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Utility Billing Payments 5 - Security Deposit

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Utility Billing Payments 5 - Security Deposit Hi this is Zac Kibria and this video in our payments series will focus on Security Deposits. In this video, I will be specifically showing you how to add, apply and return a security deposit. To add a security deposit to a customer’s balance, you will first search for a customer in the search bar. You can search for a customer using First or last name, address as well as customer number. From the customer tab – click the details tab up top. Now scroll down to Other Details and look at Security Deposit. If you have already had a security deposit added under the account – the balance should be displayed here as well as other details such as when it was create and by whom. Next click the blue + button next to Security Deposit- this should take you into the payments page directly. select security deposit from the transaction type drop-down menu. Select Deposit from Payment Method drop-down. Next enter required details and click Make Payment button. Finally Check Customer Details tab for security deposit total (this is separate and not credited or debited to the customer’s balance). Great now that we have seen how those changes are made search again for our customer in the top search menu. We can go back into the customer page and then details and see the security deposit we have entered for the customer. We will now continue the rest of the steps such as applying and returning a deposit. To apply a security deposit, you will want to be in the payments page. Now Click payments tab, select security deposit from transaction type drop down and then select transfer from payment method drop down. Enter required details and then click Make Payment button. The security deposit amount in the transaction will now be deducted and credited to the customer’s balance. To return a security deposit you will similarly want to be in the payments page. From here select security deposit for transaction type, and returned security for payment method, enter required payments and click make payments button. The security deposit amount in the transaction will now be deducted.
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