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Part 4 of 100 Create Pages in WordPress | Website Designing Tutorials in Hindi

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https://magnetmarketing.in In this video you will learn how to create pages in wordpress website.
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Muhammad Jamsed Rain (9 months ago)
I have a question from tally . suppose, our company purchased fairo lovely 100 pcs @ 50 bt our company use 10 pcs fairo lovely @50 for sample . f7 entry sample dr. 500 to purchase ac 500 bt here effects on purchased amount bt not stock why? stOck should be decrease bt not why ?
Bharat Kumar (1 year ago)
सर Tally erp9 में purchase की entry में माल की मात्रा में मुझे ये एंट्री करनी है जैसे 140.826 किलो लेकिन एंटर दबाते ही 141 किलो ही आता है सर, आप समाधान बताने की कृपा करें
Very informative Thanx Viralji
JAYESH MANDLIK (1 year ago)
सर फेसबुक pixel कस बनवायचं dreamestore.in marketing ads sati.
Viral Jadhav (1 year ago)
Hello, WHile creating page you can enter facebook pixel code. For more details visit www.magnetmarketing.in

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