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Berkley Schooling Rig - How To

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Let Dan Spengler - Project Manager Bait Development Berkley - 'School' you on how to set up the all new Mini Schooling Rig and Ripple Rig. Dan is a young phenom with Berkley that is responsible for a long list of new Berkley baits and much more to come. He's a passionate angler and a VERY good 'stick'. Dan is all about innovation and it shows in this new rig!
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Jack Herron (5 years ago)
I LIKE Berkley products. I wish they still have their power ring worm in cotton candy / chart. 4inch. I'd like some I can't find any .
George Mickatavage (5 years ago)
Nice job! I'll have to try both the double rig and the triple! Thanks for showing the proper way to hook the swimbait!

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