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Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Update Causes Search Rankings to Drop in Google

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URGENT Announcement about the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Update that Causes Search Rankings to Drop in Google for some websites and blogs. This issue was caused by the Yoast SEO Plugin Update to 7.0 back in March and some websites have reported their Google Search Rankings have taken a hit. Learn To Code a WordPress Theme: https://youtu.be/pEJ2IzYOx5c Get DevWP: https://www.pixemweb.com/devwp-wordpress-development-training-theme/ The issue is attributed to a bug in the March Update that changed a setting in the Yoast SEO plugin Search Appearance Media Section from Yes to No. This caused urls to be created for each image on the website and triggered on some sites, the Google Panda Thin Content issue where websites have lots of indexed urls with pages full of virtually no content and Google sees this as a major ranking issue. In this video I show you how to check your Yoast SEO settings to make sure they are correct and also how to use the Yoast SEO Search Index Purge add-on plugin to help remedy the issue by getting Google to de-index the urls with thin content. Note: Yoast SEO was quick to resolve this issue and worked in conjunction with John Mueller from Google to ensure the remedy is approved by Google. It's important to view this entire video and follow the steps and also read the links that go further into detail on this problem that caused some websites and blogs to have drastic drops in the google search results because of the thin content issue created by the urls that were added to the index with the Yoast SEO update to 7.0 back in march. https://yoast.com/media-attachment-urls/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/yoast-seo-search-index-purge/ I still highly recommend the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin for every website and blog because it's the best solution for Search Engine Optimization, it's well maintained and Yoast is committed to the WordPress Community. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell.
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PixemWeb (1 year ago)
*Learn To Code a WordPress Theme* https://youtu.be/pEJ2IzYOx5c *Get DevWP the WordPress Training Theme* https://www.pixemweb.com/devwp-wordpress-development-training-theme/
Keto Kare (1 year ago)
They owned up to it quickly LOL
Àlex Bartolomé Del Río (11 months ago)
The yoast team responed to the issue very quickly??? Huh? Thats so funny! After afew months is very quickly! They screwed up so much websites ranks by lettin em know so quickly!!
Matze Karajanov (1 year ago)
hi you should try consolety, it's a WordPress Plugin that matches your published content with other users in the consolety network based on your titles, your tags categories and language. Meaning you get rellevant backlinks based on your content all done for you by the consolety network. simply by googling for consolety. please reply any feedback
Keto Kare (1 year ago)
LOL you forgot to mention that they waited 3 months to let people know, No Transparency, Yoast is Toast They are not Open about their mistake, Worse than facebook data breach
PixemWeb (1 year ago)
lol, I hear you. Could they have responded sooner, yes. Apparently some people did get notifications within their dashboards but honestly, how often do we pay attention to pop-ups or notifications? Most people tend to just ignore them or just click away. Also, as John Mueller from Google stated, this shouldn't negatively affect most websites. But, it did need to get fixed and addressed, in a way that wouldn't cause more harm, hence why they reached out to Google for approval of their solution. Now comparing this to a data breach or over use of personal data by companies is a huge stretch, but I take it as you meant it as an exaggeration to make a point. Point taken. Thanks for the feedback.
HakulwasHereXD (1 year ago)
Im new
PixemWeb (1 year ago)
Welcome to the channel.
Felix Rivera (1 year ago)
Great, information and very detailed. Thank you for a complete explanation of this issue. I am glad I am subscribed to your channel.
PixemWeb (1 year ago)
Thanks Felix, I wanted to make sure to be as detailed but concise as possible. Glad you found it helpful.

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