowercase combination on CTA. Remember to A/B test designs and see what converts better, but try to limit your testing and control and focus groups.
Leo James (3 months ago)
Hi Andrew, what do you use to A/B test on WordPress?
Diego Ricchiuti (3 months ago)
This guy knows his work but it a terrible presenter
Varun Kamal (1 month ago)
And you re sitting and watching him fucking loser ...STFU...
Bailey (3 months ago)
A terrible human.
Texas Panda (3 months ago)
APR btw 19.9% and 45.9%?!?! Wtf?
Texas Panda (2 months ago)
Never looked into those. FFS, that's crazy. lol
Snack eater (2 months ago)
Have you ever seen a Payday loan they are over 100 lmao
Mike M (3 months ago)
Could someone please list the hacks so we don't have to sit through 47 minutes of this?
Cesar Magaña (16 days ago)
+Evan Hubbard neil patel says we are too lazy to get things by ourself lol
Varun Kamal (27 days ago)
+thomas oliver secondly, illiterate buffoon, it's "you're"...not "your".
Varun Kamal (27 days ago)
+thomas oliver ... Firstly, illiterate buffoon, it's Twaddle, not traddle...
thomas oliver (27 days ago)
+Varun Kamal my traddle cognitive bias tells me your not useful so your fired 😁
thomas oliver (27 days ago)
it's not 45 minutes of useful information. it's 10 minutes of ok kinda useful information and 35 minutes of blah blah blah. I own a soap company and none of this was useful. it's affiliate marketing garbage.
Dev Guy (3 months ago)
36:45 These bs artists keep dropping how much money people are making and everyone is the audience is thinking it's not me, dam I want to be like them.
Marie Luce (3 months ago)
yayy you’re not yelling 👏👏👏👏👏👏
LyonesseTech (3 months ago)
Where can i get the engaging popups shown at 11:44.
Geonari Brooks (4 months ago)
This crowd seems tough, he had to dig deep to get them to interact
RE-Member (4 months ago)
@Affiliate World Conferences Hi there, thanks for sharing this video. Is it still possible to get the free stuff that Neil was offering by the end of the video? Regards
Bibonow (4 months ago)
8:09 Guy is falling asleep right in front of us xD
Sofie Markets (16 days ago)
lol !!
Fadri Sidi Mohame Amine (2 months ago)
it's me
Stevie Jack (3 months ago)
No, he isn't. More likely the guy had too much to eat.
lord logan (3 months ago)
cause Neil Pater is boring ;)
Dev Guy (3 months ago)
lmao i caught that too
Cory Cooper (4 months ago)
35:20 is he talking about Facebook Messenger or in-website chat widgets?
Vamsi Krishna Pannala (1 month ago)
Ads in FB messanger
Pamela Bey (4 months ago)
Re-doing my website and was stuck. Now I'm unstuck.
Joseph Schinzel (4 months ago)
Really Neil, on the stove? Wow, Dad was sorry, but I think you were even more sorry for being placed on the heat. Great story and presentation, as always.
Sm King (4 months ago)
Neil is best
Neil, I've been doing Landing Pages since before they even existed (Not kidding) lol Anyway, I'll make you an offer that's hard to refuse... Give me your BEST LP, and I'll write some copy tweaks to test (Free), If i beat the control, Pay me my rate ($2 a word) for the whole rack, If I fail to beat the control by 10% (Minimum) I'll Send you $1000 via Paypal :-D
David Gil (4 months ago)
Email me at [email protected]
David Gil (4 months ago)
Tom Bell The Mad Scientist Marketer How much for training ?
D N (4 months ago)
hey tom, reach out to Neil on twitter - he's probably not going to read the comments on this video. good luck!
Paul Wilson (4 months ago)
How would I add a slider to my website like Neil suggests?
Elbashir Elamin (2 months ago)
it's simple using jquery.
Titas Jurkonis (4 months ago)
Paul Wilson up
Chris Valiente (4 months ago)
Almost borderline disgusting. But its spend money on VPN or on Alcohol.
Ajay Bharti (4 months ago)
Fabian M. (4 months ago)
Where can i find the optin page he shows at 12:00
lord logan (3 months ago)
use pixel
The Corporatethief Beats (4 months ago)
I use http://www.thrivethemes.com
Jitesh Shah (4 months ago)
Eric, what's your email?
Adam Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Jitesh Shah waiting for email too
iaaniceboywat (5 months ago)
what does SAS mean?
Khaled Alsharm (4 months ago)
Joanna Shares (4 months ago)
iaaniceboywat any software company is a SaaS business. Think antivirus software, marketing automation software, any CRM systems... they're all SaaS.
kelly Hector (4 months ago)
What a legend
iaaniceboywat (5 months ago)
thanks......any examples?
Joanna Shares (5 months ago)
iaaniceboywat It's SaaS - Software as a service. Hope that answers your question. :)
James Riddle (5 months ago)
Great information. Especially the recurring income segment. Incredible money opportunity!
Steven McBride (5 months ago)
4:50 that’s one way to light a fire under someone 😂
Monica Bassi (6 months ago)
I am a fan. Subscribed. This is great information as I create my site and consider a landing page. I am a professional speaker and my site is my business card!
lionel gough (6 months ago)
Walid Sed (9 months ago)
damn that indian accent make really laugh
Laura Canales (2 months ago)
You don't even know how to make a landing page -- that's why you're watching this!
Alisha Moss (2 months ago)
+DRETRON Lol While He's Laughing @ Your Bank Account 🤣
DRETRON (3 months ago)
Cuba 76 That's why you are a bloody prat..
DRETRON (3 months ago)
Cuba 76 I think you mom is one too.
Manav Singh (9 months ago)
Neil Patel is 💗
Akhil Mohan (9 months ago)
4:48 hahah that cracked me up real hard😂😂😂
lord logan (3 months ago)
haha Hello MY FRIEND :)
Kasra Moghaddam (10 months ago)
Hi would you say having a product video review is good to have on the optin page in order to get emails?

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