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Utility Billing Get Started 7 - Bill Run

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Utility Billing Get Started 7 - Bill Run Hi this is Zac Kibria and in today’s video I will be discussing how to perform a bill run. The bill run screen provides a few options: namely how to search for old bill runs or perform a new bill runs. In this video however, we will be focusing on how to perform a new bill run. To do this, from the dashboard click bill run. Next click the run the bills button, input date parameter details for the bill run and run. Important things to note here are that the statement will be generated based on the parameters entered. Likewise, a message will appear about the status of the statement generation. There are a few key terms in the bill run section I did want to discuss in this video. (FROM) Recurring charge date - This is the date from which daily charges will be incurred. This date is typically the first day of the bill run. Use (TO) Issue Date – Date the bill is issued (DUE) Due Date – Date customer must be paid to avoid penalties In the next screen, you get to you can rollback, commit, download or email the bill run. Now we will make sure we can easily print the bill. To do this click a customer (make sure they have a positive balance). Click the settings tab from the customer’s screen – scroll down and click the button to enable print. Now go back to the bill run and check it out. As you can see we have rollback- which means you go back and can rerun the bill run if something you did was incorrect, commit- only if everything looks fine. After clicking to commit you can’t go backwards. Download- which easily lets you download a PDF statement and lastly email bill run- which allows you to email customers their bills and thus reduce paper waste. Thanks for watching - this is Zac Kibria and I hope you have enjoyed this video. please like this video, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We are constantly updating our software as well as adding new videos and playlists to enhance your experience and help you learn our platform. We hope that you continue to subscribe to this list as well as all our channels. Have a great day and feel reach out to us if you are having any issues.
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