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Coal Mine Farmersville Illinois Crown 3 underground video 1992 Freeman United

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Coal Mine Farmersville Illinois Crown 3 underground video 1992 This mine is no longer open. This is a great video of how coal is mined by room and pillar.
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ir10031981 (1 year ago)
exactly 30 years ago today, in Farmersville, Illinois, my dad's car broke down. On Saturday July 9, 1988 by I-55, now it's Monday July 9, 2018.
ir10031981 (1 year ago)
my family and I were en route from Maywood IL/Chicago to Durango, Mexico.
Jason Dameron (1 year ago)
best footage i have ever seen underground.. WvCOALMINER13
falcon Eddy (2 years ago)
this is the Best coal mining video ever. Thanks, worked at crown two for 11 years and enjoyed every day untill they fired my ass, oh well.
I miss the trains that went through Farmersville, I just miss them...I cry everytime I see an old mine with old trains, now the tracks are abandoned...
Cameron Cole (2 years ago)
Shame. Illinois has so much for coal.
Just sad how all these coal mines in Illinois are closing down. Illinois has so much coal. I saw on a website that the Crown #2 closed because they didn't have any money because their coal wasn't cheap. This also happened to the Crown #3, and somebody died there once.
Tom Shelton (2 years ago)
Matthew The Railfanner also closed for many years and all metal above ground sent to the scap yard. only the concrete silos remain. but there is talk of those coming down also. so sad. these mines employed many area folks for lots of years with good paying jobs.
@Tom Shelton What about the Crown #2 mine?
Tom Shelton (2 years ago)
This one closed down some years ago and they scrapped all the metal on top. They even took the rail spur out. This one will never open again. Some type of Illinois gov agency has maps of all the coal mines in Illinois. If you google search for Illinois coal mine maps you might have to dig deep buy I have seen them online.
Shy Helms (3 years ago)
My daddy is in this video!!! 😊❤️

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