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Berkley Iron Silk

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Berkley's line is the toughest on the block! This demonstration of line versus grinding stone leaves no doubt! If you need a tough line to get you through a day of fishing... You need to try Berkley Iron Silk - it's tough as iron but smooth as silk!
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jonnywaselectric (3 years ago)
Where is the supply gone? I love this stuff and cant find it anymore
omer kishanov (3 years ago)
Outstanding line , got a 31 inch musky on 6lb iron silk with a 12lb flouro leader on a zebco 33 .....very strong . limp. managable.and has great castabilty , I will put this on all my spincast reels as that is all I use .Forget braid ...iron silk all the way!!!
polishpicl (4 years ago)
Just recieved in the mail......will try next week but I would like to see this test against nano brand for all tests..... abrasion, knots, strength etc...I am a nano user and will put this to a real test..
John Sexton (4 years ago)
When can I find it in store's?
Paulpro PP (4 years ago)
I'll check it out thanks

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