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Hank Parker - How to Spool a Spinning Reel

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Berkley Pro and TV Host Hank Parker explains "How to" spool a spinning reel.
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Jeff Richards (2 months ago)
Shitty video
Alex Lopez (6 months ago)
Why is this shit so difficult.... I can't get it to spool...
Berkley Fishing (5 months ago)
Hey, Alex. If you're having issues, our Consumer Services team would be happy to help you at (800) 237-5539.
Phillip Rueve (1 year ago)
This video was very educational. Thank you! Now I'm going to line my reel I just got 😃 By the way I also subscribed!!
YAKMAN ONT (1 year ago)
Dewey Cash (1 year ago)
I checked out your channel and subbed. Please check out my channel and sub back. Thanks
Berkley Fishing (1 year ago)
Thanks for subscribing!
TriodeLuvr (1 year ago)
It's impossible to tell which direction the line is coming off the bobbin. That's probably the most important thing to get right.
MrCoffeekelly (1 year ago)
it's too bad line manufacturers have decided to put a notch in the spools making this type of spooling impossible.
MrCoffeekelly (1 year ago)
Will Wailes hahahaha nice try retard, we all know I was talking about the spool of line. Let's hear your reasoning for putting your own groove in the spool, I'm intrigued. And the app I'm using on my phone doesn't even give me an option to like a comment, so nice try on that one too. If you are actually capable of catching a fish, which I doubt, and your piece of shit Berkley vanish snaps on a hookset... please remember me. Seriously though dude, in all honesty that line is GARBAGE! Do yourself a favor and throw that shit away now. If you don't believe me google worst fishing line.
MrCoffeekelly (1 year ago)
Will Wailes hahahaha that's the dumbest thing I've ever read. And why in the fuck would you want to put a groove in your spool? good luck with your new reel and that vanish! Hahaha
MrCoffeekelly (1 year ago)
what the hell are you talking about? Many line manufacturers including Berkley have started making most of thier spools with a cutout so you can't spool a spinning reel without the line catching it. It doesn't make sense, it doesn't serve any purpose but to cause problems when you're trying to spool a spinning reel. Hahaha and good luck with that vanish! WORST line out there!
Noah Hurley-Abelew (2 years ago)
Thanks. I started watching a 9 minute video of some young kid and he started off by telling a story. Then to come here and hear the acccent / Berkley connection. I'll check out more of your videos! I see WAY too many longer videos out there on how to spool. Glad to know the way I did it by guessing was correct. lol
Bob G. (2 years ago)
Hank is a Good OL Boy all across the board ,there's no question.......!
petervdveenmuis (2 years ago)
This is the right way to do it.
woosa42 (3 years ago)
Wow he has aged a little.
Lam Mar (2 years ago)
home video, no makeup
Chris Hughes (3 years ago)
Jeff Campbell (3 years ago)
Simple overhand knot is one of the worst ways to attach a line to the spool. Breaks at about 50% bs of the line. I like the uniknot or grinners AKA hangmans knot which is one of the fastest, strongest knots around and with a wrap around the spool first works even better.
Brent Saylor (3 months ago)
If you don't know a knot, tie it a lot.
Jeff Campbell (2 years ago)
The profile keeps the wife happy, she be paranoid about 'too much information on the internet', plus it slows the trolls down from stalking my 'real profile'. I don't endorse 'I know you are, but what am I?" Too middle school boy for an old bugger like me. Here's one you may like, "Everyone likes a bit of arse, but no one likes a smartarse!" As for the knots, do your own research rather than sheepishly following a "Pro".
Noah Hurley-Abelew (2 years ago)
'FYI it's stupid to curse at yourself like that', lol. Though, I definitely would side with a Berkley 'pro' over a fake Zaru profile. I was about to say I might start using it, but it's not much better than 'I know you are, but what am I?'
Jeff Campbell (2 years ago)
+Punt66 You finally got it. Takes a while for rednecks to cotton on. Some things never change. Freshwater fisherman Hank the Wank may float your boat but doesn't impress me with his overhead knot BS. FYI it's stupid to curse at yourself like that, but there's no fixing stupid. Go take a punt, LOL
Punt66 (2 years ago)
Well, and there it is ;)  You are a fish God and are better then Hank Parker. Fucking idiots. lol
Chris L. Robinson (5 years ago)
Go to ShakespeareFishingUS channel. They show it. Just watched it.
B Bergdale (5 years ago)
I don't understand why no one shows HOW TO TIE THE KNOT TO THE SPOOL! That is what i'm struggling with...

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