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AliExpress Issues With Dropshipping (And Their Solutions)

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When dropshipping with AliExpress, there are several issues that you'll probably encounter - here's how to get solutions to those issues! 🏆 Want to master my 6-Step Shopify system? 🏆 Watch this webinar ➡ https://ecom.flyingstartonline.com/start Get started with Zero Up here: https://www.flyingstartonline.com/go-zeroup We've crossed $1k per day in sales: 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7fGRKlEKsk 4 Mistakes HURTING Your Shopify Sales: 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQF7sT9meu0 Stupid Product Made $6500 With Dropshipping 📹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_lgtz_IcQI Get started with a Shopify 14-Day Free Trial: 😍 https://www.flyingstartonline.com/go-shopify * Be cool - share this vid on Dropshipping FB Groups & Forums * -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Create "Money Making" Facebook Ad Videos" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=972AIFrIksM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Flying Start Online (9 months ago)
Want my team to build your Shopify store? Sign up for the free webinar here and learn how this works: https://ecom.flyingstartonline.com/start
Waheed Riaz (5 months ago)
Flying Start Online dear tell me about ( you may contect to your issuer or use another card )
Youth Perception (5 months ago)
Kindly tell payment procedure of our income and one thing i wanna ask.... if any customer place order on my website than that product will place on aliexpress or i have to place to aliexpress on behalf of customer..
Youth Perception (5 months ago)
Hi sir....
Aryan Jaiswal (6 months ago)
Flying Start Online please make videos in Hindi please
ٍSALEH IN THE DARK (3 days ago)
Thx, dislike
Asif Mahmood (10 days ago)
what this person is doing oh bhai monh seedha ker k bol to hamian smjh bhi ay
Action Movies (16 days ago)
i have watched a lot of dropshipping videos on youtube and i want to start dropshiiping but now m confused where to start which video to watch and which video to leave. can u please suggest me which video i should watch first to start dropshipping from zero level(for begineer i mean)
Flying Start Online (16 days ago)
Watch the Bizathon3 playlist
Rajni K (22 days ago)
Hi Rito, I have a question about Aliexpress. Do this all dropshipping will happen without any prior contacting with the Aliexpress store owner or seller?? I am curious to know this. Please answer it asap
ashraf yusuf (1 month ago)
hi i have same issue it keeps telling me my account is being deactivated how can i activate as i have alot of orders to do and my aliwallet have the balance? plz help
SURENDER SINGH (1 month ago)
All things are good but shipping time is very high aliexpress to india...is there any way to encounter this part because it takes 20-40 days with e-pocket shipping..
Camvard Domains (1 month ago)
Can he speak normally ? Why he is doing dramebazy ?
LeAmbrosioFiadone (1 month ago)
We have to being appealing to every order?!
LeAmbrosioFiadone (1 month ago)
I got this issue in the first sale i was trying to make. Could that be possible?
Lazy Frog (1 month ago)
Rito, Can you explain taxes again as there are many links online that say we need to pay 18% on profit earned as GST It would be good if you explain complete model as an example on how to manage the finances like how to get paypal payment, which card to use to make aliexpress orders considering a sole proprietorship in India
Rokon Ahemd (1 month ago)
Please tell me. Dropshipping business start with trade license or not ☺ please tell me.?
somen das (1 month ago)
Can u provide ur contact no. To discuss about dropshiping !!! If yes then it will he very helpfull fr me '''
Sebastian Zero (1 month ago)
Can I get ur email I wanna show some issue and can u tell me some solution pls.
Pradip kharat (1 month ago)
You are the best Sir 😘
Eklavya sinha (2 months ago)
What time usually it takes to ship a product
Kuchh Bhi (2 months ago)
Paglet khika
MasterJackall (2 months ago)
You're just awesome... I don't know how to thank you!
Ravi Prakash (2 months ago)
How we can solved shipment failed deu to held by custom
Abhishek Singh (2 months ago)
are you a radio jockey bro
Ncrypt Solutions (2 months ago)
Thanks for the tip first and foremost, but the animation should be toned down a bit. I found it very annoying.
Prank Macha (3 months ago)
Buddy I wonder can we use debit card for Ali express because I am student and I don't have credit card please do give an solution
Karlien de Villiers (3 months ago)
I have processed orders to customer in my own country - no problem. But the first order I had with a customer in another country to my own (I.e. different shipping address/country destination) my order was not put through and put on Appeal. Please HELP?
Aastha Sharma (3 months ago)
My all accounts deactivated as violated buyer protection..why . .is there any option..as when i place orders they deactivated my account.and i lost my money.solution plz
What if we do all this dropshipping stuff. Make aliexpress ship the product and all but if the person opens the box and sees aliexpress on it. That person might go to aliexpress website and find that this particular product price is lower than the purchased price and might think that we are fraud or something. It's one of my doubts in dropshipping. Can someone clear it?
April Pendergrass (1 month ago)
I have a similair problem. I asked Supplier to not add labels or promotional or reciepts. My customers items come with Rosegal bags, labels and tags.. Very hard to keep them as a continuing customer, I contacted Ali and the supplier, They feel I should accept this situation,
Simple (2 months ago)
Ask the aliexpress seller to not add any logo or info about them. Most wont have problem doing that.
aintralpanii bonti (3 months ago)
Can you speak like a normal person without over reacting. Anyway is useful what you teach I will see other videos of yours.. Is like a cartoon networks and fals sounds like
Jennie Yolan (20 days ago)
aintralpanii bonti how rude...he’s trying to help you FOR FREE!!! let him talk how he wants
ENJOY ZIMBABWE TV (1 month ago)
F u ck off you try doing it them !
Vaibhav Pal Singh (3 months ago)
When We Are Selling US, UK Market What Documents required to selll legally.
Ammar Khan (3 months ago)
funny story I contacted a supplier and asked him if I could drop ship his products... later when I was adding my Credit card I accidently bought something for the supplier and has to ask for a refund i feel so sad with my first impressions!
Alex Pavlenko (3 months ago)
it's the stupid coupon code, try deleting it then placing the order again
Ajay Samadanam (3 months ago)
How to withdraw money??
SUMMER SLAM (3 months ago)
Bro please speak Hindi also
Flying Start Online (3 months ago)
I’ll consider this
SUMMER SLAM (3 months ago)
Aaphi ki video pe aaphi ki ad
Tech Lover (3 months ago)
Booom video,,,, Great work,,,, nice presentation,,,,, good audience retention
Amit Kumar (3 months ago)
Mene china se ink cartridge k liye chip mangwai thi but chip damage nikli. Mene dispute open kiya or aliexpress ne result diya k product ko return krdo tracking number de do or paise refund lelo agr 10 din k and return tracking number ni diya to payment seller ko send kr denge. But product ko return krne k liye mene india post c baat ki to 800-900 rupe shipping charges bta rahe mai kya kru. Product ki value hi 800 rupe hai to return shipping 800-900 kaise du ? Please suggest me
janjua Gourav (3 months ago)
Reply soon as u can
janjua Gourav (3 months ago)
On some products in aliexpress, it has been written that. "" "If you choose the free shipping option, your parcel will be directly delivered to your home only one time, or it will send to your local post office then you need to take your tracking number and your personal ID to collect your items. We will inform you immediately once your parcel has been sent out."" "" "" " How can we tackle it.
Arindam Sarkar (4 months ago)
i need to ask about payment cards that are accepted at Aliexpress from India. I tried to order a headphone with a UBI VISA debit card, but it didnt work. WHat cards do i need to make it work at ALiExpress?
Alan Correa (4 months ago)
You helped me SOOOOO MUCH, since I'M an amateur at everything, I learned tons of info. Tryna start a business n 2 shops of my own. Thank you for saving me countless timing once I'm up and running. Plus your freaking hillarious. N I'm gona buy sum of that crazy slime u sell lol. Good job on that 1 and your sails
Shivam Dubey (4 months ago)
I have gone through a lot of your videos on dropshipping first of all thanks a lot for all the important information; but I am having a query : what I have understood is that when customers orders on our shopify store we need to place the respective orders for those items on aliexpress but from few videos I also understood that we can automate the shopify store with aliexpress, so with this automation doesn't these orders automated and with the price we set the product credited in our account, I am little confused with this. Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance.
garv goyal (4 months ago)
Just use 2x speed it will help u
Chirag Agrawal (4 months ago)
Is there any recommendation on income tax side for dropshipping business income specially when selling outside india -
trend seeker (4 months ago)
hey,Ritoban ...when people checkout on my store .they redirect to paypal checkout and then they can enter their credit card details..But in your commanpanda store they dont have to redirect to paypal checkout they can simply put the details on the shopify checkout page and they dont have to open a additional paypal tab for adding details..how can this be implemented on my store.
Bhaumik Brahmbhatt (4 months ago)
Hello Rito, Great video content for start dropping shipping. Which are best companies for dropping other then Alidrop?
LucKie (5 months ago)
What if I use a credit card ? Or a debit card of a corporate account say Propertiship? Will there still be an issue ?
Unemployed Fukra (5 months ago)
Hi Rito, I am getting issue with aliexpress woo plugin on wordpress as it gives fatal error and .php version needs to be updated on script on ioncube loader.. I am unable to activate the plugin can you please help me as its URGENT..
Kings Of The Night Ent (5 months ago)
Have you come across order closed due to security reasons?
Taste Buddz (5 months ago)
the confirm and pay button nothing happens when I click it.
sarfaraz usmani (5 months ago)
Your video shows your ads only. If someone clicked your youtube video then watching your own ads looks like waste of your youtube ads money. Please get that checked.
Crypto Monk (5 months ago)
I have many ?? Shipping Time!!! Isn't take too long(3-4weeks) if we are drop shipping from AliExpress??How u handle Ur customer who already paid for it but didn't received its product!!
Harish Siva Subramanian (5 months ago)
If the order is under appeal for more than a month, then what about the customers? You will place a new order..Right?
Zayn Chudhary (5 months ago)
arraam sy or serous banayn video to zeada best hai
Shivamkar Misra (5 months ago)
Hi, have you ever faced the problem where your Ali Express supplier runs out of inventory? if so, what do you if you have taken more orders than can be fulfilled. Thanks.
99 newtrends (5 months ago)
The easiest way to find drop shippers that you can trust is through SaleHoo. SaleHoo is an online directory that has over 8,000+ drop shippers, wholesalers and liquidators. Using a directory like SaleHoo is good because you can ensure you will be dealing with verified suppliers you can trust. for more details check this Dropshipping automation tool https://bit.ly/2J04czk
Angelo大安 (5 months ago)
Hi everyone! I have been living in China for 4 years now. My Chinese is very good. I can contact the aliexpress or alibaba suppliers here and have them send your product to my apartment here where I can take unique pictures and videos of the product. It is better than using other people’s pictured and stock photos. Your product would get to me faster than it would you. So you can get your ad pics and videos up quick. If you think this type of service would be valuable to you, then please message me! Could RRRRrrrrrita give me a try? haha
Youth Perception (5 months ago)
Kindly tell payment procedure of our income and one thing i wanna ask.... if any customer place order on my website than that product will place on aliexpress or i have to place to aliexpress on behalf of customer..
rahul naik (6 months ago)
If i dropship a product from ali express to customers So will the seller will put ali express name on packet and ali express price on reciept ?
Kings Of The Night Ent (5 months ago)
rahul naik request that they do not include any invoices or marketing material with this order or ask to blind dropship.
alex smith (6 months ago)
rito tum bahot ache ho ! i like u style... plz make video about paypal business account plz plz
Prof.Amol Waghmare (6 months ago)
Is it possible that these problems are occurring because you are using shopify store?
Apoorv Bajpai (6 months ago)
have you tried bang good for drop shipping?
Aman Ruhil (6 months ago)
Hello sir I have a friend of mine in Canada. Can we use his address for shopify store? So what do you recommend Canadian address, an Indian or an US address from postalmail? With regards
Mr. Deepak Kumar (6 months ago)
I like your style of teaching, but it remind me someone else.
Karan Bhagat (6 months ago)
What if the shipped products gets stuck at the customs? Say, Chinese customs.
Ali Assaf (6 months ago)
Arabic form for licence drive accepted on appeal??????
Ali Assaf (6 months ago)
why you have many submitted??? and I create appeal for visa card only is it true???
FR0STx MLG (7 months ago)
hay i dont have any passport , what els i can submit them
Tenzin Rabyang (7 months ago)
hi sir,,, i am from india , i am very much influenced by your channels, i wanted to know if you can help us out with what documents do we need to start shopify and what documents do we have to show to aliexpress for dropshiping and all.. i will be glad to have a speedy response thank you
Aakash Kamdi (7 months ago)
can i buy Lamborghini with dropshipping in india? reason why i like Lamborghini wanna show others my success (not to show of)
Matthew Sim Chee King (2 months ago)
don't buy expensive stuff bro. help others.
RK Bhise (7 months ago)
Hi Ritu, Firstly - Great work!! I have a slightly different question - how do you handle clients whose products are delayed because of Aliexpress Appeals? Meaning, do you send them an email apologising, send them a discount code, etc.?
Sagar Sasane (7 months ago)
what kind of documents aliexpress need from us to start dropshiping?
Clenison rodrigues (7 months ago)
AnshumanBaruah1 (7 months ago)
Hi Rito, I have a quick query. When one/more of your orders were under appeal, how were you placing new orders? Using a different account?
Kalpit Gautam (7 months ago)
I love your videos You have good content in your videos but please be natural while speaking. I request you to be natural in video......and lastly lots of love for your videos.
Tanvir Hossain (8 months ago)
Hi, I have a Pre-Paid DEBIT CARD which is not linked to any bank account but I do have bank account in the same bank in my country , how do I verify my account then ?
Tanvir Hossain (8 months ago)
the gemer (8 months ago)
Hello sir, I find your videos about drop shipping very helpful. Actually I’m from your neighboring country Bangladesh & I have some questions for you: 1. What legal documents do I need for open a drop shipping business? 2. If I PayPal review my accounts what kind of information or documents do they ask? 3. Or if I got an Ali Express review what kind of information they ask for?
Best Joy (8 months ago)
Fabulous presentation with great zeal. 10 out of 10 for content, presentation and especially zeal. Lots of respect. May God Bless You. Best Joy
Nancy Tran (8 months ago)
You give the most value out of everybody ! Straight to the point. I love it. Keep it up!
Broda Srivastava (8 months ago)
You are awesome. Your videos really helpful. Keep the good work going.
Flying Start Online (8 months ago)
Cheers Broda. Appreciate it bro
Broda Srivastava (8 months ago)
I want to build my own store but I have few queries. When the product delivered to the client, whose name on the parcel? My store name or Ali Express?
Flying Start Online (8 months ago)
Watch my Bizathon3 playlist. Entire strategy is explained step by step
Gaurav Sharma (8 months ago)
Hey Rito, you have been a great help! Thanks for all the information you shared with us. It has been highly helpful and motivational at the same time. God bless you! And keep it up 🙂
Flying Start Online (8 months ago)
Thank you Gaurav
InDiA nA jOnEs (8 months ago)
Can't I achieve all this with woocommerce + aliexpress dropshipping plugin...??
Flying Start Online (8 months ago)
Sana Ullah (8 months ago)
If an order is not gone through the payment process can't i just place same order again and not go through the whole hassel of appeal
oneHungryman (8 months ago)
Please tell me. Are these suspension problems faced if i connect zeroup which lets me 10% on AliExpress sales ?? Am i right or if suppose i use oberlo and i dont want any 10% on sales will i face the same problem??????
oneHungryman (8 months ago)
I like your expressions and acting in video u r awesome man i would like to meet you dear if possible please reach out me on call or Whatsapp +91-8238508982 india i would thank and likeit. From where are u basically
kunal ad (8 months ago)
u r awesome
tutorials for you (8 months ago)
Hi rito , what if I have a account in Payoneer account ....I guess I don't have any physical card to them...what should I do in that case
Prano YT (8 months ago)
Hello sir! I have a doubt in shipping time. Won’t the customers worry if their products get delayed by 15-20 days? Bcos it’s too late
Mayank Nagpal (8 months ago)
Sir I need ur help .Could u pls help me
Mafew (2 months ago)
Ammar Khan (3 months ago)
Explain the issue then ask for help this is why no one answer you in 4 months
Shahid Parwez (8 months ago)
Can we do dropship using aliexpress in India plz hlp me out
Jon Samuel (21 days ago)
+Flying Start Online where do you sell then? US?
Flying Start Online (8 months ago)
I don't recommend advertising to Indian customers
Aseem Chishti (8 months ago)
You are awesome person on planet earth
Flying Start Online (8 months ago)
C J (8 months ago)
Your information could reach us better if you speak naturally. Overacting is irritating.
I like that you are who you are, u are unique and i love it. Be you...........AIO
isaac sundarsingh (3 months ago)
Initially it was kind of wierd then it becomes interesting :)
john joseph (4 months ago)
Flying Start Online doing a great job bro
Duzkenov Asanaly (5 months ago)
Haha he is a marketer he knows how to present himself. I bet you would switch it off if he was speaking “naturally ” haha
Pansuriya Kishan (6 months ago)
Please don't listen to C J. Your style is the best! Thanks a lot.
mdspider (8 months ago)
I went directly to the appeal section. I have 73 orders in the queue. I just started My Shopify setting made it look like my orders had been fulfilled and they were not. Now I have Wish.com on my butt threatening to suspend me for unfulfilled orders greater than 5 days. I made $2600 after advertising and I can't even get it started. I hope they don't cause me to have to start all over again! Any reliable alternatives to Ail and Oberlo?
Flying Start Online (8 months ago)
Typical Chinese New Year issue
richard chung (9 months ago)
Is the appeal for individual orders or for the entirety of orders for the day? Thanks
shivam Tyagi (9 months ago)
Hey there i like your videos, please try to keep it short and cut to cut.
Mh h (9 months ago)
Uffff lot of videos on dropshiping u have, m confused whr to start
Mh h (9 months ago)
Yaaa figured out but i was just thinking is it right time to that this now. I mean are there still scope for this... N can we build it indian market instead of us.
Flying Start Online (9 months ago)
Bizathon3 playlist
sunshine G (9 months ago)
Hello Rito, if the order doesnt go through, then how do you handle the customers?
Shams Musheer (9 months ago)
Hey, So if I contact the help center and if they will ask me that" Have you have ordered all these products ?"! What should I answer them? Should I say that I'm doing dropshipping or what...............? hope to get the answer soon! Thanks in advance.
Mafew (2 months ago)
you can say yes because even if you aren't ordering these products for yourself and since when people buy stuff off your store you have to go order it for them that counts as "ordering all your products" ya know what i mean?
Jawad Joad (9 months ago)
Hey plastic answer my question - how can we ship to country's which doesn't have epacket if we use China post it doesn't give shipping information pls help me ,
RN Grover (9 months ago)
yeah for shure it happens for the U.S. dudes and all over the world , the bank thinks it's fraud... , so like you wanna keep contacting ur bank on the phone for 2->3 weeks everyday , so they keep everything smoothly going , after that , u'll have no issues , the same with aliexpress , after u submit ur documents , everything will be fine , that happens mostly in your first month or so , but it's a normal thing , plus if you wanna get it done fast on aliexpress , contact the aliexpress support team a day after u've submitted the documents , and tell'em , u can't wait , u're so busy , please hurry up , and they wanna take u as a priority , so you have everything ready to go within 2-->4 days MAX , and then no one will disturb u again :)
Joe T. (6 months ago)
Asch Gwader thank you so much man.
RN Grover (6 months ago)
Joe Saya The bank might call you and verify that you are the person that did the mass purshase. aliexpress team will ask you to submit the Credit Card you bought with and some document proving that you're the owner of the card. also that might be a passport an ID a driver lisense.., so take a pic of it and send it to them and you'll be okey. hide some numbers in the credit card pic and hide some info on your ID or Passport that you think is sensitive, you know their not a government theyre just dudes working on aliexpress and alibaba so just protect yourself.
Joe T. (6 months ago)
Asch Gwader so which documents is used to get past this other than passport?
prameela mota (9 months ago)
Hi Rito planning to take custom store from Ali express what do u suggest.. Please reply
Flying Start Online (9 months ago)
Wouldn't recommend it.

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