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Building an Online Course

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Thinkific is an absolute gem of a tool for those looking to create online courses or educational materials. Whether an absolute beginner or novice with hosting online courses you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of use yet robust features Thinkific has to offer for an online course software system. After moving our courses to the Thinkific platform we are a proud affiliate of Thinkfic and highly recommend you take a free look at the platform. More on Thinkific (affiliate link) http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?B=775702&U=876736&M=61624&urllink= More about Dotto Tech Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dottotech Check out Steve's excellent online free workshops: Learn to create videos just like Steve Screencasting Secrets - How to create awesome screencasts like Steve http://www.dottotech.com/screencastin... Do you want to learn more about EVERNOTE? Solving the Evernote Puzzle http://www.dottotech.com/sep-fb-july-... About Steve Steve Dotto is a longtime host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, Canada's longest-running nationally syndicated technology TV show. After 15 years on television, Steve now delivers his advice and how-to videos on YouTube. Every week we produce new videos which show how technology fits in your life covering all aspects of technology from a personal use perspective. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, iPhone, apps, Gmail, Google drive, iPad tables all get covered. If you have suggestions for videos you would like to see, drop us a note at www.dottotech.com Book Steve to speak at your event, he is an outstanding keynote speaker. For more info: http://dottotech.com/content/speaking For more from Steve www.dottotech.com on Twitter @dottotech
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Text Comments (120)
Steve, wonderful video and amazing teaching skills. I have already suscribed to your channel. I'm sure I have a lot to learn from you! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! You convinced me on giving a try to thinkific! Regards, Juan
TeachAvenue (17 days ago)
Hi very informative. Thanks for the insights. Create online course at TeachAvenue
Tahar Alloui (2 months ago)
Great overview of Thinkfic. Got me very much interested in their solution. I have one question though: is it possible to build interactive courses in Thinkfic (flash content built in captivate or storyline)? Thank you
VO TECH GURU (6 months ago)
The best how to for thinkific I’ve found. Thanks!
MrPISTOLERO59 (7 months ago)
Thank you for the info. It is appreciated. Does Thinkific have a way for users to make their own videos using Thinkific's tech/
dottotech (7 months ago)
Not directly, but you can host video in the platform
Håkan Näslund (8 months ago)
How do you se the difference with teachable
CapitanPR (11 months ago)
Do you get access to your students emails???
dottotech (11 months ago)
VO TECH GURU (11 months ago)
atm2042 (1 year ago)
As a customer, how can i explore thinkific courses available?
dottotech (1 year ago)
Each publisher has their own courses, but Thinkific's home page may have a lisung....not sure, here are our courses however https://dottotechu.thinkific.com/
David Allan (1 year ago)
Steve, thanks for a great presentation. I'm planning to get on board with Thinkific, and wanted to find out how you created this video with the screenshots in the background. Did you use a green screen? I have nice capabilities as a videographer, and looking to create a similar video format....
dottotech (1 year ago)
Yes I do, I have a training on how I do it. http://dottotechu.thinkific.com/courses/publishing-online-video-in-less-time-than-a-blog
Nextstory Basketball (1 year ago)
In your opinion do you think a course on teaching shooting and ballhandling workouts for basketball could be profitable?
dottotech (1 year ago)
+Nextstory Basketball I don’t see why not. It would depend on the quality and marketing.
Sommy Logic (1 year ago)
Anyone debating between thinkific or kajabi? Which did you decide to go with ? Would love ur feedback. Stuck between the two and not sure which to go for due to reviews being affiliate links . TIA !!
dottotech (1 year ago)
I am a thinkific guy, Kajabi is a whole ecosystem, where as Thinkific fits with the rest of my tools.
Hi Dan, can you tell me anything about Thinkific's White Labeling? I was told to make sure it's "true white labeling", and not just removing their name from the footer. Any thoughts?
Luke Kwon Golf (1 year ago)
Thinking about taking my online course here. Any idea on having something on your program that disables people from screen recording? I dont want people to recreate my online course videos
dottotech (1 year ago)
I never worry about it Luke, concentrate on building your audience and creating content, spending too much effort setting up gates just takes away your time and resources and can cause problems in delivery to legitimate followers.
G THOMAS Duffy (1 year ago)
Love your presentation and would love to learn more from you please send me links to your online programs.
Antonio Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Juber Patharvat (1 year ago)
C C (1 year ago)
So it costs 4 or 5 grand?
Mimmy Loftin (1 year ago)
Good overview. I am signed up to learn how to market and create online classes..and Your explanation has been the first one I ca n actually comprehend. Thank YOU. We are supposed to sign up with Ruzuku but I cant see what the ......it is!! It this co. still in business?
Mike Husson (1 year ago)
Thinkific is great great!! Thanks Steve!
Mike Abendroth Perez (1 year ago)
Thanks for the content, kind sir. I've watched several of your videos in a row and you're helping me feel much more confident about a course I've been thinking about putting together.
dottotech (1 year ago)
Great to hear that! Good luck!
Organic SOL Music (1 year ago)
Awesome!! Thank you. After alot of research, Thinkific was the winner!!
Sommy Logic (1 year ago)
Organic SOL Music how do u like thinkific?
Thanks for the walkthrough of the site. I am just now getting started with course creation, this info is very helpful.
I have two quick questions..... Question # 1: What software did you use for this video? Camtasia or Screenflow? Question # 2: How did you get that Thinific background (the 4:01 mark of this video)
Ben Medina (1 year ago)
Looks awesome Steve! Just clicked your affiliate link. I'm excited to try making online courses.
Where can I take your Screenflow course? Is it still available?
eleize ferreira (1 year ago)
Hi, there, first of all thank you. You are just amazing, sharing all this knowlwdge all around! I have a question: Can I use it from Brazil?
Kajabi vs Thinkific?
Heller Consult (1 year ago)
jessica james b
jessica james (1 year ago)
UK Hypnosis Academy what's the price difference?
RiverbyNight (2 years ago)
Thank you! Very helpful video. I'm looking at thinkific right now and glad I happened on your highlights of the site.
Jeralo (2 years ago)
Thanks, Steve. Just what I needed.
Edie Brown (2 years ago)
Thanks for explaining Thinkific so thoroughly. It's exactly what I need. I came upon this video when I just decided to create an education related course for my tribe. I'm on my way to Thinkific to get my hands on this wonderful tool.
Gary Sanchez (2 years ago)
Anybody compared Thinkific to Kajabi? I've narrowed it down to those two. Tough to tell which is really better when there is an affiliate link.
Kati Stage (2 years ago)
Thanks Steve. This was very helpful :)
Juber Patharvat (1 year ago)
Kati Stage nice
Ralph DiZazzo (2 years ago)
Hi, I am in the process of making my course videos and all the meterial needed for the course and I did choose Thinkific as my learning platform after researching everything in the LMS world. Can you tell me what would be the best way to integrate my main WordPress website with my Thinkific site. Do you think that having my Thinkfic site on my website is a good idea or will it be o.k. to leave it as it is meaning "mysite.thinkific.com"
Resja Hunter (2 years ago)
Do I have to have a Word Press website first so I can create my online course?
Michele Engel (1 year ago)
I found you through Sigrun. Like such kind of giving information. Very understandable. But I miss the comparison to teachable. Did you look into this one? Can one in thinkific translate the commands into any language one wants?
dottotech (2 years ago)
I am not sure about Teachable, But you can change to the language of your choice easily in Thinkific. https://www.thinkific.com/features/
DwaynesGuitarLessons (2 years ago)
Great Video!!! Thank you very much for the info. Really helped me out. Great presentation!!
dottotech (2 years ago)
Than you!
Daniella D (2 years ago)
Do you know if you can teach from a textbook when teaching an online course?
dottotech (2 years ago)
Not sure what you mean, are you talking about copyright?
Luis Alberto Bernardó (2 years ago)
Steve, I'm a huge fan of yours from Mexico. I want to start developing online courses. Do you know if there's a minimum price I need to set for any of my courses? Thinkific says they'll charge me 5% for every course, but is there a minimum amount they will charge me if I decided to sell all my courses at $0.10, IE ?
dottotech (2 years ago)
I don't think there is a minimum, but they have a terrific help section just drop them a note and ask
Michael lynn (2 years ago)
I wonder, Do you think this software would work to teach English online. In particular, to students from different parts of the world?--- Does this have a "live" option so I can talk to students in real time.
dottotech (2 years ago)
No live option, but you can use it in conjunction with conferencing tools like Zoom, or appear.im I think it would work well for all your prerecorded lessons.
SHORIFA ISLAM (2 years ago)
Can we get it form the beginning please ! this is awesome .
onerudyburgerwebdez (2 years ago)
he said he wants more awesomeness. :)
dottotech (2 years ago)
Sorry, I don't understand what you are asking for,
A Man (2 years ago)
Good video but you took far too long getting into the actual content. I almost clicked a different video just to get the infomation i wanted
dottotech (2 years ago)
Fair enough, I do sometimes take my time setting the stage.
Ogi Kovacevic (2 years ago)
Hi Steve, would you mind sharing what editing platform you are using to create a cropped webcam cut-out of your self in this video? Is there any way to do this without an actual green screen? Thanks
dottotech (2 years ago)
You need a greenscreen. I have webinar on how I make my videos, here is a link. http://members.dottotech.com/?page_id=3614
Steinbeck Family (2 years ago)
Awesome overview, Steve. Thank you
Tarek Demiati (2 years ago)
How the Thinkific e-commerce back end is compared to Shopify ? Don't you think Shopify (for the e-commerce/payment) + Thinkific (for creating and delivering the course) + InfusionSoft for the CRM would make a great combo ? any insights on this to share ?
dottotech (2 years ago)
I will have to look int it, I am not a big user of Pinterest
dottotech (2 years ago)
I hear the same thing about Infusionsoft. I don't think it is all that tough, it does complex things, and there is no way to make all those things easy. Having said that it is such an important part of my business, I just committed to learning it. I now have a part time Infusionsoft specialist working for me Integration with Thinkific was a piece of cake.
Tarek Demiati (2 years ago)
Steve : I've found an interesting use case for Shopify, I've realized that you've got a Pinterest channel and Shopify allow you to add a Buy button there, that's an interesting use case for Shopify, but I think the killer feature is the UI / UX experience for the shopper.
Tarek Demiati (2 years ago)
+Get in the Lab : FYI : I've found my answer about InfusionSoft and Thinkific here! :) Thank you Steve! you rock!
Tarek Demiati (2 years ago)
Question : what was the learning curve for learning InfusionSoft and Thinkific and make them all tick all together, I often read that InfusionSoft is a complex piece of software and is a tough beast to master
Tarek Demiati (2 years ago)
Have you been successfull at integrating Infusionsoft and Thinkific ?
Tarek Demiati (2 years ago)
I just checked your web site, seems like you use Infusionsoft E-commerce feature too.
Tarek Demiati (2 years ago)
What about Shopify ?Is it more robust on the back end as far as e-commerce is concerned ? what about analytics ?
dottotech (2 years ago)
Yep we have great integration going both ways, no complaints at all!
Jamie Broderick (2 years ago)
I just started using Thinkific last week. I'm thrilled so far! Thanks for another great video Steve.
dottotech (2 years ago)
I am glad you like them! I think they are onto something!
Career Codex Limited (2 years ago)
Hi Steve, a really useful video - thank you. Could you expand on the Infusionsoft integration please? Do you just use this to bring over contact details or can you assign tags etc? In terms of taking payments, can it be linked with Infusionsoft Payments please? Thanks for your help and keep up the great work. Best wishes, Simon
Career Codex Limited (2 years ago)
Thanks Steve :-).
dottotech (2 years ago)
We take payments in IS, they use HTPOST to enrol the student. Integration with IS great if you are enrolling them from the Thinkific side, assigning tags etc. I would say solid integration and getting better.
Frank Rovers (2 years ago)
Your link to the "Learn to create videos just like Steve Screencasting Secrets - How to create awesome screencasts like Steve" is missing the last "g"
Paul Shughart (2 years ago)
Hi Steve, this was awesome! This seems what I have been looking for to use as a 'help desk' or 'how to' for the school I help with technology for their students. I will have to look at this more in depth and view this video several times to help it sink in my limited 'coconut'. Thanks!
dottotech (2 years ago)
I am glad you like it, I am using it for all my courses, and am very happy so faR!
Holobrine (2 years ago)
Wait...this is a screencast teaching how to use a program that you use to teach how to screencast. All this meta hurts my brain. Ouch.
Gary Keenan (2 years ago)
Steve hi. I've got the beta for the new Evernote/Google drive integration. So far I'm loving it. But currently you can only import from Google Drive. Have you found any easy way of exporting evernote notes to Google drive either as pdfs or word documents?
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Gary Keenan You should be able to export the notes anywhere
shoaib (2 years ago)
I wanna open a PDF in Adobe reader but telegram app not give any option to do so . Please give me how can I do that
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Ahmed Ahmed What is the telegram app?
muazzam mullah (2 years ago)
hi dotto,is there a possibility you could make a demo of stock/Inventory apps for Android,and possibly include my inventory app in.thanks ,pleez do contact me if you would like to .
dottotech (2 years ago)
+muazzam mullah Not sure I can do justice to a retail app of that sort, not my area of expertise
Chris Wakeford (2 years ago)
I would always ensure you get a clip on sign on to any course...you recommend.I trust you 100%. You work is way beyond the best I have seen. Total appreciation. Its that Time
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Chris Wakeford Thanks so much Chris! I appreciate that!
EXELA Limited (2 years ago)
Perfect timing! We are comparing Thinkific and Udemy. Ability for multiple coaches to work with their own cohort of students will be important.
dottotech (2 years ago)
+EXELA Limited let me know what you decide.
Ethan Jerry Mings (2 years ago)
Fantastic. This was a great video and I like the idea the software supports a integrated approach to using tools for a learning experience. Thanks!!!!
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Ethan Jerry Mings I am glad you found it valuable,Thinkific is one of those unique tools that is both simple and very powerful at the same time
Peter Creed (2 years ago)
Thanks for a very useful video about thinkific Steve. I've been building all my training within my own website and didn't know tools like this existed. Most of my content delivery is to my own sales team but your video has got me thinking about monetizing external courses as well. Many Thanks!
Stephen Catton (2 years ago)
Very interesting.... There are so many online course delivery systems available. Have you looked at Moodle? It is opensource VLE that has been around for more than 10 years and has a huge support network. It may not be as easy as Thinkific but it offers much more. you can set up a free instance here https://moodle.com/cloud/ . I dont have anything to do with the organisation but have used it a lot and there is not much it can't do
Stephen Catton (2 years ago)
+Fabio Queiroz That is one approach. If you have Moodle 3.1 or have added the submission plugin you could use the online assignment tool that supports in-line comments.
Fabio Queiroz (2 years ago)
Maybe I'll simply have to use the Essay feature and correct the dictations manually.
Stephen Catton (2 years ago)
+Fabio Queiroz Sadly not off my head. I suppose you could use the Turnitin (plagiarism checker where getting 100% copied is a good thing) assignment submission type
Fabio Queiroz (2 years ago)
Hi Stephen Catton! Do you know if moodle has a way for me to have a dictation test in an exam? For example: the person listens to the dictation, writes the text, and moodle checks and counts how many words are wrong in the text and grade it. Is it possible?
DHTV (2 years ago)
This is exactly what I need but a bit to pricey for my budget:s
Jarrett Holmes (1 year ago)
Start with the Free version and scale up as you make sales
Greg Smith (2 years ago)
Not sure why the affiliate link isn't working but you can use this one and it will track back to Steve - https://www.thinkific.com/?sa=dotto
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Greg Smith Thanks Greg, I have updated the links.
LPMyGate (2 years ago)
Your affiliate link is unfortunately not working.
LPMyGate (2 years ago)
Why not provide this on in the first place? :D
Greg Smith (2 years ago)
+LPMyGate you can use this one and it will track back to Steve - https://www.thinkific.com/?sa=dotto
MAAA Kickboxing (2 years ago)
Your awesome Mr. Dotto! :)
Amazing Grace (2 years ago)
Wow awesome I've been looking for something like this!
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Adrienne Dumas Let me know what you think of it!
Catherine Novak (2 years ago)
Sitting in the audience while Steve readied this video for uploading to YouTube. One of the most educational experiences I have had learning about YouTube!
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Catherine Novak Thanks so much Catherine! It was a fun day and a great group!
Dennis Marriott (2 years ago)
Steve, thanks for publishing this live during SMC2016!

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