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Cannibal Shad Minnow vs Glitter Bug. Fishing Pike attacks lure for muskie zander walley bass catfish

More From: Underwater Ireland / Подводная Ирландия
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Text Comments (88)
Amber V (1 year ago)
mom when are you gonna be done and are we aloud to use the microwave and done forget to grab my fishing pole. if you have time and can the girls go out side with me to play on the trample line
Dayton Lawson (1 year ago)
Nice video
Namlee Jo (1 year ago)
2B Sure (2 years ago)
Great video,thanks
fischfreak (2 years ago)
Nice video.Check my new videos...I also started with waterwolf... i dont really like the waterwolf... they should change some parts
tiggle5485 (2 years ago)
"Ooh.... PLEH!!!" -every fish in this video
Tom Mills (3 years ago)
Sweet video.
Tom Mills (3 years ago)
Sweet video.
J. Wierenga (3 years ago)
1:43 tiger pike
Senol TEMUR (3 years ago)
There is so many pike :)
J. Wierenga (3 years ago)
+Senol TEMUR This is sad we got a homo
Senol TEMUR (3 years ago)
This is sad . I hope people start to love fish and They will catch and release .
Hai Phan (3 years ago)
shaunxk8 (3 years ago)
wow they just couldn't resist those lures, great insight into the pike world.
Rylan Morgan (3 years ago)
God dang catch one of those suckers
Fran ch (3 years ago)
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...
Sean Mooney (3 years ago)
I read the responses and they answered my question. I wondered if you were fishing the lures without hooks since none of the fish got caught. It is amazing how fast that they can expel the though isn't it. Great video. Thanks for sharing. All the best, Sean
syrenet (3 years ago)
Pike is pretty aggressive fish, it doesn't matter what you use they still bite, ~
BFries55 (1 year ago)
syrenet wrong
Warmdog83 (3 years ago)
Щука ощущает резиновую приманку на вкус? И кидает её, будто не съедобную? И опять штурмует эту же приманку?
Nathan Clem (3 years ago)
How do you get this video? I have a gopro and was wondering if I could film this kind of stuff
Kaa Python (3 years ago)
Good test!
taizer (3 years ago)
perfect. can you do one with something funny like a piece of wood or a cigarette and see if they bite it. or a pencil
Daan Noort (3 years ago)
Why are you fishing without hooks?
mariusz257 (3 years ago)
even Chuck Norris would approve of this video !
Jamie Rodriguez (3 years ago)
awesome video !! :) 
Jan Mosian (3 years ago)
вот бы тройники поставилбы-улов непревзойденный былбы
Jan Mosian (3 years ago)
без кручков рыбка скольскаЯ+Andrey Barashkov
Andrey Barashkov (3 years ago)
стремительно выплевывает
Redtrout (3 years ago)
Question to the poster; from what kind of (belly)boat did you film this?
GettinBent TV (3 years ago)
Lesson Learned: when pike fishing, set the hook immediately!
Schmitti1982 (3 years ago)
if your line is tight you dont have to set the hook strong cuz the pike do the most work ....these Video shows lures without hooks !!!!
Redtrout (3 years ago)
Mhm if you take to long they might swallow it and make it much more difficult to unhook. Pike are the complete opposite of carp when it comes to how they take bait. While carp 9/10 taste the bait tentatively, pike just frigging attack the whole thing.
Die Geesteangler (4 years ago)
Hammer Video Danke dafür!!!!!1
El Frijolero (4 years ago)
Cool video
scott davies (4 years ago)
very cool stuff! that bait works...
Lucas J (4 years ago)
Trolling pikes lol. Nice video.
LunkerdogFishing (4 years ago)
Great Camera work!
donbbk (4 years ago)
Amazing Footage.
ali7t (4 years ago)
nice :D
Eagleclaw64 (4 years ago)
Awsome vidio guys.
PvPFighter PvPFighter (4 years ago)
why no hooks :0
Reel&night / (4 years ago)
What is it? Braid, monofilament or fluorocarbon?
нас наебали,расплываемся))))))))))))
Jamie Ayres (4 years ago)
Where were you
Michael Haslam (4 years ago)
they just absolutely kill the bait holy crap
Dante' Jackson (4 years ago)
Awesome action.. where can u purchase these baits? Also I was curious to know if uve tried for other species like bass. Thanks and great video
O' really (4 years ago)
How about.. How lure sizes affects the bite. like 12cm versus 25cm.
Pang Lo (4 years ago)
Some vicious critters lol
Master Lugia (4 years ago)
awesome video, like, the pike it's fantastic :)
Abigail (4 years ago)
Do they have hooks?
Kylan Brouwer (4 years ago)
geen haken beetje jammer
Jakub Król (4 years ago)
Fantastic video :) 
A Sleestax Sighting (4 years ago)
Great!  I think the Orange hit a bit better but the fact that the Pike would sometimes hit up to 3 times was cool.  Kinda dense action it must have been controlled.
Keukeu45 (4 years ago)
Awesome, do we hear the sound the lure is making? Also did you lost a lure? Amazing video.
Keukeu45 (4 years ago)
wow that's some tuff lures hey? surviving those crazy attacks
Rafał Kat (4 years ago)
Lucas Watters (4 years ago)
Nice fishing
Derek Dammers (4 years ago)
Awesome video. Is it my imagination but was the gold lure siting just a touch further back than the silver lure and as the pike is coming up behind would it show a preference for the lure it came closest to first. Be interested to see what happens if they were a little further apart.
Milan .Chara (4 years ago)
Pike...built for speed....freshwater shark...hahaha
Felix Klassen (4 years ago)
the right one is the better one
Piemelslingeraar (4 years ago)
Another great video!!! Is this a fast current stream?
Barney Richardson (4 years ago)
Awesome video! Were do you do yo pike testing/fishing? 
Dudecom (4 years ago)
Where at that a lot of pike
robert houlihan (4 years ago)
Lol 3.03 talk about greed...
Dave Whitwood (4 years ago)
I like the fish at 2:40...one eats the bait and the other fish goes after the fish eating the bait....awesome video !
A4King555 (4 years ago)
no hooks on those
wędkarstwo spiningowe (4 years ago)
dobry film instruktarzowy
wędkarstwo KOŁO (4 years ago)
Anthony Frade (4 years ago)
Those colors were going to be hot no matter what. Pike seem to like the shiny stuff like sparkles. Personally gold had been a killer color but things with red accents on the tail or nose (like the silver lure) are always good.
Percaroja (4 years ago)
Buah!!!! Nice nice video :)
Percaroja (4 years ago)
Buah!!!! Nice nice video :)
Jc Roldan (4 years ago)
Nice video!! I subb
13palata (4 years ago)
Супер! Как вы снимаете такие роскошные кадры?
dima stalin (4 years ago)
не могу глядеть ))) подсечь длань проситься
miles jordan (4 years ago)
Wow what a Vid.... DAMN........... Great job Man !!!! Great Work !!!!!
Anthony Martin (4 years ago)
justgoes to prove nothing is better than a good Shad !
Peter Gstrein (4 years ago)
great video, good work
TroutAngler123 (4 years ago)
That also shows how quickly you must set the hook before they spit it out
FoxHound (2 months ago)
And it makes me think of how effective the hookset can be, with finesse rigs on offset hooks.
TroutAngler123 (4 years ago)
That must be so affective when fishing
Confid (4 years ago)
great video!
anajay78 (4 years ago)
Another great video. They did not seem picky on colors presented to them. I guess they spit the bait out when they feel the line or the lead.
anajay78 (4 years ago)
Sweet keep up the great work!
Valaha (4 years ago)
holyshit! fucking great video! Thank you for it!
Luke Kobilan (4 years ago)
they arent hooking
Tigertrains.com (4 years ago)
At the beginning he shows the jigs with hooks cut off, just to show how Pike are interested in the product.

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