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"The Shack" -- Avoid It Like the Plague! Beware Christians!!!

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15 HERESIES IN THE SHACK, DR. MICHAEL YOUSSEF -- https://www.movieguide.org/news-articles/thirteen-heresies-in-the-shack.html
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Susan Roberts (10 months ago)
Jade silverlight (2 years ago)
is there any other books besides the shack we need to advoid and i wish my parents never let me read harry potter :( because they make it seem so innocent when really its not innocent at all . i hate harry potter i remember praying and hearing from god about getting the harry potter books out of the house . this was year or two or so ago. i did shread the harry potter book on the so called stories that are talked about in the harry potter books the barns bettles or something yucky.
Angela Cahoon (2 years ago)
I have to disagree with this article. This is not gospel. This is a mans. Way to understand God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It is his mind. The author is not saying it is gospel. Ive seen the movie and felt God the whole time. God actually use the movie to help me heal from pass hurts. Down deep in my soul.
Nathaniel Jones (2 years ago)
Get ready for a wall of BLIND GUIDES!!! Ive been telling people about this for a while, most just go on and on about how GOOD THEY FEEL after they read or watch this movie, truly we are living in the last days!! James b de young has been very accurate in his review of this, thank you sister for exposing the darkness with HIS glorious light!! GBY!!!!!
Teri Fletcher (2 years ago)
I was aware of the book when it first came out and read enough about it back then to know that it was blasphemous, so therefore avoided it. I've researched it even further since the movie came out and agree wholeheartedly with a previous commenter that it is part of the "Emergent" , New Age , Apostate church which will become part of the One World Religion that is taking shape right now with the Pope at the helm. I've been very surprised and disheartened to see that a lot of the Christian women in both of my prayer groups as well as on Facebook and You Tube embrace it. Many many are being deceived!!
Hope Faith (2 years ago)
Great job sister!!!! Thank you for sharing this with us!!! I can't believe it either!!! People are being influenced by a spirit of delusion, and it seems that the majority do not care for the Truth, or have any concern for sin; this is a snapshot of how people will respond and behave when the anti-christ deceives them and they begin to worship that evil man!!!!!! They are going to even kill the ones who refuse to worship him!!! I can only imagine their hatred for the people who refuse to believe him and worship him! God bless you dear sister for your service to our Savior!!!!
Hope Faith (2 years ago)
Yes, sister, it is very disturbing...Much love to you too!!!:)
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Amen, sister, amen! I felt almost physically sick when I read a TON of comments on a certain person's video recently, just lavishing praise on this book!! Thank you so much for being a precious and TRUE servant of the Lord. Much love to you in Jesus Most Holy Name.
daughter ofGod (2 years ago)
I saw the shack! It was one of the best movies and. Books ever... my grandmother died back in 2001 and it has been really hard because she was like a mother to me. Even after getting saved in 2014 I still struggled with God letting her die and not healing her. Because of the shack for the first time I have an answer that I can have peace with. God bless the thing is, at the end of the day God is love ❤️ this book did a really good job at showing that.
Denise W. (2 years ago)
AMEN sister!
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
I'm glad the book helped you find peace and ministered to you in that way; however, that doesn't mean to give it a free pass for the FACT that it is blasphemous & UNbiblical. God bless you.
Debbe Long (2 years ago)
Wow sis I got attacked big time for showing truth on this ...It is NOT a Godly movie at all New Age Deception 😥
Mercury M-7 (2 years ago)
L4JRapture It's just a feel Good novel, nothing more.. It's just one mans fictional book to grab the attention of Novel readers..
Debbe Long (2 years ago)
@L4JRapture the link tells alot too The battle yesterday , they were so deceived in believing this movie was so AWESOME He yelled he was going back to see it for the 6th time I warned ..I pray someone on that post got it Maranatha sis Hope you are well ❤
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Amen, sister, AMEN!! Very New Agey vibe to this book!
Triple777 (2 years ago)
The Shack is NOT BIBLICAL & NOT SOUND DOCTRINE ...It will only serve to confuse, warp, distort & outright LIE about what Jesus clearly taught. God is the same today as he was yesterday and will always be. DO NOT BE DECIEVED!!! Only "Jesus" saves!!! If it doesn't line up with the word of God then by its very nature its Evil & therefore from Satan!!! Careful whom you choose today bc the devil walks the earth to & fro seeking after whom he can devour!!
Brian N (2 years ago)
thanx for the clarification
CRABBYBAG (2 years ago)
Da Roadrunner (2 years ago)
Hi sis! Thank you for your videos 💗 I didn't know what this was, and had a friend tell me about it & things that she had said I agreed with, but I didn't have the draw to check it out myself. I know I should check things on my own before out & out rejecting them, but sometimes Holy Spirit just keeps us from polluting ourselves, amen? God bless you💗💗💗
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Good to see you, sister, missed you! Many blessings to you, yes, we need to check things out for ourselves, for sure.
Jenny Ruth (2 years ago)
Amen dear sister!
IbEstie2 (2 years ago)
I shared it with an impassioned plea for my brothers and sisters to see the truth of it, quit singing it's praises and warn people to stay away from it. Also to pray for the author that his eyes will be opened. I said it is as blasphemous as the thing going around that God is part woman. Thank you for helping me find the words to speak up! God bless you sister, I love you.
IbEstie2 (2 years ago)
I also plead with them to wake up and realize what time we are living in. It's just all coming together to deceive people and make sheeple out of them so they will follow blindly along to the slaughter. +L4JRapture
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Praise God, sister, I pray they will take heed to what you said!!! Much love to you in Jesus Holy Name.
IbEstie2 (2 years ago)
THANK YOU SISTER! I have been so dismayed at how many Christians are falling for this stuff! I did not read the book, but when TBN began touting it and airing the series about it, I knew just from watching the previews that it was not of God. Then I saw many of my Christian friends were singing it's praises and I was so shocked and upset. I am sharing this! God bless you! PS, think of the baby Christians that do not know the true nature of God yet that will be led astray! What a wolf in sheep's clothing.
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Sis, it is just heartbreaking how many have been deceived by this book!!!! When it came out in 2007, there was a big brouhaha about how it was UNbiblical...yet it is still here and thriving, deceiving multitudes!! GBU
prov3n6 (2 years ago)
A---MEN!!! So sad our own Christian brothers and sisters are deceived. If they fall for this satanic book/movie, what other abominations would they fall for?
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
EXACTLY!!!! Many have zero discernment, sadly! GBU
Waiting for Jesus (2 years ago)
Thank God my family and I go to a church that preaches on sin and repentance. That was the whole purpose of Jesus dying on the cross was to pay for our sin. Thank you Jesus
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Amen, sister, and so good to see you! Much love to you.
Elaine Reid (2 years ago)
Very well presented, sister!!! And SO good of you to share this with people, so they won't fall into deception BUT, unfortunately too many want the feel-good message and are being deceived no matter what anyone says!!! I pray eyes will open!!! God Bless you!!!!
Elaine Reid (2 years ago)
It's grievous to God, too - and we know that. I pray others will also see.
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Thank you, sister, and I fervently pray this will open people's eyes! I have seen so so many on here on a certain channel, just loving this book/movie!
marsack7 (2 years ago)
Just read "13 heresies in the Shack" mentioned by Minister Paul in the comments below. There is a link to click on. Unfortunately this is the gospel that so many so-called Christians believe including my sister. It is sad and is heresy but it is what you get when you deny the Bible and it's truths. They deny it even without reading it. Everybody goes to heaven is the main message. You don't need a Messiah. Nobody on you tube has EVER mentioned this in any word, vision or dream. NOBODY!. Sometimes I wonder if the Lord doesn't know about it or has forgotten about it lol. I should think it is on the Lord's mind day and night and yet nobody has ever mentioned. Are these messages on you tube really from the Lord??? It takes a movie to bring this up and decry it once and for all. Where are these messages???? thank you for bringing this up, L4Jrapture! Finally!
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Amen and thank you so much. This is so VERY disturbing to me that many on here just love and support this book. God bless you.
Maranatha Amen (2 years ago)
Thank you for speaking TRUTH! I knew the moment I heard this promoted on tbn there was an apostasy happening and many would be deceived by this. The wicked are priming any who are not grounded in His word, readying them for the Great Tribulation and the great deception coming. God bless you! Your sister in Christ, Laura.
Amen sister, Crystal. Pardon me...I fixing to get all serious up in here too. I can't help it ...its righteous indignation...its a stand for our Father Who Sits on the Most High instead of things of this world from lying man.This book/movie is trash. if someone calls evil good and good evil, they better evaluate their relationship with God or maybe the lack thereof meaning they are deceived and don't know Him at all perhaps some false converts. Jesus didn't live holy and die on a cross for us to idolize things like this above him. God is #1...get it straight!!!. This is like the days of Balaam with all you rebellious sinners thinking it's ok to do this or that because God will not punish me. Woe to those who call this a good book/movie and you know who you are and then encourage others to look it. Every idle word you will take account. Woe to you misleading any sheep away from the flock with this garbage. Good job exposing this evil, dear sister. Lots of love and see you soon in the GLORY CLOUD WITH JESUS!!! God bless you.
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Well said, sister, VERY well said!!! Thank you so much, God bless you.
Tomas Huerta (2 years ago)
Amen! A fool hates correction and this is part of the slippery slope of the emergent church!
Mary Deming (2 years ago)
One of my daughters lives in WV. Her in-laws insisted she go with them and a large group of born again Christians to see this " wonderful" movie. She called me and asked how she could get out of going without alienating them. Her husband told her she better just go to keep the peace so she did. She was so shocked to see a theater filled with men and women all crying and totally loving and buying into this lie from the pit of hell !!!! People really need to stop going to these so called Christian movies. THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIAN!!! Draw closer to Jesus not the things of this world. Doesn't it make you want to knock them on the back of the head ( in a righteous way) and say, " Are you awake yet?" I love you sister. See you soon!
Vicki Town (2 years ago)
I bought the book when it first came out with the intention of reading it. ...and believe it or not... I never read it beyond a couple of pages. I could never get interested in it. When I saw all of the bad things about it awhile back.... I tried to find it in my books to get rid of it...and I couldn't even find it. Thank You God for protecting my heart mind and soul from this evil. Thank you for putting this video out.
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
Paul Young is not a christian and by his own words Paul Young, author of The Shack, in his new book Lies We Believe About God, Young says of Christ’s death: Who originated the Cross? . . . If God did, then we worship a cosmic abuser, who in Divine Wisdom created a means to torture human beings in the most painful and abhorrent manner. Frankly, it is often this very cruel and monstrous god that the atheist refuses to acknowledge or grant credibility in any sense. And rightly so. Better no god at all, than this one. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/scandalized-by-the-substitute-a-response-to-young-and-gungor This man does not believe in the blood atonement and that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ blood washes away our sins . Paul Young is not a christian and never was he is an implant from satan to woo and seduces people away from the faith who are not grounded in the Word (Jesus and scripture). Even the graphic art designer who helped work on the art for the shack (and at one time loved it) has renounce the book and is warning people about it and about Paul . https://grandmageri422.me/2017/04/11/graphic-artist-who-designed-novel-the-shack-renounces-book-says-i-have-deep-regrets/ People need to wake up and start praying for discernment. We are in the end times and if someone like this can fool so many people how will they hold up to the deception that the antichrist will dish out.
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Amen, so true!!
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
L4JRapture No problem , like you I'm just trying to warn as many people as I can however many don't want the truth and get angry when you tell them . We are witnessing the great falling away and people don't even realize it. God bless
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Mercy!!!! Thank you for posting that, I did not know that!!!! God bless you and I pray many will read your comment here.
Pat Gunn (2 years ago)
I totally agree. i cannot believe how some bible believing Christians can overlook these problems with it and just see it as a "beautiful God is love" message. If it were possible even the elect are being deceived!
Jeannie Hardesty (2 years ago)
Before the last couple of days, I had never heard of this book. I don't read anything anymore that isn't the Bible. Like I said in my video on this heresy of the Holy Spirit being a female, everyone needs to do research on a book before buying it. This is blatently obvious to me, but to others, maybe not so. Something occured to me as I was watching another video someone sent me about the Holy Spirit being a woman, so I could honestly say I checked it out, I was reminded that the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary. The Holy Spirit is a SPIRIT, doing all that God wants on earth, is referred to as HE, and why would we have NOT heard of this before if it were so, that God's Holy Spirit was a female. Isn't Holy Spirit an actual PART of GOD, Who is a HE??? Anyway, God bless you sister for sharing this information. I pray it will keep those who are now curious about this subject away from the lies of this book. They should save their money.
jeff ouellette (2 years ago)
ThisIsTurok1 (2 years ago)
You're right about Hollywood. There are many blasphemous movies we're all aware of "The Shack" is just one of many. There are only a handful of Bible related movies that I've found that I can recommend. *The Jesus of Nazareth TV Series (It's incredible to say the least. Highly recommended) *The Bible Stories Collection [Blu-ray] - This contains several movies that are really well done(Specifically my favorites are Moses, Jeremiah, Joseph, Abraham, The Apostle Paul, Solomon, David, and Esther)These movies are fantastic and offer alot of Bible knowledge. Unfortunately, I've yet to find any Bible movie that does not change things, which is why it's important that we actually read the scripture. The Moses movie in The Bible Collection is the closest I've seen to the scripture.It tells the story very very close to the scripture, along with the other movies.They're close, but they do take some liberties and change some things. I've cried alot from watching these movies. They really hit the heart.You can actually feel what the characters are feeling. All glory to the Lord Jesus Christ! =)
tx-sweet-p JG (2 years ago)
The shack? More like an outhouse if you ask me
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
I see that MANY people on here are loving "The Shack", so I must warn. I read the book when it first came out in 2007, many heresies in it. Please see the Description Box . I love you all enough to WARN.
Jenny Ruth (2 years ago)
Minister Paul Amen!
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
Thank you for your kind comment and support.
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
+Minister Paul So true, MP, they support the videomakers rather than standing firm on the Word of God, so sad and also shocking! Yep, way back in 2007 when I read it, it was causing a stir because of its blasphemy, yet it's still thriving, sadly. Shows you how evil this ol' world has gotten - people want to embrace blasphemy & they do NOT want to read their Bible! God bless you, brother, and thanks for that link you provided.
L4JRapture (2 years ago)
AMEN and so is the book!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable that so many on here just love it! I am floored, honestly. God bless you, bro.

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