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Berkley Emotion Rods

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Lengths, powers and actions engineered to compete! Designed with the competitive angler in mind to create the best value with the best function for the best performance.
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trongcuong nguyen (1 year ago)
Good rod...👍👍👍
Andy Jonson (2 years ago)
I have the Pulse 6.9 MH spinning rod and wow it's so very different what im used to. Great quality rod, nice looking, superb feeling and outcasts my friends shimano beastmaster M at 8 feet 😄 and twice the price
Hunter Kenway (2 years ago)
dude I bought 4 of these things and I love every single one of them and only costed me 325$ cheap price but super good quality rod !
Jared Wright (2 years ago)
I got the shakey head version and I love it
Brandon Wilcox (3 years ago)
I have the dropshot spinning model and absolutely love it. Great sensitivity. I like it better than the Abu Garcia vendetta. It's on par with Duckett Ghost rods and other $99 rods in my opinion. Going to buy the MH general purpose model next.
Jack Herron (3 years ago)
I sure would like to win this rod to go with the Diawa, Tutula reel I won.
Ronny D (4 years ago)
i want one so bad :(

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