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Using tweetdeck to manage multiple Twitter accounts

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Hi There! TruAcademy is a white-label ecourse platform that makes selling your ecourse easy. First of all, you’re probably wondering why do I need an ecourse platform? Here’s our explainer video: https://youtu.be/LvSk_ArClb4 If you prefer to read, onward: The problem: You have a headful of knowledge that you want to drop on people. But your expertise isn’t digital. You could hire someone to code up a rad website but that might cost a lot of money. The solution: The solution is Tru Academy! We provide easy to use tools to help you create an ecourse or online school without any technical knowledge. Drag and drop items, click and type. We provide an easy to use interface. We also provide ecommerce hookups so you can get paid. Booyeah! Sounds great? Sign up at https://truacademy.com But wait, there’s more! For a limited time we’re offering free assistance with all aspects of your course creation. We have a staff of graphic designers, course creators and more that can help you on your path to passive income. All we ask in return is your honest feedback. Don't be shy to reach out! We love our users. Regards, Tru Staff https://truacademy.com
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