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How Clean is your Electric Car? Find out with here to see how green your EV is.

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How Clean is your Electric Car? https://www.ucsusa.org/clean-vehicles/electric-vehicles/ev-emissions-tool#z Please rate, comment, and subscribe. Thank you. https://www.facebook.com/daniel.berry.9 https://twitter.com/selmateacher
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Patrick McDonald (1 month ago)
Hi Daniel another short and sweet video but not concerned with I.T . Directly. I actually drive a hybrid car a Toyota Yaris that is not plug in it recharges via engine braking so up to approx 18mph it's electric then the petrol motor jumps in plus if on motorway etc if I need a extra burst of speed the electric motor helps the petrol one I get 85 miles per U.K. Gallon around town in slow traffic it's totally electric and a great car to drive. The only thing stoping me from going totally electric is the very much over priced vehicles over here in England.
Thank you for the comment. Yes, I am opening up my channel to topics beyond just I.T. I bought a Mitsubishi i MiEV because of the lower cost for that EV. Somrthing like a Tesla would be great, but would take me 120 years of work before I could afford such a high priced EV (okay 4 years of 100% of my yearly income. ) But still that is too expensive and unnecessary for a guy who drives less than 1,600 miles a year. Anyway, I have always had the dream of driving an EV since I the early 1990s when I saw an GM Impact EV. I owned an EV conversion back in 2006, but the 20 mile range was just not long enough for me. Now I drive the i MiEV often with over 100 miles per charge and I charge at the EV charging stations powered by Solar for free. So, yes.. I'm happy to break away from topics centered solely on Chromebooks. In some ways the EV is an extension to IT. I want to eventually dig into my EV and see if I can upgrade its battery pack, like I can upgrade a laptop battery.
Ed Hansen (1 month ago)
I like videos that are short and sweet. This makes the point in a few words. That takes a lot more skill and knowledge that making a video that drones on for 20 or 30 minutes. Loved the video. Thanks! AAAAA++
That is my aim.... "keeping it to the point." Thank you so much.
Lindsay Forbes (1 month ago)
OK but more detail please. Bit superficial sorry
Thank you.
Lindsay Forbes (1 month ago)
Didn't mean to come across as critical. I think this is a rich seam for You Tube info bids. Keep at it. Short and to the point does it every time 👍
Thank you for watching the videos, but I would recommend seeing this one again, as I made it solely to answer one of your questions from a previous comment. EV and ICE-V production produces the same carbon footprint per ton of vehicle produced. The EV's traction battery adds to this by another third. During the life of the car, an EV that is charged at Solar powered EV stations as mine is, will not add to that carbon footprint. An EV that is charged with electricity made from a mixture of hydro, solar, and natural gas will have a smaller carbon footprint than a car running on petrol alone. The website that I highlight in this video is a great resource to get an idea of how our driving and transportation habits add to our own carbon footprint. CO2, being a greenhouse gas can effect temperatures and climate, but it is also needed for plant growth. Other gasses like methane have a stronger greenhouse effect, but are very short lived and break down quickly in sunlight. Limiting the production of chlorine and bromine containing products is important in keeping our ozone layer strong. Anyway... this video was made to take a quick look at the EV's carbon footprint as compared to an ICE-V. Thank you again and enjoy the shows.
I try to focus on just one point in this video, that being the app found at https://www.ucsusa.org/clean-vehicles/electric-vehicles/ev-emissions-tool#z/NATIONAL/_/_/_ I charge my EV at the Solar powered EV charging stations, the numbers were high in my case. My main interest is how all this technology is coming together . Thank you for the comment.

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