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Berkley PowerBait Swimbaits

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Berkley pro anglers discuss their favorite swimbaits and techniques used to catch bass and walleye.
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eddie m. (7 months ago)
Great for largemouth bass and affordable :)
jakisdat BOSS (8 months ago)
Powerbait, I have 1 problome. I can only catch 1-2 fish on your pre-rigged swimbaits. Once I catch 2 fish the barb falls off. If you can fix this problome let me know.
John R (1 year ago)
Yeah it'd be nice if line didn't swim in it's fuckin side
Diego Garcia (2 years ago)
Mikel Leming (4 years ago)
Haven't had any luck with these things except in a stocked tank
Tyler Simmons Fishing (2 years ago)
Mike Leming I use the little 2 inch and the big 4 inch and i have caught alot of crappie and sunfish with them i love them and had a bass on one but lost him and my cousin broke the line 3 times using these on trout they do work
thats because you can't fish...
dc (6 years ago)
I hate powerbait
kattysat (6 years ago)
I bought some powerbait sandeels (3 pack, 25g each) earlier today and although it was getting a little too dark when I got to the estuary tonight to really have a session with them, I tried one out to see how it goes in the water and I was really surprised how lifelike it was in the fast tide we have here.I'm going to try a little drop shotting soon as well as general twitch pause and retrieve with them.
noah midgley (6 years ago)
i love powerbait
Will Nighswonger (6 years ago)
just fish a big hammer its more eratic
DL9619 (6 years ago)
guys this looks like it is just a nouther bait but real it not it DOSE catch the big ones
n Mack (2 months ago)
I just had a brain aneurysm reading this
WisFishing (7 years ago)
Surprisingly when i fished the 3'' ripple shad up north.. The pike hit it more than the bass did.. deadly bait!

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