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Trello - A Beautiful Organiser App

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Trello uses an amazing index card and board metaphor to take on classic task and to-do list organizer. In this video Steve explores the spirit of Trello Do you want more videos with Steve? Click here to subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dottotech and ........Please click "Like"! Check out Steve's excellent online free workshops Inbox Zero - www.dottotech.com/3steps My Favorite 7 FREE Productivity Apps - Http://dottotech.com/7appsIf you like this video, tell the world! About Steve Steve Dotto is a long time host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, Canada's longest-running technology TV show. After 15 years on national television, Steve now delivers his advice and how-to videos on YouTube. Every week we produce one new video which shows how technology fits in your life. We cover all aspects of technology for my personal use perspective. Concentrating on productivity solutions. Windows, Mac, iOS, android, iphone, apps, gmail, google drive, ipad tables all get covered.  If you have an suggestions for videos you would like to see, drop us a note at www.dottotech.com Book Steve to speak at your event, he is an outstanding keynote speaker. For more info: http://dottotech.com/content/speaking For more from Steve www.dottotech.com including our weekly radio show /podcast on Twitter @dottotech
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Text Comments (249)
72pathz (21 days ago)
I truly appreciate this videos you produce - they're awesome. This one was real helpful because I'm looking at personal task management apps.
Gijs Michels (22 days ago)
thanks for your instruction i can pick up the right things for my team , we decided to use trello and i am going to write an instruction
Brenda Asher (24 days ago)
As a coach, I use Trello to document and keep track of most of the things I do. I have introduced it to teachers and technology coaches. Teachers can use it when they are working with kids in small groups to document what they are doing with them individually as well as move the cards to new groups when students have mastered a skill. Other coaches have also started using it to document what they are doing with teachers, which I loved using it for my work with teachers. Great visual tool for organizing things!
Julie Esquivelzeta (27 days ago)
Hi Steve, I am new to all these amazing tools. Thank you for this video.😄
Mark C Murphy (1 month ago)
Steve did you do that Todoist review?
dottotech (1 month ago)
not recently
Jerry Williamson (1 month ago)
You're always one step ahead of my needs. Thanks for the info...I will be getting Trello.
Sonia Garza (2 months ago)
Does this app can be sync with Google calendar?
Neels Malan (3 months ago)
I am an enthusiastic Trello user. The only thing I would love is that Trello should give me visual popup reminders (with optional discrete audio beeps) on my desktop for due tasks. And I would also like Trello to allow me to set not only the date, but also the time of the reminders. Maybe that's on the paid version.
Henry Long (4 months ago)
Trello must have changed a lot since you made this video. It is VERY VERY VERY BAD. It is COUNTERINTUITIVE and there is no way to learn to use it without going to YouTube to watch outdated videos that explain features that were active 4 years ago. I HATE TRELLO!!! I'm testing Favro which seems far easier to learn to use!!!
dottotech (4 months ago)
You might have a look at Asana as well, it is what we have moved to.
Susan Chagalian (5 months ago)
Wow! this will save my sanity. I have too many projects and opportunities and am overwhelmed. Thank you. Great video!
Alberto Peisach (5 months ago)
In my opinion, TRELLO has a mayor flaw: the Mac version only works when one is online. this is very inefficient, i work on a plane and in the car, and Trello does not work.... hence i gave it up
dottotech (5 months ago)
Agreed, but other task apps have the same limitations.
M. Fadhil (7 months ago)
Any videos of Zenkit?
dottotech (7 months ago)
Not yet
We have projects going on which have a certain set of tasks that need to be done to finish the project. However, there are tasks which are allotted to employees randomly and then there are repetitive tasks which are allotted to employees which have to be done on a daily basis. My Query is How do I allocate or schedule tasks to Employees which have to be done repetitively coupled with the ticking feature sort something in which Employee X can see his list of daily tasks and then striking off the ones that have been done by her or him.
Hi Steve! Any chance we can convince you to review Bitrix24.com as well? We are free, like Trello, but quite a bit more powerful in certain aspects. First, we do have task dependencies and Gantt chart in addition to Kanban boards. Second, we have native time tracking and client invoicing. Third, we have more roles and support hierarchical structures, meaning supervisor can see tasks of all subordinates and departments. Unlimited tasks and projects are totally free for up to 12 users. Please, please, please?
Better Body Crew (1 year ago)
This was good. Thanks 👍🏽
Suzen Fiskin (1 year ago)
I so appreciate your videos, Steve. You're my go-to guy when it comes to understanding productivity tools and business related techie stuff. You're sharing is a great service for those of us looking to stay up to speed in a world that zooms faster every day! You're smart, clear and concise, and you're very likable. Thank you, thank you!
Dean Burton (1 year ago)
Your doing a good job keep it up love the videos straight to the point & honest user info
regordonjr (1 year ago)
Dotto I am seeing you build a checklist in Trello. But I can't find that option, what OS are you using.
Deana Duquesne (1 year ago)
I like Trello for personal use. I use it for school & as a personal To-do list. The free version provides beautiful backgrounds for the "cork boards," labelling is easy, as are setting dates & moving cards around.
How did you get your phone to come up in the video? (7:29)
Arvin Hill (1 year ago)
Steve Love your Channel, always good info. I have been using Trello as a replacement for the old iGoogle homepage since before it went offline 2013?? and really like it for that. I make a card for each frequently visited site and put the URL and any login info on the reverse as comments, really slick...
Paulo Parreira (1 year ago)
Is there a way to send or forward an email to Trello as a task?
dottotech (1 year ago)
Yep, Most task managers have that feature
Larry Troxler (1 year ago)
I just went through evaluating Trello, and I think it's perfect my own needs as a personal organizer. But just as I started setting up a board, I read that in January, Trello was bought by Atlassian. So know I'm thinking I should pick something else instead. Any comments?
Ismael Dawood (1 year ago)
nice one Steve
Mary-Ellen Gowen (1 year ago)
Love your videos! What system do you use to record them?
dottotech (1 year ago)
I record most of my demos in Screenflow. Here is a mini-course on how I do it. http://dottotechu.thinkific.com/courses/publishing-online-video-in-less-time-than-a-blog
Bastian Palafox (1 year ago)
Asana vs Trello? Wonderlist vs Todoist? Opinions?
Jennifer Purzycki (1 year ago)
I'm frustrated because the mobile application does not have the usability that the desktop version has. No due dates, attachments or assignments - why?
dottotech (1 year ago)
You would have to ask the Trello folks that question.
Eduardo Arias (2 years ago)
Excellent overview Steve; I like Trello!
humanyoda (2 years ago)
Good review. What software did you use to record this video? I am particularly surprised that you were able to incorporate a view of your phone.
Lisa Dale (2 years ago)
No one seems to mention that you can also move cards and whole lists to other boards, which makes all the difference to how you set up your hierarchy.
areyoudeadyet02 (2 years ago)
Hi Steve, thanks for the demo :) Trello is definitely one of my favorite productivity tools. i was wondering if you'd be willing to revisit the tool at some point, though? They have made nice changes like giving power-up tools to everyone and stuff like that, which I find really useful information to give people :) Do you still use Trello yourself, by the way? :) Thanks and Happy Halloween (if you celebrate)!
Mikey West (1 year ago)
It's still a great product!
dottotech (2 years ago)
I am overdue on that front....good suggestion
Lokelani Brandt (2 years ago)
Great demo video! Very detailed and thoughtful. Thanks
GJ LJ (2 years ago)
Subscribed! Excellent presentation and visuals! 5 star job!
Alex Schofield (2 years ago)
It' s a top drawer piece of software, especially now you can attach notes from Evernote to cards. It also works really well when used by just one person, I use it to plan backpacking trips, for the small business I currently run with my wife and also the mountain of things we need to do in the process of relocating to UK. The only things that are lacking are the ability to save Emails to cards, the difficulty of attaching things in the app (especially webpages) and the fact that you can use your power-up within the app.
Kori2706 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video! I'm looking for a project management app, but for my personal projects. So I need to manage several small projects. For most of them, I'm the only member of the team. ;-) I'm going to try Trello, I hope it will help me visualize the various projects and decide what to do first - which is my main issue so far.
Stuart Harris (2 years ago)
"Ask big guy" - have you come across the Scrum extension for Trello? I've heard about it, but not really come across any decent videos about how best to use it If anyone know, Dotto knows
dottotech (2 years ago)
I have not, but I will take a look. Thanks!
Nicky King (2 years ago)
Thank you. Just signup!
Roxanne Reynolds Hicks (2 years ago)
Whenever I need a tutorial or info on ANYTHING related to my business and online "stuff" this is my first stop. Love Dottotech!
my kizen (4 months ago)
same here. it's direct to the point and simple.
brian walters (9 months ago)
Yup! My first stop also. Now switching to Trello from Todoist.
Hysterical Outrage (2 years ago)
Yeah he is pretty great!
dottotech (2 years ago)
Thanks so much! I love hearing that!
Naomi Wynn (2 years ago)
Steve! You did a good job. Thanks so much for your tutorial. I was recommended Asana, but I saw your video and now I think I'll going to go with Trello, it speaks to my creative brain. I am a team of one and work from home so basically need a tool to stop me procrastinating... thanks for your down to earth advice! Again... Good job!
Roxanne Reynolds Hicks (2 years ago)
same thing here looking for something that works for my team of one!
Noah Marshall (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video! I like your concise teaching, as well as your quiet, but witty sense of humor. Thanks! I'm now a user of Trello.
We Dragon Slayers (2 years ago)
Finally a way to organize my ideas and my to do without all the overwhelm. To those interested in trying out, here's a link with special benefits. https://trello.com/journeyofnick/recommend
AlfaEricWashDC (2 years ago)
I absolutely agree. I Love Trello, There are so many ways to incorporate or blend all types of business. I use it for all of my projects for different services under my business. One is I recruit Leasing Agents at apartment complexes and they refer business to me. If they refer we use Trello to keep track, and keep in touch. And stay on top of the business. Love it..
dottotech (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this with us!
Matt Gatewood (2 years ago)
Thanks. Very thorough and useful.
Damon Hargraves (2 years ago)
Something that wasn't mentioned in this video is that Trello is incredibly robust with multiple users editing at the same time. It's as responsive as Google Docs and doesn't error out even when multiple people are editing the same card and is very quick to update across multiple users.
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Damon Hargraves It keeps getting better, a top notch app!
Thomas (2 years ago)
Steve Reid (2 years ago)
Hi I'm wishing I could use Trello for a team management of shared tasks. Unfortunately the nature of my work and workplace won't allow use of sharing information on a third party such as Trello or Evernote. Do you have any recommendations for a Windows based closed system?
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Steve Reid Not really all the systems I know of use could services for sharing.
David Kim (2 years ago)
Hello Steve, Great Tutorial! BeeCanvas, a new team-based to-do list manager but also gives a beautiful white board canvas. This one has a trendy flavor, you'd enjoy it as well. http://bit.ly/beecanvas
RvdHNL (2 years ago)
Checkout IFTTT (If This Then That) @ ifttt.com. They have "plugins" for trello (as well as other software). It can link Trello and ToDoist, create troll tasks via email and loads more.
dottotech (2 years ago)
+RvdHNL We have done several videos on IFTTT, I am a big fan!
Deryck Burnett (2 years ago)
Steve it took me a long time to figure where this program would fit in my world. When it is just my virtual assistant and we use Todoist for a day to day tasks. We have a project for a client involving other people or the scope of the project is long we use Asana. Trello has become the tool we use for our internal long-term projects. Projects such as designing new print material and now getting the piece together to build our new website. It such a great tool for getting all the people and piece together. Everything is linked up and visible. It defines our direction better. I would love for you to revisit Trello again and see if there anything new that we all might have overlook. You and your team are very good at point those things out. Thanks again kind sir and the folks in Gotham thank you.
Deryck Burnett (2 years ago)
+dottotech here's a joke for you I moving all my stuff from asana to Trello. I'll let you know how that works. Back down to two systems.
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Deryck Burnett Wow, a triple threat, I though +MikeVardy was the only person who could juggle 3 task managers! I need to do refresh videos on both Trello and Asana, thanks for the push!
D Mark Evans (2 years ago)
Great video, as always, Steve.
Bobo Thai (2 years ago)
If I add a team member does she/he needs to sign up for Trello account in order connect together? Thanks Steve.
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Bobo Thai In order to share boards etc, yes.
Christine Leary (2 years ago)
Steve, LOVE your videos! Learning so much - started with Evernote! I'm wondering what the difference is between Trello (Organizing) and project management software? Thanks
Eli Del Rosario (2 years ago)
What do you use to make your videos? I love how smoothly you are switching back and forth between screen shares. Fantastic work!
Geoff Gutgold (2 years ago)
Cool presentation. Thanks.
one of the best tutorials i've ever seen. audio and video is great as is the content; entertaining and thorough.
SteinbeckAcademy (2 years ago)
+The Equine Practice, Inc Only the best from Dotto typically... :)
dottotech (2 years ago)
+The Equine Practice, Inc Thanks !
Joe Lesher (2 years ago)
My employer is implementing Trello for the company. Had a great class from the HR team, this is a great supplement! Thanks, +DottoTech
HI-Train (3 years ago)
did you end up moving all your stuff to Trello?
dottotech (3 years ago)
+HI-Train I still switch around
Kenn Rickman (3 years ago)
Thank you Steve I was on the fence however because of your recommendation I will give it a try.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Kenn Rickman Let me know what you think!
which one do you recomend : trello , Evernote or Asana ? [email protected]
Kevin Tea (3 years ago)
I gave up on Trello some months ago but having time to kill decided to revisit it and watch the video. Yup, had that Road to Damascus moment. Once I get my eyesight back I will be doing some serious pl;aying with it.
Kevin Tea (3 years ago)
+dottotech Currently rampaging away setting up project systems. Many thanks.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Kevin Tea I hope it works out better 2nd time around!
Wassim Taher (3 years ago)
Thanks Mr. Steve. I used Trello before but you highlighted it in a way that I haven't used like before.
Bald Guy Studio (3 years ago)
Terrific review, Steve! I've been using Trello for a couple of weeks now and really like it. I'm using it to manage content and workflow for my Web Power News newsletter. My intern, who is generating some of the content, is able to get on the Trello board, post her content and then I can go in and review, edit and approve. I've been a huge Basecamp fan for years and am starting to wonder if moving to Trello and something like ToDoist would be better. In any event, thanks again! Chuck
Adam Furtado (3 years ago)
Great vid, I had not heard of Trello until today when I downloaded an app to manage my email called, "CloudMagic". CloudMagic actually syncs with Trello as well. So this is awesome. What I want to know is how in the world were you able to share your phone screen in this video like that. That was really cool and I could think of some ways to teach my clients some things if I knew how the hell you did that. If you want to share ofcourse (smile). Anyways, keep the vids coming.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Adam Furtado I use a few systems to share phone screens, I did a video that should help; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RraPgmJgepk
Christian Rosselli (3 years ago)
Great informative review! I'm looking forward to using this app.
Trevor Smith (3 years ago)
well thats just 'terrific'
Priyank Fagnia (3 years ago)
Thank u for the wonderful demo. I think I just found the app I was looking for.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Priyank Fagnia That makes it a good day all around!
wingsdesire1 (3 years ago)
Steve +dottotech, you are absolutely awesome there have been many cases where i have been wanting to learn a new program and you are now my most looked up and trusted source of information for new software & programs here's a well earned like coming your way plus many more :)  keep up the great work, you are a legend and a scholar!
dottotech (3 years ago)
+wingsdesire1 LOL, thanks so much!
wingsdesire1 (3 years ago)
+wingsdesire1 p.s. thanks for making the youtube community awesome
great vid man, very helpfull. cheers
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Felipe Luís Novo Rocha Thanks Philipe
Stephen De Tomasi (3 years ago)
I personally couldn't really get behind Trello for my team - it just seemed a little too basic for my uses. Asana is definitely the tool for me. Great video though, I really enjoy your style.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Stephen De Tomasi You would probably have more success with a tool like Asana, thanks for the feedback!
Ben McGee (3 years ago)
Nice review and demo, you definitely helped me make up my mind about using Trello as my task management tool.  Thanks!
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Ben McGee I am glad it helped!
Jan Coldwater (3 years ago)
What a smart company! I love that they have designed a usable product that combines marketing for all levels of users ; from the individuals user, all the way up to larger companies! They have included everyone as their target market! What a grand idea to get everyone on board! WTG TRELLO!
Christian Parsons (3 years ago)
Super helpful in our quest for the "right fit".
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Christian Parsons Glad tho hear it!
Cha Riley (3 years ago)
The Gold version is a joke (stickers, really?), but overall Trello looks promising. Any thoughts about its applicability for a Masters' thesis research?
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Cha Riley It may serve, but if you are looking for the best tool to help in writing a Thesis, I wold take a long hard look at Scrivener.
Jonathan Price (3 years ago)
Great overview! What video capture software did you use to demo  the Trello iPhone app?
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Price Reflector on the Mac, working with AirPlay
Stuart Harris (3 years ago)
another fantastic video Steve, one of your best not just because you're super slick but because you were so enthusiastic about Trello - if it's good enough for you, it's def good enough for me (off to sign up now)
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Stuart Harris Let me know if you like it Stuart!
Robert Martin (3 years ago)
I wonder how +Trello would work as a family management system. Seems like it might be the best option for this. I use the Personal Kanban task management technique, and I've got things set up so that Trello and Sunrise are always displayed on my external monitor as a kind of electronic Kanban board/calendar. Works great for a highly visual person. (I'm always kind of amused at how visually focused I am as I'm legally blind, or so I've been told).
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Frank Martin I think you have hit on the strength of Trello! Thanks for sharing!
121GigawattsEh (3 years ago)
Trello is amazing Steve! Have you made the switch from Asana:) Thanks for another great Video!!! Al-Noor
121GigawattsEh (3 years ago)
+dottotech lol...hilarious Steve! I was always on Betty's side....maybe Apple pie and all that goodness...but you're right....I would have been just as happy with Veronica;)
dottotech (3 years ago)
+121GigawattsEh I have made a with, but to +Todoist , I do think +Trello  is amazing as well, it is like choosing between Veronica and Betty, there is no right choice, you just make one and are in great shape!
Natasha Navas (3 years ago)
Great video! I love Trello! 
Philippe Anselme-Vatin (3 years ago)
Hello Steve, Thanks for the presentation. I would like to know if you have tested Kaban tool such as Leankit. Thanks 
Sean Donovan (3 years ago)
Thanks for this overview of Trello! Great job Steve!! 
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Sean Donovan No worries, you are most welcome!
Jonjo Jr (3 years ago)
you gave Trello some justice. This is trully an amazing product for those looking at a more visual way to organize your projects. I've used todoist, and wunderlist, and they just do not speak to my "organizational soul" Trello does.  Sharing it!
Paul (3 years ago)
Superb reviews on this channel, thanks Steve.
Ed Pappagallo (3 years ago)
I have never commented on YouTube posts, but I must say that Mr. Steve Dotto is AMAZING!! Thank you!!
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Ed Pappagallo I am blushing Ed, but thanks!
SergioRacoon (3 years ago)
+dottotech I just found your channel and i love your style =) Did you finally move to Trello? Greetings from México!! 
dottotech (3 years ago)
+quilling1 None that i am aware of
Legomolin (3 years ago)
+dottotech are there any other specific issues with trello now you think?
dottotech (3 years ago)
+SergioRacoon Yes I did notice that, the Tags were a HUGE issue, but noe a moot point!
SergioRacoon (3 years ago)
One BIG flaw of Trello was the limited number of tags. I don't know if you are aware, but now it got not just more colors of tags, but unlimited amounts!! Just to let you know =)
dottotech (3 years ago)
+SergioRacoon Actually I ended up using ToDoist more, but I am still a huge Trello fan!
Maitland Gill (3 years ago)
Yes, but I need to know more about 'Organizations'. An organization is a collection of boards that can be seen as part of a group. To associate a board within an organization, you need to be an Admin of both. People who are invited to that organization, will be able to add themselves to a particular board. But only if the option of "Allow Org Members to Join" from the "Additional Settings" in the board menu, is selected. https://trello.com/theworldasweknowit From what you can see, there are 2 categories for you're boards, "My Org Boards" and "Other Org-Visible Boards". What is the difference between the two?
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Maitland Gill I am not certain, but I expect the first are boards you "owns" the second are others boards you are included in 
Jan B (3 years ago)
Stumbled across your video and was so impressed on how you explain things I had to log in and subscribe =)  Now I'm going to have to devote some time to watching all your vids..lol
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Jan B Welcome aboard!
cocteaufan (3 years ago)
Hey Steve I have sent you a message re this too, and another matter, but have you seen / tried Producteev ? I stumbled across it a few days ago and I love it.
cocteaufan (3 years ago)
+dottotech cool will add your email address to my contacts :)
dottotech (3 years ago)
+cocteaufan I know a lot of people migration form Wunderlist, it just does not scale that well..... Ahh, send me an email if you have a direct question, PM in YouTube will almost never reach me, sorry! [email protected]
cocteaufan (3 years ago)
+cocteaufan Oh yes and I forgot to say - it also plays nice with Sunrise calendar too :)
cocteaufan (3 years ago)
+dottotech Hi Steve I PM'd on you tube. Yes producteev is very powerful and the abilities to prioritise and apply labels (multi labels to a task if desired) and then filter on these makes it very useful. An example is I have made some labels to give an indication it a task is quick / medium/ long/ very long. So if I have 20 minutes or so - I can select quick tasks but also filtered on priority so I can get a few important tasks ticked off. I am currently migrating from wunderlist (which I'll still keep around) to producteev as my main one at home (maybe trello for bigger projects) and carry on with trello at work as that suits me better there.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+cocteaufan Sorry if I missed your other message, did you post or email it? as to Producteev, it looks pretty powerful, at first glade it would seem to be trying to play in the same space as Asana, I will explore it more! Thanks!
TG Bears (3 years ago)
Based on various videos in which you introduced organizers, I tried both Trello and Asana. I definitely like the more visual approach that Trello provides and I also think that their Android app outruns Asana's in design and ease of use and have therefore opted to go with them. Thank you too to Zapier (which I gleaned information about from another video of yours) I have automated my card creation triggered by an email and also connected Trello with Sunrise Calendar (also learned about from you) and I am just thrilled with the level of automation and improvement in my order organization this app conglomeration provides. Thank you for such informative videos!
Robin Harrison (3 years ago)
I like the offerings of integrating Google Services on a business level. Any idea if there are plans to do that on an individual level as well (At a lower cost)?
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Robin Harrison The working at Google are a complete mystery to me Robin. 
Sandy Cruz (3 years ago)
Do you see the possibility to replace Evernote with Trello? What features would you be loosing or gaining?
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Sandy Cruz Not at all, Almost all of the features, it would be kind of like replacing your Spreadsheet with a Word Processor, You can do some of the same things but entirely different process and application.  Evernote is storage and retrieval, Trello is tasks and to do lists, 
Mike Prill (3 years ago)
Putting an ad up and forcing people to click your subscribe button to remove the ad due to its positioning is pretty weak...
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Mike Prill Who does that? I have seen Ads on debits that hide the exit box, I don't like that much either!
loubino18 (3 years ago)
I thought I was the only one saying "what's the catch in using Trello"... but their product & company are sound and appear to really want to help people organize..... just amazing! Very good video - thx!
cocteaufan (3 years ago)
+Steven Walters  I also think producteev, which I have adopted in past few days, has a heck of a lot to offer. I think I shall be using trello at work and producteev at home (I'm in UK too Steve W)
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Steven Walters Asana and Todoist are my other favourites
Steven Walters (3 years ago)
+dottotech What are your other 'few'? I am a 1-man-band owning my own company in the UK.  Whilst I am proficient technically (use all google products to an advanced level and have even setup Frontrange Goldmine for other businesses), still a little overwhelmed & confused with all the offerings out there for my situation (as I'm sure others are too)... I'm looking for a software (and tried lots) that will not only help me organise projects & their to-do's but also business growth. Example to-do workflow... Clients send me emails of things they want done + I also make meeting notes in a google doc (currently) of sub-projects/tasks that I suggest I get done for a client, from there I'd like to be able to project all these to-do's into a proposed visual timescale/plan - instead right now they all just live in a shared google doc. The closest I've found for this is "Streak for GMAIL".  Visually similar to Trello (not as pretty) in that it uses Pipelines and Boxes (trello uses Boards and Cards).  However, I can pop an email straight into a "named box" into a "given stage" of my "appropriate pipeline" (I can also easily define the stage) - I don't so much need Collaboration perse. Would love to hear your thoughts?   Some local government tech advisers suggested Nimble, others suggest Zoho or Salesforce.  
dottotech (3 years ago)
+loubino18 Trello is one of my top few task choices, and they keep on improving it!
Jaisen Mahne (3 years ago)
As always, I was really happy to discover a new software product that I can utilise to handle my writing projects.  Thanks for putting Trello on my radar.  I'm off to check it out now.
Tunisha Hubbard (3 years ago)
This was great thanks!! Btw, do you know how to add photos to cards on the iPhone app?
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Tunisha Hubbard I am not sure, but let us see if they are monitoring Goole+? +Trello can you help out?
Dr. Kim D'Eramo (3 years ago)
You rock, Steve!!! Thank you!!!
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Kim D'Eramo Thanks Kim! Nice to see your smiling face in the channel!
Erik Vigneault (3 years ago)
Another great one, Steve, thanks a bunch. It's always good to know you're around to demystify these new productivity tools. You make us save a lot of time and help us make better informed decisions. Keep up the great work. 
cocteaufan (3 years ago)
I love your enthusiasm and presentation style Steve :) - Keep up the good work 
dottotech (3 years ago)
+cocteaufan I am glad you like it! Thanks for taking the time to post!
Michael McGuire (3 years ago)
And thanks for the tip on boomerang as well.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Michael McGuire You are welcome! 
Michael McGuire (3 years ago)
Really nice tutorial. I started using evernote a couple of years ago after seeing your videos and now will use trello after this. This will also be a really great tool for my wife in her private practice. Thanks again.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Michael McGuire Glad it helped! good luck with Trello!
Megan Bascom (4 years ago)
Very informative and I appreciate the way in which you presented the material and overview.
dottotech (4 years ago)
+Megan Bascom Thanks Megan

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