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10 Things to Master in Google Analytics - Do you know them?

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So you want to Master Google Analytics? Where should you begin? In this video, we’re going to give you the road map and let you know the 10 essential things you need to master to become an efficient Google Analytics user. These will cover how to measure data in GA, analyse that data to get insights and many more concepts you need to be aware of if you want to master Google Analytics 01:07 Measuring Data 01:45 Processing Data 02:33 Metrics & Dimensions 03:22 Data Exploration & Analysis 04:07 Custom Segments 05:01 RegEx 06:07 Custom Reports 06:38 Customization 07:34 Correlation 08:35 Taking Action #GoogleAnalytics #Measure #Tracking 👉 Links mentioned in the video Google Analytics Demo Account: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6367342?hl=en More Google Analytics Tutorials: http://yt.vu/p/PLgr_8Hk8l4ZHY28V3otkZFeb1KK9HTOSd 👉More from Measureschool Correct Google Analytics Setup Course: https://measureschool.com/products/google-analytics-course/ GTM Resource Guide: http://measureschool.com/guide Free GTM Beginner course: https://measureschool.com/emailcourse Courses: http://measureschool.com/products 🚀Looking to kick-start your data journey? Hire us: https://measureschool.com/services/ 📚 Recommended Measure Books: https://kit.com/Measureschool/recommended-measure-books 📷 Gear we used to produce this video: https://kit.com/Measureschool/measureschool-youtube-gear 👉 FOLLOW US FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/measureschool TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/measureschool
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Text Comments (85)
Kelly Cryer (6 days ago)
This was such a wonderful summary. Thanks so much! -Kelly
mugenishere (8 days ago)
This video is not helpful because you are talking hi-fi stuff man! Slow down! It would be great if you could login to a site and make the clicks, show me what you are clicking. Also, you have a good voice and a great narration. Utilize your talents man! Please redo this video again and I will subscribe it if you do.
Measureschool (4 days ago)
purpose of this video was not to teach, but to show the goal post of learning and maybe making you interested in stuff that you don't know. If you want to learn this, then check out our other videos
rundown thomas (8 days ago)
so you cant just get page hits, without spending years learning google analytics ?
Measureschool (4 days ago)
yes, you can install it, don't need to be a master to understand page hits
Measureschool (4 days ago)
yes, you can install it, don't need to be a master to understand page hits
Measureschool (4 days ago)
yes, you can install it, don't need to be a master to understand page hits
Ruchi Singh (1 month ago)
Hi, is there anyone, including Julian, who can help me see Active Campaign's campaigns in Google Analytics. Despite turning the analytics tracking on in Active Campaign my campaigns are nowhere to be spotted in Analytics Acquisition. If there's a link also to a blog or video, kindly send or any other way to address or resolve this. Its urgent. Also, tried talking to Active Campaign help one-on-one as well. they said its an Analytics issue.
Divulga TVZ (2 months ago)
All the best 🤙
Gerry Lettrey (2 months ago)
This just tells me what I don't know. This is not a teaching moment. Pretty much waste of time
Measureschool (2 months ago)
this is not a comment moment for me either
Anni Hemsing (2 months ago)
Are you German?
Truth teller (2 months ago)
It looks like you were revising your knowledge. Zero!!!
Lancer Kind (2 months ago)
This is the first video that touched on concepts of how Google Analytics itself works. Nice job! Nice studio lighting and a personable presentation.
swish2727 (2 months ago)
Nice work and thank you for sharing . Do you build websites etc?
Prasad Sonar (2 months ago)
is it free or not if google charges how much it is
Satya Neela (3 months ago)
Hi mate. One week back I started AdWords campaign for one of my clients. I have set up goals in GA and exported to Adwords. I did a proper linking b/w adowrds & GA. After a week, I checked paid traffic in my GA account, it shows zero paid traffic. But I can see campaign clicks in the acquisition tab & in my AdWords account too, more than 150 clicks. Surprisingly, there was organic, direct & referral traffic data in GA. I was wondered how??. All golas are recorded. I have checked real-time users, It's working. I believe you can crack it. If you want any additional info. please email me.
Ariel Charles (3 months ago)
subscribed!!!!!!!!!! thanks, i love all your content! keep it up! :D teach us how to set up facebook agency account with clients :O pleaseeee
P Branson (4 months ago)
Nice channel, subscribed.
Paolo Lopes (4 months ago)
Hello Julian, I've got a question here which is bugging me. Which Google Analytics should I be using out of these 2 below: A- Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) B- Google Analytics for Wordpress by Monstersights. Both have some great features which in a way are very helpful, however, in a closer look to my website they sort of slow down the speed times when checking on GTMetrix. Would really appreciate your advice. Best regards, Paolo
Dipcharan barman (4 months ago)
Andrew McBurney (6 months ago)
Love the videos!
Stefano Fava (6 months ago)
You speak to fast and your accent is not the best to understand
Measureschool (6 months ago)
thanks for your compliment?
Omer Kabasoglu (6 months ago)
you're not teaching anything, you're just saying "definetly learn this". idiot
Altus (17 days ago)
Omer Kabasoglu "10 Things TO Master in Google Analytics"- meaning you have to learn it. What you want to be spoon fed every single thing in a 10 minute video? Pathetic
Measureschool (6 months ago)
thanks for your mature comment.
IRene Linh (6 months ago)
Hi Julian. Can you help me? I have one of question for you: How to follow trafic of my website from the another website by analytic . For example, my website is newtechshop.vn and i want to know how many trafic from ebay.vn every month. Thanks! <3
IRene Linh (6 months ago)
Oh. Thank you so much. 😍
Measureschool (6 months ago)
check out our video on source tracking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNOsldDS_pY
Juan Urdaneta (7 months ago)
Julien could you please create a video explaining how to track goals in google analytics for the purpose of growing a community in YouTube, since we could create Paid Advertising campaigns that goes directly to YouTube Channels and specific contents? Pleaaaasee!
Juan Urdaneta (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot for the answer. Can you share how would you do it to measure that as a goal the amount of suscribers you get.
Measureschool (7 months ago)
that's not really possible since YouTube is not your own website - You can install GA on your Channel page, but not on specific video pages or any other pages. So the data you'd get would be incomplete.
Thomas McKay (7 months ago)
Excellent presentation! Like most technical presentations, however, it gives rise to more questions, as large audiences from different backgrounds struggle to understand what was presented in ten minutes. To reach your customer base please consider broadcast software that allows interactive conversation with your community. Replay if interested.
Thomas McKay (7 months ago)
It certainly achieve it's purpose. Looking over the comments you have a wide audience in background so it is extremely hard to hit a homerun in a ten minuets of discussion. I have signed up on your website and look forward to check out more of your trainings.
Measureschool (7 months ago)
great, then the video fulfilled it's purpose. It wasn't intended to teach everything (that would take several days), but to make you curious to learn more.
Ronnie Bandonil (7 months ago)
Your video is very useful and informative. Can you mention 3 most important matrix to consider.
Measureschool (7 months ago)
thanks for the suggestion. I will consider it
Hekima Nash (7 months ago)
I am a google consistant user. The metric system is what you base your measurement on. Cool. Im a serious coder myself. Ironic, simular name. Analytics 5 (O.S.). Extensive in its entirety. Ill be paying attention. Kima.
Julian Heath (8 months ago)
This is not for beginners; each screen shot is so quick I could not absorb what was being shown or how to access it! Not impressed!
Measureschool (8 months ago)
Checkout our Beginners series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL61v47WyHs&list=PLgr_8Hk8l4ZHfqMHMa_1VmCagYGSxyOeK
anchi557 (8 months ago)
I'm just pretending to folow you *__*
sam nichani (8 months ago)
good job on videos
Wajahat Shah (9 months ago)
thanks very much young man , i really like your way of learning
kiranjeet kaur (9 months ago)
hello.. Measureschool.. to understand these dimensions.. i need to learn all terms of GA .. can you please make a video for google analytics terms . actually i am a begginer.. and i want to get GA certification within 1 month.
Andre Villanueva (9 months ago)
Was a bit demoralizing. I got too much programming shit to learn. This programming hole is really deep! Great video!
Sam Siulepa (3 months ago)
Use Google Analytics Academy: Basic & Advanced - https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/
Hi, just wondering. Did I need to set anything to track where the people come from when they click a link to buy something from a website? Cause all I see is that the last click get all the credit but didn't record the actual page where it came from. Hope someone can help :)
I noticed the URL Parameter box for each time I wanted to post the ads in Facebook. Do I need to set the URL each time I want to post the ads? How about the ads that I've already post before?
Measureschool (9 months ago)
You can use UTM Parameters for that
Andrea Tronchin (10 months ago)
Hi Julian, I am following you since a while. What about planning the site objectives before to start with GA?
Carrie Oakey (11 months ago)
whats your accent?
Anthem Properties (11 months ago)
hello, is it possible that we pull some data such as traffic analysis into sql server. If so, could you recommend the easiest way to achieve this. We use SQL Server 2008. Appreciate your response. Thank you
Measureschool (11 months ago)
check out renta https://renta.im/google-analytics-sql-server/
Marco Logmans (1 year ago)
Hi Julian, Just curious what camera and microphone you use recording your videos...Good quality and I like your videos!
Measureschool (1 year ago)
check out our behind the scenes video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUwI51Nztu8
abdullahi abdulkadir (1 year ago)
hi thank you very much but you are to past in this lecture
This video should be labeled for experts b/c unless we're familiar with the language you're talking about this video is not helpful.
Rombout Versluijs (3 months ago)
Basically what he is giving is a list of items you should check out and learn. Analytics already sort of hints that its not something done very easily, otherwise everybody could do it without any learning i think. Understanding Analytics is very tech related, its not something you which learned quick. The learning curve is quite steep i think.
Sam Siulepa (3 months ago)
Use Google Analytics Academy: Basic & Advanced, before watching external videos.
Andrew McBurney (6 months ago)
Hahaha! Right!
Michael Schröder (7 months ago)
It’s great! Not enough high level videos on analytics.
Chef BoyRDan (8 months ago)
It's titled "10 things to MASTER"... wouldn't it make sense to have SOME understanding of GA before you start to MASTER it? smh
Emma Buchanan (1 year ago)
How do I get the data points to remain on the graph rather than having to hover over the line and having it popup?
khushal bhadra (1 year ago)
You are an amazing teacher and really love your google analytics videos. However, i need to start with learning Google analytics and your playlist is all scattered. May be if you can create a playlist where we get to learn from beginners to slightly advanced techniques like custom segments, event tracking, Goals, ecom tracking etc
Measureschool (1 year ago)
yea, we have a playlist already
大海潮涌SEO (1 year ago)
learning begin concepts
大海潮涌SEO (1 year ago)
学到不少东西 thanks
santosh censoft (1 year ago)
how to fetch under session data in google analytics.
Daniel Weikert (1 year ago)
Great but now i need to see those tips in action. Any tutorials? :)
AD-DJINDI Nangadoumbaye (8 months ago)
Go in this page. You can get the certification too. https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/
Tom Crandall (1 year ago)
So do advise now using Google Tag manager over simply adding the Analytic code. To me it makes more sense now to use the GTM, but I wanted to get your opinion on why you wouldn't want to go that route. One note of caution. I would advise creating a child theme when implementing GTM. I had a client's GTM code get overwritten when the theme was updated. Also if you implement GTM and you already have Analytic code on the site, you will need to remove that or traffic will be counted twice.
Rodolfo Juliani (1 year ago)
Hi, how is the best way to learn that master of GA? Do you have a course teaching step by step? I'm using Magento at moment. Thanks.
Rodolfo Juliani next year will come in later on Saturday or Thursday if that works out to every S6 did S6 has always been S6 S6 Postimage Postimage s6 ways don’t make sense Я желаю на концерт в Москве на твой проблема отвечает на вопросы журналистов в Мали не знаю отчего этак немало людей в тележке в этом году на твой проблема отвечает за 1к и не лишь на твой проблема отвечает философ и беллетрист и сценарист и режиссёр и продюсер и сценарист и режиссёр и не лишь в работу по арифметике для экономистов в телегеничный и все равно я не могу осознать что этак то не этак уж нехорошо на душе стало понятно о том что она мне не лишь на твой проблема отвечает за свои средства на твой взор на существование в работу по арифметике для экономистов и не лишь на твой проблема отвечает на мои сообщения в контакте с помощью и все будет отлично с тобой в этом случае я желаю на твой проблема о том будто в тележке въезжает и не лишь на твой проблема отвечает за 1к и все равно я желаю почивать и все будет отлично с собой в работу и не лишь на твой проблема отвечает за 1к в этом случае я желаю в этом году на местности страны в целом по России и США и их я не могу осознать отчего не лишь на твой проблема отвечает на вопросы по арифметике для экономистов и юристов и экономистов в тележке в огонёк журнальчик в тележке в работу и в тележке въезжает в тележке в работу на вопросы и ответы для рабочей тетради по арифметике для втузов онлайн безвозмездно без смс программку для взлома паролей в контакте с тобой в тележке в контакте в работу по арифметике для экономистов и все равное число людей в этом случае я желаю в тележке и не лишь на твой проблема отвечает философ в тележке въезжает в тележке и в работу по арифметике для экономистов в этом случае я желаю быть будто дела у тебя в этом случае я желаю быть с тобой в тележке Postimage one else and then maybe just let me know how much it would helper like used Shazam
Nick Johnston (1 year ago)
Great tips in this video. I would recommend Google Analytics certification course!
Heinz Duschanek (1 year ago)
How do you get that graph at 3:55? I cannot figure that out ....
Michal Dubravcik (7 months ago)
and make sure that you have flash enabled
Measureschool (1 year ago)
by clicking on the bubble on the right upper corner above the graph
André Ardeshir (1 year ago)
can you make an client example aplying this principles? thanks
niksatan (1 year ago)
thumbs up for real paper book on the table - i also use one of those weird ancient stuff
Super get Daily (1 year ago)
Good skill for share
MisterBassBoost (1 year ago)
Awesome! Keep it up!

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