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The Dredger Hard Bait from Berkley

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Learn more and shop here: http://bit.ly/berkleydredger_ Berkley® paired its world-class bait design engineers with a team of pro-anglers which includes hard bait legend and expert, David Fritts, to simply create dream baits. These hard baits capture the essence and action of artfully handcrafted wooden baits with exactness and durability delivered in a synthetic bait. The balanced designs throw straight and far and are consistently ready to run right out of the package without tuning.
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d rouse (10 months ago)
These lures are the real deal . I used all five sizes this past year and caught fish on them all summer through fall . They dive to the advertised depth with 12 lb test . They dive fast and stay in the strike zone a long time .I have never caught so many fish with a crankbait so close to the boat .Not a single one needed tuning , they run so straight that they end up under the boat . They have a tight action , cast great ,they just feel right . They come with top notch O-rings and hooks . I caught dozens of keepers 20 to 25 foot deep . I have never caught fish that deep before on a lipped diving plug . From ten foot down these lures pretty much replaced all my other cranks and they are priced right too . My only complaint is I wish they made a silent version . Now they have come out with the 8.5 , I will be picking up a half dozen of those babies . Show less REPLY
Andy Williamson (1 year ago)
Berkley has since added a 6th size (5/16 oz.) and 4 more colors.
Andy Williamson (1 year ago)
How about a Brahms lullaby next time.
Kayak Musky Central (1 year ago)
BK (1 year ago)
Caught my pb today on public water 10.2 large mouth on the 25.5 dredger

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