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Google Keep, Simple and Clean Note-taking App 2018

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What's Google Keep? How does it work? Should you try Google's answer to OneNote and Evernote? See this smart little note taking app in action and discover what Google Keep has to offer you. In this video: - 2:53 Google Keep Demo - 8:25 Google Keep Mobile App - 13:15 Evernote vs Google Keep In video resources: - Google Keep in your browser https://keep.google.com/ - Evernote https://evernote.com/ - Google Keep Chrome Browser Extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-keep-chrome-extens/lpcaedmchfhocbbapmcbpinfpgnhiddi?hl=en Curious about other tools that can help you get more organized? Grab a copy of Steve’s toolkit! https://dottotech.com/toolkit/ Love what you saw? Subscribe to the channel for weekly Google tips (live every Monday!) Want to dive into the world of productivity, digital marketing and content creation? Join us for our weekly webinar this Wednesday! Every week, we break big, complex processes like building your email list and growing a successful YouTube channel into small, actionable steps you can put into practice straight away. Sign up: https://dottotech.com/webinars/ FOLLOW DOTTO TECH ON SOCIAL → Blog: https://dottotech.com/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/dottotech → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DottoTech/
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Text Comments (312)
Ket Ralus (11 hours ago)
I came at this from a different angle. While I've used Evernote in the past, these days I've mostly been collecting notes in simple text documents and Trello boards. It's becoming too scattered and I'm finding that shuffling the data around is a lot of overhead. I'm trying to find something very simplistic but effective, and I think Keep might be what I need. Great vid!
Ben G (2 days ago)
Evernote ain't a simple little notebook. It is a robust enterprise and business strength application. Google Keep however , is designed to be a simple little notebook.
Bile Slmndow (4 days ago)
Bile Slmndow (1 day ago)
you wlc...
Sterling Williams (5 days ago)
Wow I had no idea about G Keep! I’m a Huge Trello user (mostly w web design client communication and and some site content) but this is wayyy more efficient for web Page links, references, bookmarks etc which I do a ton of! BIG UP$ Mr Dotto 🙌🏻💥⚡️👏🏻
Mark Croft (6 days ago)
Did you cover labels in this video..? I must have missed it.
Michael Guez (8 days ago)
Comparing Google Keep to Evernote is a bit of a mistake. In fact, if Google Keep is going up against another Project Management or Note-taking app, it would be better to compare it to Trello. One Note, by Microsoft, is a much more of an Evernote alternative than Keep is. These 4 apps reflect 2 different styles of Note-taking and Organization. Keep and Trello are essentially creating stacks of Notecards that can be organized in whatever manner the user sees fit to organize them. The interface is simple and flexible enough to quickly keep you organized, while giving you the freedom to do this with a structure that works with the way you think. Evernote and One Note are more rigid applications but also more comprehensive note taking systems. You options are perhaps more limited structurally, they will take longer to master, but on the plus side you have a selection of more powerful features to sort and capture data to your notes.
Norman Cotterell (10 days ago)
I use Evernote primarily for writing and organizing workshop notes and for collecting my answers as administrator for a professional forum. I often use it in places where internet access isn't available. Google Keep's interface looks more like Post-It notes than lecture notes, so it may not quite meet my needs
Thank you for the informative video.
Suraj Verma (13 days ago)
Underline remove
Stephen Scaysbrook (13 days ago)
Hi, I use Google keep for all my notes and snippets, and if I need to search then I just go into keep and use the search function, but if I am searching on the Web, Google keep records do not seem to be included, or do I have it wrong !.
John Ledbetter (13 days ago)
I tried using just Keep but it gets cluttered. No ability to create folders. I do love the simplicity tho.
Reginald Marselus (16 days ago)
HI Steve, I will be using Keep to take notes on your videos. When you say something I want to remember, I pause the video, enter my note on Keep, then start your video back up again or replay part of it so I got all the info you are sharing. Keep works great for that! All the best
Ronald Moyer (17 days ago)
You gained a new subscriber today your awesome!!
dottotech (16 days ago)
Glad to hear it!
Michael Romano (19 days ago)
Once your image is saved to your note, Google Keep will use OCR to add metadata to your note. This metadata allows you to search the text in your image. There is additional processing which is done to the image as well to classify it for search. There is also an option to parse the text out of your image explicitly. Lastly, there is a chrome app for Keep that will give you a more desktop-like experience.
Tammy Morin (23 days ago)
How did you get the photo at the bottom of your notes?
Heather Smuin (25 days ago)
If we have been using Evernote, how do we transfer that info to Google Keep?!
The Thinker (1 month ago)
hi, i like cheese
GeFlixes (1 month ago)
I used Google Keep pretty extensively, even before I used Evernote. It's very quick and handy - very useful if you need/keep lists of things or for jotting down of quick ideas (the STT function is awesome). I prefer Pocket as a Link Aggregator/Read Later tool, though. And most recently I phased G Keep out totally, because you don't have the ability to connect notes like you can with Evernote. The main screen also gets cluttered really fast when you have a lot of content on it. Both of this problems ruled it out for research over time, as I'm the "make a file pile and pick the cherries out" type of guy when I'm on an information hunt and create Master Notes with summaries of articles/papers in Evernote, with links to the originals. I miss the sticky notes design of G Keep, though. It's much more visceral then the Evernote.
Raegan Baker (1 month ago)
I found the information in this video very helpful. I was already aware of all these features within Google Keep, but this is presented very well. I was hoping to find a way to sort Google Keep notes in alphabetical order, but that apparently is a feature Google has refused to include in the platform.
junktube4000 (1 month ago)
Does Google Keep work well for people who don't have Wifi in their house or data on their phone?
junktube4000 (1 month ago)
Thanks! Yes I have also had those note conflicts with Evernote, not so much with Wunderlist, and I used both of those apps with two devises.
GeFlixes (1 month ago)
Then it's unsynced for the time you're offline, of course. Also on Android, the Speech-To-Text doesn't function without internet (at least for me, even with language pack downloaded); as well as the OCR (I believe) which also needs sever access. But there isn't a tendency to accumulate note conflicts when you work with two unsynced devices (unlike Evernote) und file sizes are really small (because you would keep mainly text and a few photos here and there in it) - when you get internet access again, it syncs within seconds. So yeah, you're missing out on a few features, but you can fundamentally use G Keep without Internet access and just sporadic syncs.
junktube4000 (1 month ago)
Isn't the no notebook aspect of Google Keep retarded?
Oh Meowmeow (1 month ago)
try milanote
Four Toes (1 month ago)
Keep is fantastic, far simpler to use than Crapnote!
Vince Camiolo (1 month ago)
Really appreciate the video! I used Evernote but I found it clunky and slow. I don’t like my notes stored in their proprietary format and was concerned about backup or what might happen to my daily journal that I’ve collected for years if Evernote shut down. So I switched to Simplenote which I love for it’s plain text simplicity, easy backup, powerful search and excellent cross platform syncing. Now I want to try Keep for a few features that Simplenote may not have but I’m still concerned about backup in a useable format.
Corey Kretsinger (1 month ago)
Off topic, but I see you're using a Behringer board to run your condenser mic through. Have you tried the Samson G Track Pro? I just got one and ditched my my setup - that was a lot like yours. Great sound quality and a lot of options as well.
Stoney Mc (1 month ago)
Hello Sir, Thank you for the Gmail advice. Please can you help me, I have a gmail account and cannot print attachments, any reason?
FortheLuIz (1 month ago)
Wonder if Google will buy Evernote? 🤔
Tanmoy Roy (1 month ago)
Quick query Steve...when i setup reminders with due dates in Keep, i get the push notifs in my mobile (which is fine)...wanted to know if there a way to get mail notifications in Gmail too along with that? not the Inbox app by Gmail, just the Gmail itself?
dottotech (1 month ago)
Not sure, check here, https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!home
Zyzxx17 (1 month ago)
Use both - Keep is a like a pick-up truck vs Evernote is like a semi-truck. Both are great. Keep works on all my devices. Keep is great for capturing contact info off emails & web pages. Love the checklist for shopping with the geographical reminder feature (e.g. Costco) that pops up when I get to the store.
LagiNaLangAko23 (1 month ago)
It was the only note app that I ever used and I'm fine with it. I like that I don't have to worry about my phone getting wiped. Also, how to use this with the Assistant better?
Darwin Cruz (1 month ago)
I notice you use an iPhone but at the same time, using a lot of Google apps. Have you considered moving to Android?
L BH (1 month ago)
Hi Steve thanks for this. I love Evernote but will experiment. Can’t figure out how to do the Siri dictation into Google Keep. Can you please give more guidance?
Mike Dowling (1 month ago)
Hi, how about importing pdfs into Evernote? It's my main use of EN, as a big filing cabinet of scanned letters, docs, statements etc so would have liked to see how that's covered in Keep and other capture apps. Thanks for the videos - watching regularly!
Andy Durban (1 month ago)
I will start testing Keep - I like Evernote but buggy!
Tiago Pacheco (1 month ago)
Radar From Roswell (1 month ago)
I like the demo as I found evernote too complicated for me.
Charles Celano (1 month ago)
First of all, thank you so much for your videos. I have watched a couple now and find them very high quality with lots of pertinent information. That is a rare commodity these days on YouTube. I have been using Evernote for a few years now and I love it for more permanent storage of all of my documents. I had files of papers, recipes, photos, receipts, etc. that are all now digitally stored through Evernote, reducing clutter in my office. Also, by using tags, I can search and find documents easily through EN. However, like you suggested, I see a potential application for using Google Keep for smaller work, short reminder notes, and to-do lists. I use Workflowy for that but maybe I can transition that piece over the Keep. Not sure yet. Do you know of any other potential integration advantages to Keep in working with Google Calendar (btw, love your videos on that) and/or Gmail. If there were, that could make it even more powerful....maybe I should work for Google? :)
Nik Matchuk (1 month ago)
Thank you for this review video on google keep :)
Tin Man (1 month ago)
I've had Google Keep get out of synch between my Android & desktop computer. If I haven't opened Keep on the desktop for several days it stops synching certain items.
Tin Man (1 month ago)
Keep doesn't synch photos reliably either. If you add more than one photo to a note it may synch or it may not. I think Keep is okay for light weight stuff like shopping lists but I don't trust it with anything important.
michael lippert (1 month ago)
I stopped using Evernote, flip back-and-forth between Google Keep/Google Docs. Plus simpler interface & no annual or monthly fees.
burned oils (1 month ago)
on my first try i didnt like google keep but when i leanred that everfail was going to be dead soon with how bad everfail had been for so long i tried it again and i ended up realy liking pining notes work well and how u visualy see ur notes plus u dont need 2 pay anything for it as long as u have a google account glad i moved to google keep
Tammy Weiland (2 months ago)
Why not use Google Docs instead? Are you familiar with Trello? Comparison to Evernote & Keep or Docs?
Retirrd (2 months ago)
I'm liking Google Keep more than Evernote at the moment but after watching last week's webinar there is a new contender I am also loving, "Notion",thus bumping Evernote to 3rd place.;-} May the note-taking app battle commence!
Pat DivaDzigns Hunley (2 months ago)
How to easy copy notes from Evernote to Google Notes
bainsk8 (2 months ago)
You can open a photo containing text in google document and it will turn it into a text document.
Pan (2 months ago)
really good review video, like and subs for you sir
Karen Castjohn (2 months ago)
I am new to electronic notetaking and started using Evernote but am not at all proficient yet. I am wondering why you would need another app like Notability or GoodNotes vs Google Keep or Evernote?
Dawn Craig (2 months ago)
Question, why did you choose Evernote over Drive for the more permanent work? Not asking because I think you chose wrong or anything just curious. I just watched your latest video on Evernote and said I'd watch this one next. And I think I'm going to move my notes from Evernote to Keep becaue I rather like the looks of Keep better. I don't really use a lot of the paid parts of Evernote. Thanks for these videos. I love how you really dive into using an application before reviewing it and give a good, honest review.
dottotech (2 months ago)
Just for convenience, Evernote is more contained, but each person needs to make the tools work for them. Good luck on the migration!
Hanapi Hamdan (2 months ago)
Can I use your picture as my desktop pic so that my lecturer think I am as smart as you
Derrik Hubbard, CFP (2 months ago)
If I use both Google Keep and Evernote, doesn't that defeat the purpose of easily finding my notes, since I won't remember which application i stored it in?
dottotech (2 months ago)
It could, I use Keep for instant top of mind stuff, Evernote for long term content. BUT your concern is the exact reason it took me so long to take a deep dive into Keep.
Ryan Kennedy (2 months ago)
Is inbox better than new gmail?
Iram Rolon (2 months ago)
Do you know a way to protect (avoid delete) a note in Keep or maybe a mode to undo a change in a a note.
new traineee (2 months ago)
Google Keep is now my substitute for real life sticky notes. I find Google Keep better. I have stopped buying real-world sticky notes. Thanks, dottotech !!
Gilles Camilleri (2 months ago)
Keep vs evernote vs Notes vs diigo...
Jessey Mercado (3 months ago)
Have you found Evernote to "lose notes" ?
dottotech (2 months ago)
No, never been an issue for me.
Rosa Robichaud (3 months ago)
My hubby is from Montreal and has difficulty with English. We started watching you on TV, a few moons ago and he was able to understand you and we BOTH enjoyed your shows. Needless to say, we were VERY disappointed when you disappeared from our TV channel. Once again, needless to say that we were OVERJOYED when we, accidentally, found you on YouTube and BOTH of us subscribed to your channel... I think this was a month ago, or so. So, we're proud to be part of your 200,000 subscribers. As for THIS Vlog, I find it most interesting as I myself have just started a YouTube channel - Rosa's Quilted Garden - and have worried about negative comments and such. Your insight of this predicament... such as... what each person's level of acceptance or tolerance is... well, made me realize that I am the captain of my own ship and when I get to that bridge... or sailing underneath that bridge, well, I will have to decide what I will accept or not accept. Thanks for giving me food for thought! I've always respected your thoughts and opinions. We may not always agree but, for the most part... we do. :-) Please don't stop doing what you do. Hubby and I both enjoy you and your Vlogs!
Rosa Robichaud (3 months ago)
Ooops... posted under the wrong Vlog. Sorry. Newbie here. *lifting hand in the air*
Fer Martí (3 months ago)
Thanks Steve, very useful !
Kevin Parker (3 months ago)
I bought EverNote and found at work they block the use of it. Google Keep is perfect to keep work and home notes organized. Thanks for the review. - Parker
dottotech (3 months ago)
Frustrating, but glad you can use Keep!
Smash Ogre (3 months ago)
Does anyone out there in the Dottosphere know if Keep has the ability to search within notes, specifically within the mobile device app? When using the browser-based Keep, the built-in search, coupled with the browser's ability to search the contents of a page, does the trick. But it would be super cool if the mobile app could highlight the search result inside the notes that it returns, instead of simply showing you which notes satisfy the search.
superheavymetaldemon (3 months ago)
i use google keep to balance my budget, take notes, and save websites. also i make lists of youtube urls and select all and post them on social media from my smartphone.
superheavymetaldemon (3 months ago)
i use google keep to take notes in vr then beam the info to my phone. or visa versa.
Brian Newberry (3 months ago)
What a great video! Very personable, very engaging. As much as I like your personality - i'm glad you keep a solid focus on the content. I like your balance of humor and useful info. I agree with you about Google Keep, and I came to this video because I wanted something to accompany my Facebook post. Good job!
j73stuart (3 months ago)
I use google keep for all the things its not. I really like being able to make a note and set a reminder easly.
Becky Johnson (3 months ago)
Hi Steve, I just found your channel. Question. I use Notes on my iPhone. I find it frustrating when I find that my fingers have accidentally erased my notes and if there is a way to undo this, I don’t know how. Do you think Google Keep would also have this issue?
dottotech (3 months ago)
I suspect so
Moezzam Alvi (3 months ago)
Thank you. Never used this app, but your video encouraged me to try it.
ik kh (3 months ago)
thanks very well presented but i didnt get the dictionary part on google keep on android
Jasdeep Singh (3 months ago)
it's a little short of becoming d greatest app - Must haves- 1. Ability to add word, pdf, ppt docs directly to notes. And to be able to search words within them. 2. S-Pen writing features could be enhanced. 3. List view could be added which displays only the note titles. 4. The ability to take notes offline for use in case of limited / no cellular connectivity would be a great feature. 5. Ability to crop / edit photos. 6. Crop photos within note. 7.Add Templates for tables to be filled with hand writing / s-pen / stylus. 8. Auto detect and correct and manual drawing of Geometrical shapes like triangle, square and circle etc could be added in the hand writing pad.
THE PIT Online Dojo (3 months ago)
I use Google Keep, Evernote, and Todoist
THE PIT Online Dojo (3 months ago)
I love your videos... thanks
Prathamesh Pawar (3 months ago)
Iram Rolon (3 months ago)
Thank you again for your video. This one was very instructive for me.
Mr Tyco (3 months ago)
Hi Steve just a little note. First off Thank You for what you do for all of us. Quick note Google Keep can read OCR on the web browser. Open Notes click on drop-down/ click on grab image text. Presto reads text.
dottotech (3 months ago)
Love that feature!
Johnny Gee Jr (4 months ago)
As usual thanks , great info
Aditi Kapoor (4 months ago)
thanks, explained very well.
Shlomo Avdiel (4 months ago)
Using Vivaldi browser (a chromium fork) with Keep extension. Extension requires sign in to use, but does not sign in. Bad. Makes it hard to put video url in Keep. Hope that google is not through yet.
Tom Hayford (4 months ago)
Thank you for an good introduction to Google Keep
Stephen SE9 (4 months ago)
Steve, I made a discovery today in Google Keep and wanted to share it with you. I was creating Tick Boxes (as you would for a shopping list) and I accidentally moved a Tick Box horizontally, thus creating a child-tick box under a normal (parent) one. I can already see the benefits when two or more tasks have to be done simultaneously.
HUE PLATFORM (4 months ago)
When are you going to review NOTABILITY? I like better than evernote.
Bob Gaudio (4 months ago)
Steve of DottoTech does a GREAT job! hanks Steve/
Rood67 (4 months ago)
I know nothing is safe or sacred any more; even less so with entities like Apple, Micro$oft, and Google in the mix. However... Going to add the extension to Chrome; it struck me as odd that they felt the need to tell me, "it can: read *and change* all your data on the websites you visit" I'm fine with the saving the URL to a note; but I don't want changing the data I put into a website.
Glenn (4 months ago)
Nice video
Nico Veenkamp (5 months ago)
Sorry, Steve, so far I have seen nothing that would move me from Evernote to Google Keep. Although I am heavy invested in the Googleverse, Evernote is still my goto app for all digital memory functions. Question: how does the search function of Google Keep compare with Evernote?
Nico Veenkamp (4 months ago)
No worries Steve, I understood your intention of this video. It kept me informed of the current status of Google Keep, so thank you for that. So Google Keep search also understand Boolean (like google search) and searching using time and date and with labels? Oh, and can you save search queries that you use often, like with Evernote. This is a must have for me.
dottotech (4 months ago)
Google Keep search is very good, it does parse text out of images as well. (Google is ALL about search!) I don't expect anyone who is really invested in Evernote to switch, that was never the intention of this video, only to inform!
Michele Wetzel Hillman (5 months ago)
Nicely presented thank you. I use a combination of Apple Notes and Wunderlist. I will be giving Google Keep a go to see if I can condense my note taking and list making skills to one app. ONE NOTE TAKING APP TO RULE THEM ALL........
Amir De (5 months ago)
Great video, Can you do a review of "ek note - notes in notification" android app.
anuja churi (5 months ago)
HI Thank you so much for this video... Hereonwards I'll start using Google Keep; however I already have loads of material on StickyNotes, Evernote and others...Could you please temme how do I save those notes on Google Drive, pair those here or transfer the material?..... Please... :)
Mark Foreman (5 months ago)
Dose it use update
Abhay Nanal (5 months ago)
Another great video, Steve. But you missed one point, here. You forgot Google Docs and how it compliments and compensates for Google Keep.
Jerry Holder (5 months ago)
I use Evernote as a file manager. Scanning documents or drag and drop attachments from email, it's ability to OCR these files makes it impossible NOT to find what you want. I can't imagine my work without Evernote Premium. I like Google Keep for shopping lists, but I will probably start doing that with Todoist so I can eliminate Google Keep.
Ibnu Maulana (5 months ago)
very helpful and easy to use
Greg Sumner (5 months ago)
A nice part of google keep is that you publish with it by blending the notes into a google doc. There are great little features to do this. Nice little video showing it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59A8PFj-boU
Kulvinder Jabble (5 months ago)
Where does my Google Keep sync to? Can't see it in my Google drive!!!
שלומי ברוך (5 months ago)
hi, bro, I am using firefox and I want to clip a video like you did in the movie but not working
haututumaori (5 months ago)
great video thanks Steve :-)
Eric Orton (5 months ago)
This looks like a mess of notes. How do you organize them all are there folders etc.?
dottotech (5 months ago)
No folders, use tags and colours
Naser Abedi (5 months ago)
Very useful video
Sandra Pool (5 months ago)
I do think if Google is clever (which I'm 100% sure they are) they will improve Keep to be as robust as Evernote one day ... that is just what Google does well.
Sandra Pool (5 months ago)
I've been using Evernote for >6 years now and I must admit I love it ... but like many other people I just can't justify the price tag anymore ... but I'll defintely be sad to let it go completey ... A couple of years back I dabbled in Google Keep and found it ok but not marvelous in any way so I wasn't really using it that much ... but I must admit after seeing this video I have some renewed energy now to try it again and hopefully I will be able to use it instaed of Evernote to save some money... will need to find a way to export Evernote data to Keep though ..... I do have a question though if you don't mind ... are you supposed to be able to send photos from your iPhone to Google Keep? I tried this, but it doesnt seem to do anything ... I opened the photo in my camera roll and then I clicked on the "send to" up arrow in the bottom left corner ... then I chose Google Keep and press Post in the small popup window that appeared. The popup goes away but after many hours I still do not see my photo in Google Keep ... don't know what I'm missing here ... anyway.... Thanks for AMAZING videos Steve ... I love watching your stuff and enjoy your personality a lot :-)
Sandra Pool (5 months ago)
dottotech thanks!! I'll go try that
dottotech (5 months ago)
Doesn't work for me either, check on the google product forum, that is where I get a lot of answers. https://productforums.google.com/forum/
Zihan Nan (5 months ago)
How interesting, there was another YouTube video next to yours, featuring a stone-carved man, and his face looks like yours. https://youtu.be/ysaQqejTWeM. See esp. the 7:32 min. part. No offence meant, please.😎
Pauline Mundt (5 months ago)
I haven't used Keep yet, but I will now. Thank you. Awhile back I had to choose between Evernote and OneNote. I chose OneNote and I love, love, love, it.
Dave Martel (5 months ago)
Great video. Thanks. I've been trying to use it along with the Chrome extension. I'm having trouble with the extension. I go to a page like this video, when I click the extension it brings this page up and saves it. Great. But when I go to another video, the original page still shows when I click the extension. Is there something I have to to do "clear" the last one? Thanks in advance if you can answer this.
Dave Martel (5 months ago)
Thank you for the quick response. I will do that. Also, I've enjoyed many of your videos. You are an excellent presenter.
dottotech (5 months ago)
Sounds like a bug, I would ask here to se if anyone else is experiencing it. https://productforums.google.com/forum/
Paul and Narelle (5 months ago)
Hi Steve love your channel just subscribed. For someone that has used Google Keep from it's birth I find it very useful. It's like Post It notes but on steroids. I also use One Note and did use Evernote in the early days. I use Google Keep as a quick note taking up which I then use to feed and develop larger more detailed notes in One Note. Looking forward to checking out some of you other videos. Cheers Paul from downunder in Aus.
dottotech (5 months ago)
Welcome aboard!

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