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How to Maintain Berkley Gulp Baits

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Berkley Gulp baits are some of our favorites when fishing for snook, redfish, and really big trout. The only problem with them is that they are more expensive than many other options. However, we've found several tricks that can significantly help you get more fish catching per bait making them a more cost effective means to catching lots of good fish. In fact, our opinion is that these tips can help you get a better cost per fish caught ratio than other soft plastics because the material used in Gulps is very strong allowing for many to be caught on a single tail. This video addresses two of the most common Gulp bait killers… 1) Gulp Shrinkage 2) Gulp Storage For more tips, visit the "Fishing Tips" section on SaltStrong.com… direct link is below: http://www.saltstrong.com/article_categories/fishing-tips/
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Deshawn Velasquez (1 month ago)
how does leaving the plastic on the jig ruin your hook? Why couldn’t you just cut the Plastic off of the jig and put a new one on?
Salt Strong (1 month ago)
It turns into a rock after it totally dries out, so it would be tough to cut. But they apparently can soften back up if submerged for a long time though.
Jay E (1 month ago)
put the shrunken gulps with the hook they are on and put it on a container with gulp juice or even water, they will re-inflate
Aidan Lau (2 months ago)
If they dry U can soak it in water
Horacio Corcuera (4 months ago)
one time I leave a lure out of the jar a couple of days, and I found the lure all dry like a mummy... sorry for my english!!
Joey Giroux (5 months ago)
I remember I left one outside on a bucktail when I was like 8
Kristine L (6 months ago)
The Gulp liquid will also destroy nail polish. ..I have to rinse my hands immediately so it doesn't ruin my nails
H (6 months ago)
If you don't have the juice from the original package after use, wrap it with any cooking oil. That will keep the gulps alive. I use coconut oil.
BadCow (8 months ago)
Wow, just have begun saltwater fishing. Bought a bunch of the Gulp products, have not used them yet, but you can bet I will go to Walmart and pick up a few of those waterproof containers. Thanks.
Dan Hillman (9 months ago)
Some types are too hard to be any use.
sling shot (10 months ago)
I tryed that buying a large container and adding other gulp baits in it. Guess what happen. The lures some of them dessolved into nothing and others feel apart when i went in to grab them. Live bait for me from now on. These lures are way to expencive like 30 time higher than live shrimp pound for pound. And they are a lot less work. You dont have to real it in and jerk on them all day long. dislikes this video he is working for them to make money dont buy the BULLSH**
Salt Strong (10 months ago)
No worries... the assumption that somebody who is talking positively about a lure online is doing so because the manuacturer is paying them is most often correct. We built our business to be 100% funded by the fishing community so that our full obligation is to provide trustworthy advice to the group that is not at all influenced by the lure/equipment companies. Here's a link to learn more about our fishing club in case curious: https://secure.saltstrong.com/insider-fishing-club-details As for Gulps working or not, they are surprisingly good at generating strikes. Their 2 core downfalls are that they are expensive and that they dry up if out of the water too long. But they are great at getting strikes from redfish, snook, seatrout, etc. when rigged and worked properly... here's a video showing a good slam I caught on just 1 Gulp bait while exploring an area that I've never been to before (I landed a slam even with a crazy loud dog on the boat): https://www.saltstrong.com/fishing-tip/clearwater-fishing-report/
sling shot (10 months ago)
sorry if i was wrong about you working for them. But so many youtbers get checks from spouncers like that for money. The way you were pusshing it just seemed like it. You never know who is working just to sell lures on here anymore. They should have to let people know by law if they are working for who ever they are pushing stuff on here. So many lures dont catch a thing and fall apart for some reason. Maybe with me changing lures fast and grabing a different one got a little water in there that made mine dessolve. Ether way i wont buy any more but i will see if the ones i have left over work when i am catching fish on live shrimp. Just to prove to myself if they work or not.I been fishing with them all year and only caught some small reds and one 27 inch one.. thats not very good at all.That is another reason i am going back to live bait. good luck and sorry again
Salt Strong (10 months ago)
I do not work for Gulp in any way, so I have no issues with you using live shrimp if that's what you prefer. It's all about having fun out on the water. Fish On!
demetri kavoukas (11 months ago)
Cut bait is so much better
demetri kavoukas (11 months ago)
Gulp is a racket lol
Ron Vianes (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if the gulp saltwater juice is the same as the freshwater juice?
Patrick Connors (1 year ago)
What a great site... great tips thanks.
Salt Strong (1 year ago)
Thanks for making time to leave the nice comment Patrick. Fish On!
R A Fowler (1 year ago)
Never happen with a Zoom Fluke
So... do they shrink by just using them?
TOXIC 1 (1 year ago)
pausails lp no if you leave them out they'll dry out
Andy Cliett (1 year ago)
Very helpful. U just got a sub
Yarrum Elyod (1 year ago)
I use that exact "waterproof" container for same thing. it has always leaked the juice. i've got dried gulp off the jighead with strong knife and pliers. never put used gulp in fresh juice it contaminates it. nice vid, Berkley should include this in instructions
Nick Castillo (2 years ago)
This happened to me. The first time I used gulp I left it on while I was driving from the jetties to my house (20 minute drive). And maybe another 30 minutes while I took all of my gear inside and rested for a bit. By that time it dried up. Now I take it off before I even walk back to the car.
Winson Han (2 years ago)
Thanks you always make me
JTH (2 years ago)
Had one dry up like that before.  I put it in a cup of warm water and left it over night.  It came back perfect and good color too.  I put it back in the original zip lock bag and all was well.
sling shot (10 months ago)
I wonder why the ones i tryed didnt work then. I soaked them for days
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
Good stuff. Thanks for sharing!
floridaBMW (2 years ago)
Great channel, lots of useful info!
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
Thanks for making time to leave the nice comment.
Mark Stubbs (2 years ago)
Very helpful thankyou
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
Our pleasure! Thanks for making time to leave the nice comment. Tight Lines!
Wazza722 (2 years ago)
Go the z mans!
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
Yes, z man baits can catch some great fish too.
TrueFloridian813 (2 years ago)
I have taken the dried up gulps and put them back in the container full of fresh baits. The "ALIVE" juice rehydrates em. The next day they are back to normal.
sling shot (10 months ago)
That didnt work for me
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
Great tip! Thanks for letting us know. Fish On!
Fisherboy (2 years ago)
I put my gulp nemesis/jerkshad with the jighead still hooked straight in the tub after use, its been 3 months submerged in the gulp juice but no signs of rust and still looking fine. Any comment on this? Thank you.
Fisherboy (2 years ago)
+Salt Strong I've checked my jighead this morning and there's no rust from the hook but it dissolved the eyelet where you attach your genie clip/line, and made the jighead brittle. So you're correct and I apologize. Never going to leave my jigheads inside the tub again..
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
Sounds like it's a very rust-proof hook.
John Doyle (2 years ago)
Just chuck the dried ones in fresh water for a few hours
Old Lady Angler (2 years ago)
Great idea using the Plano waterproof box. I have the large jar of gulp mullet and no matter how tight the lid is, it still manages to leak. Thanks Luke! I just ordered my owner weighted hooks from saltstrong. Looking forward to trying this out on the Mosquito Lagoon flats soon.
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
Thanks for ordering the hooks from our site! I used them a lot in the Indian and Banana rivers just south of you and they worked extremely well for the shallow grass flats in that area. So I'm sure you'll enjoy using them in the Lagoon. Fish On!
Azarias H. (2 years ago)
Looking forward to buying some Gulp.
Bass 'N' Bluegill (2 years ago)
I've actually caught a few catfish with Gulp Mullets
Andy Ren (2 years ago)
Why do I always loss the tail of the swimming mullet? what should I do? thank you
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
Given how thin it is, the swimming mullet's tail is an easy target for bait stealers like pufferfish and pinfish to do some damage. That's why I prefer to use Gulp jerk shads (http://www.saltstrong.com/articles/gulp-jerk-shad-review/) and Gulp shrimp (http://www.saltstrong.com/articles/berkley-gulp-saltwater-shrimp-independent-review/) instead because they last longer (Jerk shads can be successfully used well after their split tails get bitten off).
Juicy J (2 years ago)
all you have to do is put the shrinked up gulp in a glass of fresh water, and in a matter of hours, itll unshrink and go back to normal size, and you can remove the hook, YOURE WELCOME!
Conner Lee (7 months ago)
sling shot it works for them, maybe it does not work for you but it worked for me as well.
sling shot (10 months ago)
IT WILL NOT stop the lying
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
Haha. Thanks for the tip. Fish On!
NameWithheld (2 years ago)
Couldn't you put the dried up bait in a jar of water, let it soak, and then take it off the hook?
sling shot (10 months ago)
NO its gone forever. It will get a little bigger but never the size it was and the action wouldnt be there either that it had. be like pulling a stick in the water. been there dont it
Salt Strong (2 years ago)
I have heard that soaking them for an extended time will make the soft enough to get off. So that certainly is worth a shot if you ever have one dry up.
Tony Davila (3 years ago)
I don't know what they have in their bait juice because I left a rigged gult minnow in the bucket And stored it for about a month and when I opened it the juice turn dark brown and whole hook had completely disintegrated.
Salt Strong (3 years ago)
+Jig Everything I'm assuming that the dark coloration was caused by the hook rusting/desintegrating... whatever is in the juice does not mix well with hooks... but at least the fish seem to like it.
Bill Flint (3 years ago)
I had a bunch of gulps that I forgot about and dried out. I put them in air tight container with Gulp Recharge liquid and that was over two years ago and should check on it. Have I wasted my money on the Gulp Recharge liquid?
The Tampa Tadpole (3 years ago)
I made the mistake of leaving one on for the run back from a trip and it dried on the jig. I left the rod outside over night and the racoons ate the dried gulp clean of the jig.
Salt Strong (3 years ago)
+The Tampa Tadpole Wow! Those racoons will eat anything. At least they didn't hook themselves because that is the last thing I'd every want to have to de-hook in the morning.
Razer Ray (3 years ago)
Don't forgot use Gulp Recharge juice in 2oz and 8oz bottles at Wal-Mart to keep the juice fresh.
curtis lewis (3 years ago)
I haven't used my gulp baits yet IM going to try them out this weekend
Nath .L (3 years ago)
if i have other soft plastic lure, can i put together in the bucket with juice?
Nath .L (3 years ago)
Thank you, i would stick with my Gulps lures Than.. 
Salt Strong (3 years ago)
+Nath .L Yes, other lures can be put in the juice, but they will not absorb it as well as the Gulps do.
Fishing the Mid East (3 years ago)
You can just soak it in water for a a hour and they will soften up and cut them off
Fishing the Mid East (3 years ago)
I lets some gulps dry out one time I put them in some recharge and they are good as new
Fishing the Mid East (3 years ago)
+alonsh1987 for a few hours to a few days depends on the bait size and how dried out it is 
alonsh1987 (3 years ago)
+josh white How long does it take for that
Salt Strong (3 years ago)
+josh white Thanks for the tip Josh. Fish On!
Marshall Flavell (3 years ago)
salt strong thanks for feed back and link 👍👍
Marshall Flavell (3 years ago)
salts thong you should give your softbaits to me plz 😅😅
Salt Strong (3 years ago)
+Marshall Flavell Haha... those old Gulps get used up for catching bait - http://www.saltstrong.com/articles/how-to-catch-pinfish/
Marshall Flavell (3 years ago)
thanks for the great vid👍👍👍
Kevin Boomhower (3 years ago)
Don't throw out that hook, cut off the bait.
Jimmy Sweeney (3 years ago)
you can re hydrate them and take it off of the hook
AnAtoly FurmАnov (3 years ago)
Hi what is brand waterproof case ,thanks.
AnAtoly FurmАnov (3 years ago)
Ok cool thanks for your time!
Salt Strong (3 years ago)
+Anatoly Furmanov I believe this one was a Ziplock bag, but all brands should work just fine... freezer bags are the best!
Kayak Chris (3 years ago)
Also, I found out the hard way, don't leave your gulp on the jig head and put it together back in the juice thinking it'll be ready to go next time. In a day or so the Gulp juice will eat your hook to nothing.
Salt Strong (3 years ago)
+Kayak Chris Great tip Chris! I learned that lesson the hard way too when I put some flies in Gulp juice overnight in hopes that the scent would help draw strikes... I have no idea what they put in that juice, but the fish love it but the hooks can't handle it. Fish On!
Kees Rose (3 years ago)
Jig head is still good isn't it? scissor it off? I have one dried up I was thinking rehydrate and use.
Salt Strong (3 years ago)
+Kees Rose Hey Kees, thanks for making time to leave a comment. I've only had this happen once, and the jig head was already starting to rust so I didn't go through the effort of cutting it off. That may work, but it would require a strong pair of scissors. My guess is that you can soak it in water for a while and the Gulp will eventually soften enough to get off. If you give that a try, please let me know how it works.
k0pper (3 years ago)
I made the mistake once and left a 3" new penny Gulp one of my favorite jigs overnight. Refusing to toss it, I let it sit in water over night and was then able to cut if off the next day. Might not work in all situations, but worth a shot if you have it attached to something you want to at least make an attempt to save.
Salt Strong (3 years ago)
+k0pper Thanks for leaving the helpful comment. Glad to hear that you were able to rescue your jig head from the Gulp shrinkage.
Sam Root (4 years ago)
is that an old school Cotee jig head?
Salt Strong (4 years ago)
+sam root Haha... it sure is. I have a ton of them in my pile of extra tackle that I've accumulated over the years, and I picked this one to use for the Gulp shrinkage test since it was already rusted. I believe they make them with stronger hooks now... the one in this video can get straightened by a puffer fish:)

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