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Introducing New Berkley NanoFil - The Next Generation in Fishing Line

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2011 ICAST BEST NEW LINE & BEST OF SHOW AWARDS Not a Mono. Not a Braid. The Next Generation of Fishing line is made out of gel-spun polyethylene, much like a superline. This ultimate spinning reel fishing line consists of hundreds of Dyneema® nanofilaments that are molecularly linked and shaped into a Uni-Filament fishing line. Dyneema, The World's Strongest Fiber™, gives this line superline type strength and our Unified Filament Technology makes it feel and handle like a smooth and supple monofilament NanoFil is Berkley's longest casting and thinnest line yet! Anglers will experience exceptional casting distance, accuracy and superb sensitivity allowing them to go lighter than ever before. Look for NanoFil at your local retailer or visit http://www.berkley-fishing.com/products/line/uni-filament/nanofil to order.
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Text Comments (125)
Fishing Waldesea (1 month ago)
Phillip van tonder (4 months ago)
not good in saltwater after about 3 times used in saltwater it quickly breaks.
Fon Jet (8 months ago)
Just used this in 6lb Its like wire and has heaps of memory..cast really well but ...few cast it looped of the spool when I opened bail arm to cast and i didn’t notice and got caught on bail arm roller ...friggin annoying!!! Happened more times in hour with this suff then 20 years of fishing with braids and monos!
Fon Jet (8 months ago)
Berkley Fishing ...Its all good mate I got it cheaply on sale here in Australia. I’ll just use it for bait fishing 🎣
Berkley Fishing (8 months ago)
We're sorry to hear about the difficulty you've had with our line. Reach out to our consumer services team at [email protected] or (800) 237-5539 so they can look into this for you.
The NifftyBiscut (1 year ago)
Why we're fishing commercials back on the day so cringy and bad
baldieman64 (2 years ago)
Casts brilliantly. Little lures fly further than you would have ever believed possible. Unfortunately, no matter which knots you use, this line is also incredibly unreliable and breaks for no apparent reason. After leaving hooks in more fish than I care to think about, I got this crap off my reels and went back to Fireline after a couple of weeks..
Marius Bartolome (2 years ago)
it is abrasion resistance
ThisGuy (2 years ago)
Or you can buy braided fishing line that's twice as strong in the same thickness...
omer kishanov (2 years ago)
Line sucks....breaks every time! Trilen xt all the way!
beethaovin1 (2 years ago)
I fish with this line and I must say, it was very impressive until I keep loosing the big ones. The line keeps breaking and always gets tangle up. not worth the money. ( its white and it floats) my reel is just setting in the garage. It might be a good fly tying thread.
Anime4 Mii (2 years ago)
well berkley I gonna go to cabelas and try to find this nanofil line lets see what so special of these?
gaming fru (2 years ago)
beading thread necklace
Whyrureadingthis (2 years ago)
How is that strong?? It says on the package that it holds 12pounds?? Thats nothing
The Rumor Rat (2 years ago)
It says in the video that the twelve pound line is as thin as regular 3lb mono. If they made this line as thick as regular 12lb mono it would hold 48lbs
Ethan Young (2 years ago)
Excuse me, but I'm wanting to know what are the statistics of your spinning rod?
Ethan Young (2 years ago)
Is this the same as the berkley trilene super strong xl smooth casting line I love this brand I buy their products and I'm interested in trying the new nanofill line for the atomic teasers.
gaming fru (2 years ago)
beading thread
B. Real (2 years ago)
This line does not compare to POWER PRO MAXCUATRO.
KFS 486 (2 years ago)
How are you suppose to spool the nanofil line? Are you suppose to use backing or does it go on like normal monofilament?
bill kendrick (2 years ago)
hello guys. got my order of nanofil line today at Walmart site to store could not find it on shelf at stores near me. on back of box it reads "this ultra thin diameter line may dig into baitcast reels during aggressive hook sets". how many times have you caught a bass or large fish without setting the hook? this means the line digs into the spool and when you get ready to cast again you have to pull all the line back off reel to undig it.  just wanted you to know before you buy it for baitcaster.
B. Real (2 years ago)
+bill kendrick Sounds like a pain in the ass.
STEVEN Lee (3 years ago)
These line are the worst line I ever bought 39.99 and the only thing good about is the cast I bought 12lbs line and the first bite my line snapped as soon as I hook the fish I lost about 30 $ on lure then switch to eagle claw 10lbs for 2.99 as still caught 10 lb as stripper
TaylorJ (3 years ago)
If uni means one, and so does mono, Isn't unifilament the same thing as monofilament?
Catfish Hunters (3 years ago)
You never told us anything about it being abrasion resistant and thats probably because its not abrasion resitant
tyler miller (3 years ago)
Used this for two weeks fishing for trevally and learned fast knots don't stay for shit. Lost three big fish to knots slipping even a slip on a fg knot and a double palomar
tyler miller (2 years ago)
Both and neither worked
Jeff Deal (2 years ago)
were you lubricating your knots with spit or water when you were cinching them up?
lkjyuiop (3 years ago)
And my reel is Shimano stradic 3000FA. I like to catch sun fish
lkjyuiop (3 years ago)
I got a ST.CROIX LEGEND XTREME med power extra fast action 6'10 I just got it.
lkjyuiop (3 years ago)
I even got a 400 buck rod And 250 buck reel Blaaa. Iowa fishing sucks I cat fish most
lkjyuiop (3 years ago)
I bought this line I'm not that happy with it. It's to white. I think fish can see it I can't catch a bass I try.
Turbogeek 21 (3 years ago)
Whoa :O
omer kishanov (3 years ago)
How does this compare   to iron silk  in castability and abrasive resistance?Also as a spincast guy can it perform well on spincast reels?I have had great luck with iron silk.
Berkley Fishing (3 years ago)
+omer kishanov An apple and an orange…NanoFil is a non-stretch, super-fiber (Dyneema) line. IronSilk is a high-tech nylon co-polymer monofilament line. NanoFil casts farther (by far) and is much more sensitive. IronSilk is substantially more abrasion resistant and has controlled stretch for greater shock strength. IronSilk would be the better choice for a closed-face spin cast reel as its larger diameter will work better on the pick-up pins. Now, if it is an open-faced spinning reel with a bail, both are good lines for those reels.
TomTCincyO (3 years ago)
I sure wish they would make a 4# Hi Vis Nano fill for casting jigs for crappie,went to the local BPS I ended up buying Berkleys Firewire for My Crappie rig and Nano fill for a Bass pole
siwatha meas (3 years ago)
Does the line disappear in the water...with white color?
Fon Jet (9 months ago)
siwatha meas Does the one like mean ..it does ?
dakotalayinlow (4 years ago)
just scooped a 300 yard of 4lb for my spybaiting needs.  looking forward to trying it out!
Charles Liban Jr (4 years ago)
what reel is that on the video?
tech019 (5 years ago)
I used this line on a Zebco Omega. I used the 8lb Nanofil. It performed great but dug in causing horrible problems after I caught fish or put the rod up for the day. Always had to walk it out before it would cast right. When it worked it worked excellent. Casted extremely far and I brought in a 30in musky on it with no problems. Any advice on how to stop it from digging in? Love the line....
Aron Borkenau (5 years ago)
Americans are dumb even in ads
lukáš šišmiš (5 years ago)
Is it good for pike fishing?
Troutfishernz (5 years ago)
whats the visibility of this nanofil like??
Paulpro PP (5 years ago)
Please send me more Nanofill so I can catch more Peacock bass with your amazing Nanofil fishing line,and make more videos with them Peacocks and Carp..PM me can't wait! Hurry there's a 6lb Peacock bass sitting on a bed I can't wait to catch with your line :P The 6lb is really amazing love it! check out my "Nanofil Peacock bass" video
Paulpro PP (5 years ago)
floats just like all super lines
Paulpro PP (5 years ago)
Haha! they made this line for spinning reels not Baitcasters
Kees Rose (5 years ago)
save you time and money boo crap line
Bneo Guy (5 years ago)
I love this fishing line. Catched 4kg fish with 17lb nanofil. Awesome!
calder Martin (5 years ago)
that stuff is 35$
diceman199 (6 years ago)
Superglue contains a solvent so, depending what the line is actually made from, it might weaken it. If it doesn't affect the actual material of the line then it should stabilise the knot and hold better. Would need to test the effect on breaking strain. Two pieces of line. dab the middle of one (not the knot) with super glue and hang a test weight on each. build up till they snap. That'll tell you if the line itself is affected.
Can i used this line to the salt water?
poppypoopapie (6 years ago)
Is it invisible in water??
Hunter Cole (6 years ago)
hey, if this has too small a diameter for baitcasters, why not make it like 50 lb. and the diameter still small but large enough for a baitcaster?
Abdiel Cheng (6 years ago)
"salmon is the fish of 1000 casts". I casted this line with lures 100's of times from shore. unfortunately I have lost over a dozen lures. I thought losing my lures is my fault. I have used the nanofil knot/ any knot in hopes that would end the losing of my expensive lures, but to no avail. As of most recent I lost my lucky craft lure only after 2 days of use with a 10lb nanofil line, that I was hoping would not break off but it did! I am very disappointed with this product.
Leigh Maitland (6 years ago)
Can anyone tell me what the 0.10 and lower diameters would act as a pole line/hooklength ? And how it ties on a spade end small hook ? Thanks :-)
frankenstrat25 (6 years ago)
@cjHalk i would put backing on it if it will dig into your spool..
Dustin Gallardo (7 years ago)
this is the best line i ever used hands down
FishinTheVille (7 years ago)
id love to be able to test it out, and write a review on fishin.com. anybody wanna try to help hook me up with some? looks like a GREAT line, great job berkley! saw this for the first time on North American Fishing Club!
Nate Hartey (7 years ago)
I had my doubts about this line but I got the 6lb test yesterday I got snagged and I couldn't break the stuff! And I caught some good size smallies so I don't think the fish see it very well
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@cjHalk In the end it is up to you. The line is optimized for spinning gear. I would be interested in hearing how it performs for you on baitcaster.
SeñorChubbs (7 years ago)
@berkleyfishing08 so you wouldn't recommend it?
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@cjHalk if you set the hook hard, it could dig into the rest of the spool. Even at 12lb, that is the size of a 3-4 lb. mono and most people wouldnt use that small of diameter on a baitcast.
SeñorChubbs (7 years ago)
what would happen if i put this on my baitcaster?
Tristan Cox (7 years ago)
does it float like monofilament or sink like flourocarbon
omgiTsmeJon (7 years ago)
Still probably a good line
omgiTsmeJon (7 years ago)
From what the line looks like whiteout tension I'd say it handles exactly like a braid
Gerrit G (7 years ago)
But you guys don't make it. Which is why I'm hesitant of replacing my good braid out for it.
Gerrit G (7 years ago)
I primarily use 20 pounds or higher, suffix braid. Which works awesome! For the sensitivity of hits but my problem is with lures or jigs my line doesn't like casting them far. And I've been thinking about checking out the this new line for my "lure" type of rod which as 30 pound braid which is equivalent to like 12 pound mono. But I'm afraid if I go to the 12lb berkly fil I wont of the strength of the line I would want to have. I would rather get this in like a 20 or 30 pound test. But .....
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@fishproet There are two ways to look at it, you could go up to a 12lb NanoFil and still have the same diameter! Or you could go even lighter and use an 8lb or 6lb NanoFil and have up to 50% great casting
fishproet (7 years ago)
Let me put it this way, i have now 4lb stren monofil. and what is the equiolence in strength
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Draknfyre It is made with Dyneema fibers, so it has the characteristics of that - Highest strength-to-weight, Zero moisture absorption, Flexibility and a supple feel, extremely low elongation, Resistance to UV degradation, No memory. Hope that helps.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@fishproet We typically compare to our own lines and NanoFil at 4lb is .004. The closest mono is 2lb XL at .005. Fireline Crystal Micro Ice has a 3lb that is .004. So it's thinner and stronger at that lb test rating than the rest of our lines.
fishproet (7 years ago)
so if i get a 4 lb. test line for my ultra light, what would be equilence to the competior in thickness and strength
flatblack300zx (7 years ago)
@berkleyfishing08 yea true lol sry i was extra tired when i posted that but could always use is as a leader :) that would work well for the people who think a larger diamater line will spook the fish..
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@flatblack300zx It was made for spinning reels. Even at the highest end of the current available lb tests, the 12lb is the equivalent of a 4-6 lb. Mono. If you would use that on your casters, then give it a whirl, but the diameter is so thin it may dig in upon an aggressive hookset.
flatblack300zx (7 years ago)
work well on casters?
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@kobun37 It has no memory, but if you bend it, it almost "stays" bent, which helps with tying knots. I think in this case the diameter of NanoFil would help you out, especially if your are in current, we did the drag test and NanoFil of the same lb test as Mono and Braid had a noticeably less amount of drag. This all adds up to better casting. The thinness also lets you cast smaller baits easier. If you like braid, this is like the finesse answer to braid and definitely worth checking it out...
kobun37 (7 years ago)
I have a question about the limpness. I primarily use spinning gear, and I use braid on all my reels. The one thing I dislike about braided line is it's almost too limp. It sometimes flips up and wraps around the rod guides when making short distance underarm or sidearm casts. For example, when you're standing on a bridge or pier and want to make a short distance cast up-current so it will carry the bait/lure under you. Does Nanofil have this problem?
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@XIXColemanXIX 12 lb. NanoFil is the diameter of 4lb Sufix Siege. We are a little biased with our opinion obviously, but I can try to compare just a few points of difference... The casting distance will allow you to cover more water, their is zero memory and NanoFil doesnt absorb water. you have to look at how often you have to respool to see if that would make sense along with the added benefits. I hope you'll give it a try at least once, because we're confident you will like the New NanoFil.
XIXColemanXIX (7 years ago)
I would like to try it, but 20 for 150 yds....Perhaps if i was a tourney angler, but i don't sse myself using it. I'll stick with suffix seige.
StephJoRoryInnes (7 years ago)
12lb equates to 12.5KG Linear strength in EUROPE!!!!!!! great line!
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@FishnTv For 150 yards, it's around $19.95. Comparable in price to most superlines. Let us know what you think!
Reel Yakin (7 years ago)
Man o man I think ima have to go pick me a spool!!! What's the price damage on this great invention? I saw someone say it's pricey
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Draknfyre It is very smooth. Some writers are calling it a hybrid of Mono/Braid. Texture and look is like an "extruded braid", which is pretty unique. Small diameters and smoothness make it the farthest casting Berkley line to date. I tie arbor knots, but I typically use braid ready spools. Others recommend taping down your arbor. I have also used the Double albright for connecting it to mono backing which works nicely. Plan for up to a 50% increase over mono of the same lb test.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Draknfyre It's translucent, a lot of what you see depends on lighting. Short story is that there are hundreds of nanofilaments of dyneema, the same fiber that goes in superlines. The unifilament process allows us to make them remarkably thin and shape into one strand. You may see some strands show upon heavy use in the last 4-5 feet of your line, but it doesnt affect performance. Tie arbor to braid ready spool or tape down arbor on regular spool or use mono backing if you like.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@dezavu well...Pennaz is one heck of an angler!
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Muki13 Not exceed, but check our our website and the new addition of Fireline Fused Blaze Orange
dezavu (7 years ago)
i like how easily he handles the walleye out of the water at 1:20
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Muki13 From what I have seen, the crazy colors arent as huge in the US market. We do some interesting ones oversees as they demand it a little more. I think there may even still be a flame pink Fireline in Australia.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Muki13 We have to keep some secrets!
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Muki13 I am a regular angler..haha, just have access to the best gear in the world! The truth about Armor Coated actually came as a shock to me. If you like XL, you should really enjoy it. The bi-component technology allowed us to make a sheath and a core. The sheath gives it 40% more abrasion resistance over XL and the technology with allowed us to surpisingly gain 30% more flexibility over XL. I can provide more info if you email me @ [email protected] m (left space or it wouldn't lis
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Muki13 It started shipping on Monday, should be in stores soon and you can order now from our website. NanoFil is made from an entirely new process from Fireline. The nanofilaments of dyneema are what give NanoFil it's strength and make it able to be super small. It is meant to be more of a finesse or lighter tackle option so you can downsize. But realistically, 12lb NanoFil is smaller than most 6lb monos, so you can do more with the line you are using and it's remarkably castable. Check it out
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Muki13 If you like Fireline, NanoFil is smoother, casts farther and handles better. The comparison would be that NanoFil is like the XL where Fireline is the XT. Keep using the Fireline where you are fishing heavy cover and high lb tests, but definately try the NanoFil for your finesse fishing, it will amaze you.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Draknfyre It absorbs no water whatsoever. Because it's smooth it doesnt pick up water like a braid does in its grooves. This is a brand new technology and it is packed with innovation and it's price gets you a lot of benefits that will improve your fishing experience.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@siucbasser It is translucent, which gives you the sight above the water while rendering it fairly invisible under it. Fluorocarbon has it's uses too if you are highly pressured, and NanoFil works great with a Fluorocarbon leader, you can cast it an amazing distance and maximize the properties of both.
siucbasser (7 years ago)
im sure its strong, but how does it compare with the light refraction abilities of fluorocarbon? the video says its "basically invisible", but to me from the way it looks in the video, it just looks like a thin off-white braid.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@rapalahunter Some day hopefully!
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@rapalahunter For us North American viewers. Zander is like a cross between Pike and Perch that has the taste of Walleye, sounds like a fun species to target!
Gearhead till Death (7 years ago)
@berkleyfishing08 i'm using Berkley big game 12 pound mono line. i have it on a small spinning reel for my ultralite rod and i think thats why its not working right. i'm planning on buying a medium action rod for bass fishing but can't find one in my price range. and its okay i ask alot of question too
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Draknfyre No worries. I would definitely recommend the NanoFil knot, we tested extensively for this line and it performs.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@36drifterboy This is the best Berkley line for spinning reels, it starts hitting shelves Mid-June. Which big game are you using, mono or braid and what size reel...I know I'm going a little overboard with details, but maybe i can help you figure out why it isnt performing at the best level. Big Game has it's place and is a solid line.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@tomvang18 For right now Tom, we kept it to 12lb to focus on it's use as the Ultimate Spinning Reel line. I know our labs are constantly working on new "ideas". It's kind of like explaining it as NanoFil is like an XL where Fireline is more like XT, there are situations where both have their uses. NanoFil would be great for grasses and small vegetation and open water, where Fireline can saw through lilly pads and hydrilla.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Draknfyre Because it is made to be smooth and to cast up to 50% farther, It is not meant to be tied with clinch knots. Monos dig into themselves at the knots which can be both good and bad depending on the size of your line. Check out our videos for the NanoFil knot, which is a double palomar and gets 15% greater knot strength just by adding a second loop through.
tom vang (7 years ago)
Are you guys planning on making pound test up to 65lbs? I would love to get something bigger so i can use it for my baitcaster.
Gearhead till Death (7 years ago)
i have berkley big game line on my spinning rod. big mistake for me. i'm 15 and have a trip tomorrow but i'm hoping to buy this soon. how much better is it than the Big Game line for spinning reels? i keep tangling and backlash and have missed big fish cause of the tangles around the base of the reel. i use 12 pound big game so i hope this is better. any tips for the best berkley line for spinning reels ?
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@Wiperfisherman01 We have fished it side by side against monos of the same lb test as well as other superlines. I don't have the exact date, but the catch rates were consistently higher with NanoFil. It is so much more flexible and thinner diameter that lure just simply perform better. Once you try it, you will be impressed!
Nate Hartey (7 years ago)
I seriously have my doubts... The fish are not blind...they can see that line, but mono is way less visible
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@MrNetbait123 No inconvenience friend, glad to have youth excited to fish. It would be a similar experience as if you put a 2-4lb mono on a baitcaster, if you set the hook, the line would dig into the rest of the line on your spool and wouldn't "lay" on it nicely, which could cause you some backlash, etc. It is built to be the ultimate spinning reel line because of the unbelievable casting distance. You can expect 50% farther casts than a mono of same break strength.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@fishnman1000 it is a clear mist color, if you look under a microscope you can see the nanofilaments of dyneema, but the line is a translucent line and diameters are thinner than any other Berkley line available.

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