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A Trump Speech Written By Artificial Intelligence | The New Yorker

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We fed 270,000 words spoken by Donald Trump into a computer program that studies language patterns. This system analyzed his word choice and grammar, learning how to simulate Trump's speech. Here is the speech written entirely by artificial intelligence. When prompting the neural network for written output, the system allows the user to select a “temperature”, which tells the program how creative or daring to be with its word choice. At low temperatures, the neural network always chooses the most-likely next character as it's generating a sequence, while at high temperatures it will choose a character that's farther down the probability list. Donald Trump played by John Di Domenico Recurrent Neural Network run by Janelle Shane Still haven’t subscribed to The New Yorker on YouTube ►► http://bit.ly/newyorkeryoutubesub A Trump Speech Written By Artificial Intelligence | The New Yorker
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Text Comments (1933)
sickleandsuckle (6 hours ago)
I *end* illegal immigrants. They are scared.
Chicken Rex (7 hours ago)
I’ve finally found a community of non Trump supporters
MotionSickness (8 hours ago)
"Disqualificated" XD
Lucas Urquiza (9 hours ago)
It’s kinda cute how the computer replaced “wall” with “firewall”... but also kinda scary.
Saint Schuyler (23 hours ago)
I swear trump actually made a speech like this. Or at least it makes the same amount of sence as his speeches:D
RED Engineer (1 day ago)
"I have a toupee."
Thomas Kellogg (1 day ago)
2:48 I started laughing and couldn't stop.
tamir truka (1 day ago)
they are donating to the problem . cause i dont wanna do it . hahahahah thats so trump
FrostyAUT (1 day ago)
Towally should be a real word.
I Like Dogs (1 day ago)
"I end illegal immigrants"
John Spiccc (1 day ago)
Shane Dawson is RIGHT OH SHI-
I have a toupee
S D (2 days ago)
1.5k Trump supporters saw the word 'intelligence' in the title and instantly got triggered and hit dislike.
Chris CR (2 days ago)
I am illegal immigrants😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Jason Hatt (2 days ago)
2:39 It was a gingly deal!
Cheb Cheese (2 days ago)
We’ve got to the firewall.
Cool. Now just add narcissism and cool words such as bigly and covfefe and now you’re done.
TheEel (2 days ago)
Cesso (2 days ago)
Level 5 is what english sounds like to people who doesn’t understand english
Arrowhead Pride (2 days ago)
If non-existent words appear, then we have a problem 😂😂😂
buddyltd (2 days ago)
Level 2 was the best, definitely. But the actor was amazing throughout.
Mattuiop (3 days ago)
Who is the orange man, and why is he bad?
SAVUFILMS (3 days ago)
Democrats: "I stimulate my prostate for Hilary"
Player Unknown (3 days ago)
hUur dUUr it SOunDs jUsT lIKe hIm HuUuUuUuuUuuUuUurRrrrrR That's you right now.
jacob hogan (3 days ago)
The last one is the equivalent to trying to read Shakespeare
Romantis Anon (3 days ago)
gingly deal
Jacob Gamesbillion (3 days ago)
'radical islamic terrorists' 'it's a movement toward the beautiful legal scams' :thinking:
"She doesn't take to you guy, believe me." Trump's right she doesn't 😪
Andrew Palombit (3 days ago)
He's a very good actor. It's not an over the top impression of Trump which makes it believable.
OlliOtter1004 (3 days ago)
It’s just missing how he says “billions” as “biiiyins”
R Eschw 10k no video (3 days ago)
Make windows 7 great again by building a firewall!
Duncan Thaw (3 days ago)
This generator is pretty bad tbh. You gotta feed it some basic clause structure first. You can say whatever you want about Trump, but he speaks basic English.
tarun kumar (3 days ago)
Fake trump
XX LMBN (3 days ago)
Orange man Bad REE
iiEthan (3 days ago)
This but unironically.
Xros Heart Federation (3 days ago)
State of the Trump
twodollars (4 days ago)
As a trump supporter, this is pretty funny.
MartinGe_De (4 days ago)
What an independent und unbiased news source, gonna consider that next time I read an article
Preston Jones (4 days ago)
*pauses at 5 seconds in the video* Oh Lord, help me. I need to ready myself. I can tell even a computer would tell this guy has a horrible vocabulary and is going to structure sentences like a crazy person.. *takes time to face palm* Okay. *play* I thin level one was pretty close. I feel like each level that goes up is the stages of his brain deteriorating. At stage five is when it's so advanced, coherence is completely gone. I feel as the years go by he's slowly losing neurological function. I'm sure that the drugs he's abusing is not helping.
Creature (4 days ago)
I don't know what they don't know what they don't know.
Whateverbeast (4 days ago)
Wait, so what's the difference again?
Sean Jenkins (4 days ago)
A machine with language synthesis is hardly an answer to the worlds problems
lil chigga (4 days ago)
still sounds wiser than the words of the real trump
bazinga (4 days ago)
haha yes orange man bad
Harry Taylor (4 days ago)
Why does it sound like a conspiracy... the truth is out! 'I'm a king of terror'
Justin Y's Stand (5 days ago)
Well at least this AI is more intelligent than the NPC's saying Orange Man Bad.
Chaos Commando (5 days ago)
*I’m a king of terror*
Average Alien (5 days ago)
comedy gold, Trump is so bad, he started ww3, nuking north korea, and turning the USA into a fascist dictatorship, I know this because my favourite leftist comedian said so, on his funny talk show sponsored by soy gluten free vegan gender race friendly produce.
bazinga (4 days ago)
i know right? like i heard he wants to build a wall and walls are bad. unless they are in berlin because there is no such thing as 'far left'. left wing are incapable of doing anything bad. except orange man, orange man bad.
Jinisinsane (5 days ago)
Who let SCP 1981 out of containment?
bazinga (4 days ago)
v e r y f i n e
Andrzej Wiśnia (5 days ago)
Trump level 1: "I'm going to fix America" Trump level max: "I am the king of Terror"
hd ofsuburbia (5 days ago)
video start at 4:23
LMAO I'm dead
Jo Veteran (5 days ago)
This is just nonsensical, bs. Stop doing this machine learning thing. It's good only for poems, or abstract things.
Alfonso Estrada (5 days ago)
Dimitrios Drossidis (5 days ago)
Can you do that with other presidents? If so please do George W. Bush. His speeches are so weird
Peter Rabitt (5 days ago)
Level 5 is Sean Hannity's internal monologue.
Tarun Kumar Singh (5 days ago)
Welcome to my weird YouTube recommendations.
Xezlec (5 days ago)
This computer could be elected in 2020.
Angela D (5 days ago)
Totally fake didn't mention China once
Green146 (5 days ago)
Still makes more sense then an actual trump speech.
Daniel Klimchuk (3 days ago)
+Green146 Well, the majority of you did...
Green146 (3 days ago)
+Daniel Klimchuk ... I didnt?
Daniel Klimchuk (3 days ago)
Why did you vote for Trump?
Midgard Eagle (5 days ago)
So that's how he writes his speeches.
Jakob Feitzinger (5 days ago)
It's towally. I have a toupet.
Jakob Feitzinger (5 days ago)
Notice how much "I"(want) and "they" (did it) appears
Bobby Ranger (5 days ago)
Not enough orange.
Its Dav (5 days ago)
Sponsored by SwiftKey.
Oscar Glanfield (5 days ago)
Dr. MeeM (5 days ago)
90% of the comments here are all "hUrR OrAnGe MaN dUmB iT's JuSt LiKe HiM!!1!!!"
TH3MS (5 days ago)
He forgot and God bless America in the end?
Titan Slayer (5 days ago)
I see... The Trump is a synth.
Anna Dayton (6 days ago)
none of the sentences he said were really complete.
Causti (5 days ago)
Quite realistic
evan mulligan (6 days ago)
CloudGamer17 (6 days ago)
Trump: Brainwashed Liberals: ORANGE MAN BAD
Brainwashed Republicans: I like to ignore facts, Trump 2020.
WolfgangLMclain (6 days ago)
I can already predict people shamelessly whoreing out the same old jokes in spite of their inaccuracy: "Hurr hurr can't tell the difference."
giannigiovful (5 days ago)
this vid came out almost 2 years ago so you can easily find out if you're right and... you're right
Cameron Kidde (6 days ago)
Oh wait that was fake?
William Bauer (6 days ago)
To be honest when you really think about it, this is kind off creepy in some way that a machine can mimic someone's lexicon.
lapisonpeaceful (6 days ago)
Sounds like Shakespeare when you’re not paying attention in class
lapisonpeaceful (6 days ago)
I feel like I’m watching him have a stroke either way
PiK (6 days ago)
This is exactly what it’s like to have ADHD and listen to a political speech.
Stjan Scrabeck (6 days ago)
2:58 “I end illegal immigrants” I mean, I don't like illegal immigration either, but dang!
Lord Of Onions (6 days ago)
This has been the best shitpost in the history of all shitpost history of the new yorker.
Derk Dicerk (7 days ago)
Liberals .. Want to rely on something Objective for their opinion, therefore they rely on ai agreeing with them..
Derk Dicerk (7 days ago)
Liberalism.. relies on pretending noncorporeal Fascism is happening...
I couldn’t agree more with him.
Samuel Lennon 😏😏😏😫😫😫
Samuel Lennon (5 days ago)
Hi Agent Mark!Did you like it when I jerked off in front of the webcam for you? Hehe
5Gonza5 (7 days ago)
The last one would sound like normal English if you were drunk
Status Browser (7 days ago)
Does anyone know if I can find a program similar to the one suggested in this video?
Oliver Wolf (7 days ago)
This is the voice and speaking style of Donald Trump combined with the word choice of Bush. Pure gold!
NiflheimMists (7 days ago)
I was hoping this would be as accurate as Ron Pearlman's impression of Trump's speech patterns.
Gandluru Srikrishna (7 days ago)
But what level is covfefee?
W. James (8 days ago)
Still more honest and trustworthy than any Clinton speech.
Chara (6 days ago)
Jeff Long (8 days ago)
Here's got Drumpf down.
Jeff Long (8 days ago)
MCShvabo (8 days ago)
Everything can sound like a Trump speech when you say it like that.
Pluriebus (8 days ago)
Domenico would make a great Boris Johnson, lol.
The Rational Guard (8 days ago)
He makes some good points, especially towards the end. I think I'll votify him the next election.
glue (8 days ago)
"I end illegal immigrants. They're scared."
Daniel Trevino (9 days ago)

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