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CardPointe Mobile Device - Swiping Charging AND Using Earphone Extension For Case

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In this CardPointe Mobile device tutorial I’ll show you how to run a transaction, how to charge the cardpointe mobile reader, and how to use a headphone jack extension for your cardpointe mobile device so you don’t have to remove the case! ►►Sign Up For a CardConnect Merchant Account Here◄◄ https://www.getcardpointe.com/apply ★ Video Reference 1 ★ CardPointe Mobile - How to Run Mobile Transaction (Screen Share Video): https://youtu.be/G77C9vd09mQ ★Video Reference 2 ★ CardPointe Mobile - Setting Up CardPointe Mobile Credit Card Processing Account and How to Download The App: https://youtu.be/hvj3RqJeD4o ★ Video Reference 3 ★ Buy The Headphone Jack Extension Here: https://www.bancardsales.com/cardpointe-mobile-device-swiping-charging-and-using-earphone-extension-for-case ►Share THIS video with your friends: https://youtu.be/E5rw67Zf8dk ►►View The SimplyPay.ME Payment Link and Payment Page Software that Works With CardPointe◄◄ https://youtu.be/P1IvhRFFA2E Follow Me (my Businesses & Websites): Invoicing & Payment Link Software: https://www.simplypay.me Merchant Account & Payments Processing Blog: http://www.bancardsales.com Marketing Services: http://www.BrianManning.CO Sign Up For a Merchant Account: https://www.getcardpointe.com Social: FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Brian.A.Manning LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/Brian.a.Manning Twitter: https://twitter.com/manningbrian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5rw67Zf8dk&feature=youtu.be
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livydman (9 months ago)
I'm sharing this video with the treasurer of a non-profit whose organization is holding an event tonight. Very helpful; thanks, Brian! Also, any word regarding when the EMV will be activated?
BancardSales (9 months ago)
+livydman >> don't have an ETA (exact date) on the EMV for the mobile readers yet...
BancardSales (9 months ago)
+livydman >> nice! glad it's helpful. I hope you gain a new client!
BancardSales (1 year ago)
If you haven't set up your CardPointe merchant account yet, visit: www.getcardpointe.com and I'll help you get set up! -Brian

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