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Berkley Powerbait Steelhead Worms

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Powerbait Steelhead Worms
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Text Comments (82)
Zachary Bogert (4 months ago)
He didn't even land the fish?
CrucifyRobinHood (2 years ago)
I guess I'm the only person on the planet still blowing up nightcrawlers with a visine bottle and basketball inflator needle. I assure you, an 8" crawler hovering a foot from the bottom on a natural drift will outcatch ANYTHING on my home river in N. CA.  The guy who thinks you are foul-hooking your fish has obviously never been steelie fishing before. Striper, either. Largemouth either. These fish regularly slash at prey, often getting hooked in the face, not the mouth. Then there's "Flossing" a perfectly legal snagging technique, as long as the hook is unweighted per DFG regs. BTW, unless you are actually a fisheries biologist, don't voice your opinions about the biology of fish. "It is better to remain silent and appear ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt": Samuel Clemens.
Alpha X (5 months ago)
I used a syringe to inflate nighcrawlers
Cobalt (5 years ago)
Going try this on the lower fraser 26 million pinks running , I cant cast any more 24/7/week
dy lan (5 years ago)
i saw a stripedbass try to attack
Joe Nunez (5 years ago)
What size hook do u use and instead of reeling it in will it work just leaving it until a fish bite it?
guy dude (5 years ago)
the fish bite and cant let go
Chingleng Vang (5 years ago)
Coming from someone who hasn't caught a steelhead or have any videos on steelhead fishing.......
Living the Outdoors (5 years ago)
u haven't caught 1 fish in ur life
Trumpitt (5 years ago)
hahah you are an idiot. I have never read such fishing snobery. Throwing a fake fly into the water is no different to throwing a fake worm into the water..ok it might be harder to cast a fly rod but it's something even a monkey could learn. get a grip of your pathetic comment and realise fishing has many many forms some skilled some not so.
Tony Kor (6 years ago)
Steelhead can and do live in freshwater their entire lives, Midwest great lakes as a example. I spend every year catching them in lake Michigan and it's tributaries.
Luckychucky78 (6 years ago)
u wont out fish a pinner,centerpin is insanely deadly on steelhead
AvonByTheSea82 (6 years ago)
its funny how river fishing for steelhead can bring out the asshole in people. it just a pink worm not the ebola virus. "ive had 100 trout days" what a deuche.
HATINTHEKAT (6 years ago)
steelhead are sea run rainbow trout, rainbow trout stay in freshwater.... like lakes and rivers, where steelhead eventually come back to during spawn
Steve Konrad (6 years ago)
sure except you forget one vital thing....not every species of fish can go from fresh water to salt water and survive...but its something all salmonoid species have aquired through evolution.So to say live in a lake probably isnt as accurate as live in the ocean(most of their adult lives.)
Steve Konrad (6 years ago)
How much did he pay you to say that?
Steve Konrad (6 years ago)
Shit i caught my first dozen summer stealhead using night crawlers.....and all u really need is a mini drifter,no yarn and green is my favorite.
Imxaxmac (6 years ago)
@stillrob420 Yes that's correct, there just lake run rainbows
Imxaxmac (6 years ago)
@psychofishfan No your wrong, you don't sit and wait for a bite w a drifting, Bobber fishing approach, it's all about the right cast, and how you handle our rod and line to keep your bait down in the hole. You seem like the type of guy who is casting right on the heads of a steelhead he sees spawning out while I'm ripping fresh 13lb bucks out of the deeper holes
geekyPIANOman (6 years ago)
To bobbysmithinhouser, they go to the ocean and come back to river and spawn
MarkCox73 (6 years ago)
I like the white 3" worms wacky rigged. I keep them in my spawn sack container in the ooze that way I can switch between the two and the worms smell like the roe. CHOMP!
Carl Whitehead (6 years ago)
@bobbysmithinhouser1 Your an idi-ot. why must people like you have to beak off when theuy dont know what they are talking about.
Luke Morter (7 years ago)
@elgene1 you need to go to ifish.net and join. its a forum full of salmon and steelhead fisherman from the northwest. i am from portland oregon. go to that forum and introduce yourself in the community area and tell them you wanna get into salmon and steelhead fishing and they will help you out. i am a member and have learned so much cool stuff about fishing and specific rivers i like to fish. look me up on there my moniker is lucasmorter
elgene1 (7 years ago)
@IMKINDOFABIGDEAL13 i live in the northwest in Washington and im gonna try to catch some steelhead and salmon this year
Luke Morter (7 years ago)
@elgene1 where you from and what type of fishing will you be doing?
guusylosey (7 years ago)
I didn't see the fish bite the worm, its already hook, and also how come the float are different ?????. btw i did catch steelhead with these pink worm.
elgene1 (7 years ago)
Can someone help me, i wanna catch steelhead but i dont know what rod to use, or how many lbs should i get, some help please..
davcnslt (7 years ago)
@andrewh4 Nothing sad about this. This is not a fish that they had captured and then hooked by the nose and let him run for a commerical shoot. Nor is it a fish that was caught in a typical foul-hooking sweep of the rod with a large treble hook, it is a fish that simply went for the bait and ended up nose hooked which is not illegal on the west coast. Furthermore, the fish was released. So, please, while the thought of you using up a box of kleenex over the fish is hilarious... get real.
davcnslt (7 years ago)
@stillrob420 @lukelongaker You are dead wrong. Marine biologists have long establhed that steelhead and rainbow trout are genetically identical, @MrWalleyedude's "research" aside. The "andromous" steelhead is larger because in the ocean you become a succesful hunter and grow bigger, or you become something else's meal. Despite the behavior differences and the obvious color differences (different food sources), these fish are the same. Look it up dude.
Niki Robinson (7 years ago)
I got a better idea... Take a large San Juan worm with some sinking leader that way u get the fun of a fly rod
cr1oss (7 years ago)
@kodeykinder20 mwah ha ha ha ...apologize. you make me chuckle sir. You started off strong with ""s and CAPITOL WORDS but then then you got soft and tried to take and educational stand on the moral high ground, and the half hearted profanity at the end just wasn't enough to save you. Steelhead are best used as bait while trolling for sealions!! I"M GONNA CRAP IN A SPAWNING BED!!. (I'm really torqued that psycofishfan is still getting more press then me) this better get your attention, jackwagons
K K (7 years ago)
@cr1oss more like a granola crunchin, tree huggin, douche bag. catch and release is and has been a better way to enjoy the "SPORT" of fishing WITHOUT causing serious harm to the fish! Pick up a pole and give it some time. you'll be fishin like a mad man in no time.........and probably get back on here and apologize to everyone for being a retarded douche bag. lol
TroutNinjaTV (7 years ago)
Great fun. I wonder if the steelhead would hit TroutNinjaTV floating formulas? Feels kind of like powerbait. Thanks for the vid. ~ Trout Ninja ~
TheVancouverMan (7 years ago)
Gotta say, this is a really fun way to fish for stealhead!
onbradley (7 years ago)
no offense but y'all don't know shit about this game unless you're drifting with a baitcaster or a centrepin. I've seen Canadian anglers mop up to the limit in 30 minutes uisng these techniques while the other dudes spend all day with spinning gear and 10,000 fruitless casts with spey and fly rods. Look guys, the big leagues of steelhead fishing is in BC, so just do what the pros do and quit wasting your time with these parlor tricks.
b00kb4g (7 years ago)
DONT PUT THE HOOK AT THE HEAD, HES LYING! for example look at how he catches the trout, look at 1:41 the hook is at the belly of the worm...
penny sg (7 years ago)
@vanisloo i am using this product but seems like this colour cant get as much as the darker ones
vanisloo (7 years ago)
@freakmaverick i will take ya fishin using this product and tell me it startles fish after i land "pinks,coho,springs,steelhead and trout"all in the same day it is a great product try different ways of putting it on hook and after you put it on right you will catch fish
gregoir (7 years ago)
I bought the small,pink,1.1.oz glass container of Berkley gulp earthworms a while ago,didn't say anything about being for steelhead.I'll try this idea though!was also hoping they worked 4 pond panfish and ice fishin..please comment back...I used the maggot's and they worked and the crappie n trout nugget's but they fall off way to easy...thank's nice vid...
cr1oss (7 years ago)
@3Yukon3 i will most definitely will NOT!!! brains are for stupid baitdunking pollies(read people who fish with poles) and i take massive exception to your arbitrary use of "psycobabble" make up a good word next time. BTW fair hook is when the spear goes directly and completely through ANY part of the fish. and/or enough fire power is used to eject the animal 100% from the water.
3Yukon3 (7 years ago)
@cr1oss Fishing brings joy to millions of people. I do resent psychobabble like yours. You can manage wildlife and enjoy harvesting it as well. Men have done that throughout the history. Get a brain, man!
NguyenVanThock2185 (7 years ago)
@flyingfisherman776 It's probably different depending on what state you're in. In Utah, if it's not in the mouth it's foul hooked.
penny sg (7 years ago)
pink is no good,can startle the fish
1branman1986 (7 years ago)
@hmongboy9161 A steelhead is a larger ocean dwelling type of trout that returns back to the rivers or streams a couple or few times a year to spawn. that's why they are so much bigger and much more fun to catch! there is also redsides. these are basiclly steelhead as well bu are land locked and do not go out to the ocean. Hope this helped
User Name (7 years ago)
Supreme-Jay (7 years ago)
my bait: a crappie tube with a 1/32 or 1/16 hook....caught at Lake Shasta,CA (caught while fishing for crappie)
cr1oss (7 years ago)
@psychofishfan also i think your missing the point if you respect the fish so much why fish at all, for sport? seems arrogant, the idea of catching fish is to eat them otherwise aren't you just torchering a "beautiful fish" and interfering with its life for your own petty self gratification or selfish fulfillment of self image I'm pretty sure this makes you Satan...or maybe your right and I'm just a bloody handed heathen
cr1oss (7 years ago)
@psychofishfan steelhead are tasty
Kennyan11b (8 years ago)
Man I wish I had a boat so I could fish 2 feet off the shore.
SuperXmichaelx (8 years ago)
its more like fish bite and they cant let go
Pablo Manuel Diez Lara (8 years ago)
very good ¡¡¡
DuoSonic87 (8 years ago)
Fishing should just be fun, no need to argue over what's more challenging and what not. I look at it as my time away from work on weekends
turkey2003 (8 years ago)
@psychofishfan I've done my share of fly fishing, not much of bait dunker myself, hate sitting around, but I don't care if anybody else does it and will still do it on occasion. I am and will probably always be a crankbait addict, love tossing them. In my opinion, the real challenge is learning to read the water, the weather patterns and the environment and how that will affect the fish. Once you got some of that knowledge you can usually find willing fish.
Philip V. (8 years ago)
@psychofishfan i think your an absolute idiot.
turkey2003 (8 years ago)
@psychofishfan Wow, what a elitist, with that "only what I do is appropriate and nothing else is" attitude, I bet your a real fun guy to fish with. You are the type of guy who gives flyfishers a bad image. Fly fishing has its time and place just like every other method, none is better than the other, in the end its all about getting out there and having fun. Oh and this is not even bait, its a soft plastic which makes it hardware.
jagger johnson (8 years ago)
@psychofishfan sry but wat r bait dunkers
SetTheHookProduction (8 years ago)
@stillrob420 A steelhead is a migratory rainbow trout, these comments are a waste, as i just explained it all using less than one sentence.
stillrob420 (8 years ago)
@kevinbarredo , lol
turkey2003 (8 years ago)
@stillrob420 Rainbows and Steelhead are the same fish, a steelhead is just a costal rainbow that has genes in it that give it the urge to migrate to larger water, be it the sea or the great lakes. The only reason steelhead are bigger is that their is more food in the ocean (or great lakes) than a small creek or lake. Same reason a king salmon stocked in a lake only grows to a 2 pounds, when a king from the same hatchery stocked in a creek with access to the ocean grows to 20 pounds.
Ethan Delvo (8 years ago)
@stillrob420 that is correct my friend
wyatt guttormsen (8 years ago)
how about you actually go look it up or talk to anyone who fishes for steelhead. the only dfferenece between steelhead and rainbows is that rainbows dont have access to the ocean and steelhead are just rainbows that got into a river that leads to the ocean
stillrob420 (8 years ago)
ok if that is true what about the Great Lakes steelhead? They dont go to the ocean, so i guess they are just rainbow trout?
stillrob420 (8 years ago)
There are Rainbow trout and then there is Steelhead trout. They are NOT the same fish.
Ethan Delvo (8 years ago)
i actually DO fish the great lakes for steelhead quite frequently. ive done research and they ARE genetically identical. ive done some research and found that a certain salt in the ocean and that there are growth hormones are mixed in with it. that is also why fish in the ocean are so much bigger altogether than fish in freshwater. that is my final statement.
luke longaker (8 years ago)
mmmmmmmarcus, a steelhead is a steelhead, not a rianbow that got bored and decided to go to salt, they are genetically diferent because of that, and mr. walley dude, steelhead get bigger cuz they are steelhead and they go to salt, geeze it sounds likw you guys are a bunch of great lakes "steelhead fishermen" but its fish from my state that are brought over there, have fun with our rejects
Ethan Delvo (8 years ago)
mmmmmarcus and andrewh4 : steelhead and rainbow trout are genetically identical. Steelhead simply live in water where they can access the ocean to spawn. however, you are wrong about the name. fisherman originally called it the steelhead because of the steel-gray appearance on the insides of the fish. today, that has dissappeared. no one knows why. also steelhead get larger than rainbow trout. no one knows why this is either.
i think powerbait is useless i have never caught anything on a power worm,But when i use zoom ol monster I always get strikes
Krisophagus (9 years ago)
whats really good is this shrimp scent spray (i cal it the secret mojo sauce) it works like a charm can be picked up at any walmart
DIOR ZHOU (9 years ago)
what lures do you guys suggest me buy to fish on wharves
chuck Atkins (9 years ago)
Make sure you use a bass jig hook with a huge barb so you remove about a pound of flesh when you yank the hook out!
chuck Atkins (9 years ago)
DE-MYTHOLOGIZE; To end the romantic allusion and illusion that these fish possess some exceptional , noble charatcer. Hell, they just fight well!
chuck Atkins (9 years ago)
Nothing has done more to de mytologize the character of a great fish! This stupid worm proves that steelhead are really stupid. Forget all that techinical , match the hatch stuff! There is nothing in nature that looks like this stupid bait! Steelhead are curious - I guess that's why they grab it cause it sure doesn't look like any natural forage they encounter! It's the perfect bait for the low expectation angler!
Chris Schmidt (9 years ago)
Cant believe all the critical comments of Power Worms.... They are all I use, color doesnt even seem to matter. Fish them slow!!! Carolina OR Texas rig these things and reel them delicately and slightly jerk'em a bit. Also you might try putting a dash of garlic powder in the bag and squish the bag around a bit to add extra scent/flavor. Bass LOVE these worms !!!!!
Chris Schmidt (9 years ago)
Well, no offense at all but your not doing somethin right. Try one of those kinds of hooks designed for worms (cant remember what theyre called right now) where you insert the hook through the tip of the worm then turn it 180 degrees and put it half way through the middle portion of the worm so it is weedless (far less snags) then put a split shot about 8 inches or more above the worm OR use a sliding bullet weight. And just DONT cast it and reel it in - dance it around a bit nice and slow!
Chris Schmidt (9 years ago)
Try my own personal batter: Flour (obviously), Funyons crushed up to a powder, a tee spoon of olive oil, AND any kind of Samuel Adams beer (because they use lots of hobs). Put the fillets on a frying pan and I like cooking spray rather than oil!!!! Try that believe me!
Chris Schmidt (9 years ago)
Bull Sh*t!!!! All I use is berkely power worms!!!! I always catch somethin from all the various types of Bass, pike and large Crappies. They work extremely well. ***How are you puting it on your hook????
dirtbikemike69 (9 years ago)
You have to hold back on the float in faster water and fish more lead with a different shape of float.
christian cardona (9 years ago)
one of the best cold water game fish lures of ALL TIME....right up there with rooster tails
Zoth77 (9 years ago)
technically, fish do let go before the hook is set on some bait. that's why you'll get a bunch of hits, but no fish. The key is to get them to think it's bait, turn and swim away; that's how the hook gets set properly. . . .
david lynch (10 years ago)
think you could wacky rig it with that series of split shots?
3SNT (10 years ago)
ashleyvellios (10 years ago)
Um, who gives a damn about where pink worms started? But for arguments sake, people have been fishing pink worms down in the USA before Canada even knew that artificial worms could catch fish. Pink worms originated in the USA for bass fisherman and it got adopted by steelhead fishermen in the USA, then in Canada. Float fishing for steelhead however may have originated in Canucksville or so I hear.

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