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Carpool Karaoke: The Series — Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams Preview — Apple TV app

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In this extended preview of Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's Carpool Karaoke: The Series, the on-screen sisters do their best Stark impressions on classic pop culture references from "The Lion King" to Sir Mix-a-Lot. Watch the episode for free on the Apple TV app: apple.co/_CarpoolKaraoke
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Text Comments (7182)
no no (39 minutes ago)
these two are annoying
JohnstasBACK (3 hours ago)
When it said "watch episodes weekly" at the end there i thought it meant GoT was on apple music 🙈🤷🏻‍♂️ and ik their misleading asses intended it to be that way, too
Hal (4 hours ago)
Arya have some pretty eyes.... didn't notice before
Zootopia 911 (9 hours ago)
Sophie is a BABE 😍💯
Johnboy Power (9 hours ago)
This wouldve been a better ending
The Engineer (11 hours ago)
They shoulda wrote season 8 instead of D&D
Lauri Liivamägi (14 hours ago)
Put on your goddamned seatbelt.
Arslan ## (14 hours ago)
Richard Grandmont (15 hours ago)
That Jon Snow impression at 0:49 might be better than all of Season 8...
IT Ninja (17 hours ago)
I really have no idea how I ended up here, but this was hysterical....
Carzo Parazzo (17 hours ago)
You both will return to GoT, there will be more in some years more for sure
Bob (18 hours ago)
I don't ever, and I mean EVAR, want to see these two break character again. My eyes and ears did not just, they did not.
Phil Anderson (18 hours ago)
Shakaa (18 hours ago)
derrick wanjala (1 day ago)
I love seeing these two together. They are so adorable
Raf J (1 day ago)
Stealing Fire (1 day ago)
I legit would enjoy hanging out with the two of them, they crack me up.
Your Typical Boss (1 day ago)
Maizie. Sophie. Ya’ll need a YouTube channel.
paul daniel (1 day ago)
these 2 are class together
Arun Jaswal (1 day ago)
I fucking love how it just fuckin escalates from a nice challenge to a hilarious shitstorm of bliss
Law (1 day ago)
lnaive (1 day ago)
I love Sophie and Maisie. It was good to know that someone felt exactly how I felt ond dark days of depression. <3 You're both awesome, girls!
Erik D (1 day ago)
These two had me laughing out loud. Love it!
Sweet on You (2 days ago)
Valor morgulus
Thank you both of you thank you so much sansa for USB thank you arya for defend me yesterday thank you so much for everything God will bless you more.....
Jimmy Gangster (2 days ago)
😍 nuff said.
Igor Begovic (2 days ago)
Acting better than in season 8
Becky Lily (2 days ago)
my name is Becky and I’m cracking up!!
Swishas NKush (3 days ago)
Weirdos, totally my kinda chicks. Prob make me laugh all damn day
Alfred Wennberg (3 days ago)
The way she says "girlfriends" at 2:03 sounds just like something Ned Stark said in S01.
Chantal Beck (3 days ago)
The British accent...making it hard to like British people since forever.
Igor Kalezic (3 days ago)
Thank the Gods for Becky! And her butt!
Thomas Baron (3 days ago)
I wanna bone Maisie Williams! :'D
Zoe Brueckner-Kockel (3 days ago)
Nomads - (3 days ago)
The could’ve written season 8 better change my mind
super bot (3 days ago)
2 курицы пипец сказочные долбоёбки пипец
hamada alsheyab (4 days ago)
هكونااا ماتاتا
B P (4 days ago)
1:04 😂
juan manuel hornos (4 days ago)
Just give me a youtube channel please. This is amazing.
Melinda (4 days ago)
someone help me out...are they actually driving?? i always thought in carpool karaoke they were but sophie isn’t looking at the road half of the time so i’m sus lol
Os Platina (4 days ago)
It's even funny to see them out of medieval times. Lol
Huyusay (4 days ago)
1 minute 26 cryy wonte
nygrrl99 (4 days ago)
I just can’t 😂😂😂
Unloaded Maddog (4 days ago)
Lol girls in a one parent household.
Fensen Francis (4 days ago)
Get'yo ass over here, Becky
Fensen Francis (4 days ago)
Who theo fouck is Beckyy..?
PTM (4 days ago)
I were more concerned with Sansa driving the car
Stefany Carvalho (4 days ago)
Eu tentando entender o que falam ❤❤❤ amo tanto vocês
xabun (4 days ago)
I rather watch them two drivin in a car and talkin shit than season 8
Oh my gawd I'm just cracking up the whole time, in British accent. 😂😂😂😂😂
Syklone (4 days ago)
*English accent.
mmeatheaddd (5 days ago)
Sophie Turner is gorgeous!
Dayanne Rizzi (5 days ago)
mo416 yawellak (5 days ago)
hakuna matata kiswahili mambo mazuri kujaa way way
Commander Stone (5 days ago)
The hakkuna matata was amazing
deanboful (5 days ago)
Agnes Akne (5 days ago)
gonna love sansa's skintight shirt
Jota Alves (5 days ago)
Pelo menos n o cinema.elas são fodonas kkk
erik banuelos (5 days ago)
Women still aren’t funny
ThisIsJ21 (5 days ago)
Too Funny
TheChris12686 (5 days ago)
Cat on Armor (6 days ago)
20 миллионов просмотров вы серьёзно?
Canaan Wiggins (6 days ago)
Lmao i love this so much
Kathryn Schiffhauer (6 days ago)
I so want to be their friend ahaha
Ana Isabel (6 days ago)
Por favor, reproduzam esse vídeo com legendas. Quero muito saber o que elas falam
Nixon Rexzile (6 days ago)
all I'm thinking is "DISTRACTED DRIVER" are considered dangerous driver
1 Hour Music (6 days ago)
Half this video is becky and the butt
Jonathan Trauner (6 days ago)
Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams must start their YouTube Channel ASAP It would be GENIUS
Matt Something (6 days ago)
they all sound like ygritte
Snape (6 days ago)
ne sinyal var ne yola bakma var süreceğin arabayı sikiyim bi yere çek de öyle alsana kaydı amk
sammy mwaura (6 days ago)
Hakuna matata.. Kenyan
Jean Claude VonCool (6 days ago)
i would do them both
Petrovskogo Pnp (6 days ago)
Актрисы одной роли.
Jedi Greg (6 days ago)
I just wasted 3 minutes of my life.
Joseane Sad (6 days ago)
Entendi tudo :')
Mr Avril (6 days ago)
They are driving to the North to take the Winterfell.
Born Yesterday (6 days ago)
If ur a GOT fan please skip this
YungChip030 (6 days ago)
The windows were closed the entire time...
Cheadder Puto (6 days ago)
That´s hilarious.... Dont usually find that many girls funny, but these are :D
Black wolf (7 days ago)
Ned stark be like: *am I a Joke to you*
Jaye Spesh (7 days ago)
3 minutes and 10 seconds of my life not wasted.
李超 (7 days ago)
Girls,you are driving
Ariadne Benavides (7 days ago)
They’re hilarious 😆
The Godfather (7 days ago)
دباوع على الشفايف نعلة على طاهركم
The Godfather (7 days ago)
اويلي كون يمجن
Drop_Tine (7 days ago)
Oh yes its official. Im crushing hard! LOL
Tisumi (7 days ago)
Enigma of Fear (7 days ago)
Their friendship is incredible, one can see the harmony and fidelity between them. I hope this union will last forever. ❤️
Nikita Goldhawk (7 days ago)
i really needed to see this
Mabel Salate (7 days ago)
Podrían tradusir español grasias
ax (7 days ago)
a Kunda ma tata
At Hunkydory (7 days ago)
I need Sean Bean doing one of these.
Sergio Brasil (7 days ago)
Sansa ta é gostosa, deu uma afinada ta uma baita de loira.
Boiiology Boiiology (7 days ago)
How dare you refer to your own deceased father by his full name.
Matthew James (7 days ago)
How bout look at the road.
Bonee Thiyam (7 days ago)
The driving is soooooooooooo fake.
Arnon Rodrigues (7 days ago)
Hey guys, a subtitle would be a great idea for those not fluent in English.
Hisfavor1 (7 days ago)
Wtf is all this about?
Whit (7 days ago)
I love them way toooo much 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻
Moe Ahmed (7 days ago)
Lmao love the accent

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