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Startup Funding Explained: Everything You Need to Know

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Text Comments (1111)
hodyesod (8 hours ago)
Outstanding video...
https://chat.whatsapp.com/HuO2oyVNok8L2f09WA7vYY Group mein aakar humse startup ke lie funding le sakte hai
Arominit (2 days ago)
700 million I"m out
AlphizzleMusic (4 days ago)
Why does 20% share at $50,000 = $250,000? What's the calculation?
Agastya Adguna (1 day ago)
the $50.000 (which is 20% share) is equals of $250.000 valuations (100% share). Just like a pie chart
Tushar Dhameliya (9 days ago)
hi, there. for all entrepreneurs out there IIM Indore is organizing entrepreneur summit in august. All the young mindset interested in fundings please drop me a message and let's connect.
Nathan Raymond (9 days ago)
Thank you!! Like, subscribed and shared!
Deepa Singhal (10 days ago)
Excellent, crisp video. A question though. By the time the company becomes sustainable, how come some founders have 60-70% company shares while other founders are left with barely less than 6-7% shares? For example, Bill Gates, Bezoz, Alibaba (guess), might large 50%+ownership v/s Steve jobs or Uber founders may be left with minority shareholding and are ousted in the end.
George Boyer (12 days ago)
I got my business funding from lutherangrants/org .They sent me over $$60,000 from their grant schemes .
Atakan Oruc (17 days ago)
Praveen Kumar (18 days ago)
I'm MBA dropout ... I really like this . We can learn so much than these Mangament schools . I want to do startup . #Great info ....
You’re an angel, not the angel you were talking about. A reAl angel. Thank you!
Constantin (22 days ago)
Really Good research and short explanation ;)
popothebright (23 days ago)
LOL. Year 6 it turns a profit for the first time... "Time to exit". (What a racket).
Jonathan Smith (23 days ago)
This guy talks way too fast
Robert Todd (29 days ago)
I got my business funding from lutherangrants org .I received a grant of $53,000 all thanks to them .
George Boyer (1 month ago)
Lutherangrants/org just sent me over $44,000 from their grant schemes .They are amazing.
Tyler Lybarger (1 month ago)
Instead of buying 10,000 shares of a newly formed company at $5 a piece with there being 100,000 in total and eventually selling when shares are worth, let's say $27 a piece, wouldn't you be able to hold your shares and collect 10% of the net profit since you have 10% of the shares or collecting dividends if the company you invested in ends up on the stock market?
Sk8Rat19100 (1 month ago)
Save up minimum $2000, invest carefully in an IPO offering around $0.20 - $0.80 a share, sell your stocks when they double or more rinse wash and repeat. Pick up some pricier stocks if it seems to have potential growth or has a good dividend enjoy x.
"Nate" Marius Dorneanu (1 month ago)
Hey guys, i work for a Lender company and we fund a lot of start - ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are really serious in starting the business, we can help lending money so you can start your business
FreeTemple (1 month ago)
How much dividends can be received from 10 millions shares per 70 dollars for each of them ? Rougly speaking
Osm. Grt job.
Ameya Patil (1 month ago)
Extremely well made
Thanks a lot for this. Which book would go well with this video?
Ever After (1 month ago)
My company is called Green life Nature.... I just realized that I still have a long way to go with my program.
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Shubhang Jain (1 month ago)
Wow man..amazing content 👏🏻🔥
Jose Bessette (1 month ago)
I am so grateful to lutherangrants/org .They helped me with a grant of $30,000 to pay off my debt .
Navneil Naicker (1 month ago)
Great content. Thanks!
Tarek Faham (2 months ago)
This is awesome video, please reply to my previous question. Thanks.
Wesdon (2 months ago)
Can someone please explain where he got the $250,000 value in the company when the founders only issued 100,000 shares? Does that mean the company was originally valued at $200,000 and if so, how is this valued this amount so early?
Ty Carter (2 months ago)
So happy I found this video. So helpful. Thank you
kore sam (2 months ago)
Shiv Tech (2 months ago)
Thank you for making this video, it's very useful. I also just published a video on fear of failure specifically for my own startup. Its also my first video, so I hope it can be useful to others!
Tarek Faham (2 months ago)
Please explain to me, in the beginning, how that $50,000.00 became $250,000.00?! I understood the math (50000/20%=250000) but I still feel there is something missing... I mean how this will add value to the real cash since we only have $50,000.00!!!
Ms Marks (2 months ago)
👌🏾👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿💸💵💵💵💵 great video explanation.
Rudhisundar Beura (2 months ago)
Thank you, so much!!
Lijith KJ (2 months ago)
The hardest part is to start and to do that...... You many have to https://youtu.be/vDGawqFv0ao
John Park (2 months ago)
somebody give me a small loan of million dollars
Alessio Frassinetti (2 months ago)
wow - so difficult made so easy!! Gooooooood job!
Betta Forevea (2 months ago)
I have a great plan but where do I start any investers on here with proof I'm a single person trying do this
Gayan Perera (2 months ago)
How we initially calculate 100,000 shares, what is the logic behind them
Nguyen Nam (2 months ago)
"Go Fund Yourself" =)))
Trustart Financial (2 months ago)
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Faruk Basar (2 months ago)
s8t dope. well explained with pictures :D
DOMINIQUE COLLINS (2 months ago)
Thank you
Quinitaz (3 months ago)
Best business video I've found in my 5 months of searching: Amazing visuals, Fantastic concept, Easy to understand explanations, This video has it all!
Hari Tellabati (2 months ago)
Awesome, not easy to explain in a such simple terms. Brilliant video!!!
GEOFF. C (3 months ago)
1 in a million... At least one person who watched this video is now rich as
Mohammad Aarif (3 months ago)
This is the video I have learnt the most
Vinny Henson (3 months ago)
1:40 hehe
Vyrkhan (3 months ago)
From IPO to Fortune 500. Your next financial goal should be enter in the S&P 500.
videxvid (3 months ago)
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Anubhav (3 months ago)
Precisely explained.
Kshitiz Gupta (3 months ago)
Youve got yourself a subscriber
Kasim Kureshi (3 months ago)
if only life was as smooth as this video explains it to be.
Very succinct video on how the VC invest and get a return on their investments.
Michael Fulgencio (3 months ago)
Why don’t they teach us this in schools
its me (3 months ago)
What if you want to keep your company ?
fake buddy (3 months ago)
Ok Very good collection of knowledge provided
Hubert (3 months ago)
That was the best 9 minute explanation for VC money, I have watched.
syed - USA (3 months ago)
very inspiring video. Start up funding is available. Even you have Idea for any business and keen to start. Amazing loan product. Peoples dream are coming true now. promptfund.com
rukain (3 months ago)
Awesome video.
Pat W (3 months ago)
how shark tank works behind the scenes off camera.
Bryant Ortiz (3 months ago)
Well organized and explained. Our MorphoMFG team assist many entrepreneurs that crowdfund from kickstater and Indiegogo. If you ever need any guidance or information in entrepreneurship in the product development world, please feel free to check out our FB group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1646551398953191?ref=share
Jeaf Gilbert (4 months ago)
“They will actually be stock split along the way which convert each single share anyone holds into multiple shares. Hance your number of shares is doubled or tripled every now and then along with everyone else’s”. Can anyone elaborate more how the splitting exactly works?
Jacky Do (4 months ago)
When you enter an investor agreement and you are supplying capital to the company for a startup, should all the other parties who also invested... Are they suppose to also know who all the big investors are as well and how much percentage they have? Should it always be transparent (on paper or legal investor document) to everybody who invested and how much each shareholder owns and how much they have contributed? What if someone makes up their contribution and gives themselves 30 percentage within the company?
babi ternak ✔️ (4 months ago)
You can Help my friend and read our story https://gogetfunding.com/help-faisal-and-family/
Veni Vidi Amavi (4 months ago)
*this video is so helpful thank you!!*
Sunny Pandey (4 months ago)
Wow god you are the best
Daija Booker (4 months ago)
Atanas Baichev (4 months ago)
Guys I don't get the principle how from a company with 100k got to a company with 250k with only 50k investment?
William Peytz (3 months ago)
Because they bought 20% for 50k
Kevin Burress (4 months ago)
So I need to come up with an idea for the project that isn't the one that I want to do so I can sell it so I can later sell my shares and leave to go do the one I want to do.
Marco Blackwell (4 months ago)
Amazing video
Behram Ko (4 months ago)
Your explanation doesn't refer to what creates value : which is that you get customers. But none of the investors or the founders create this value, only the work of human beings creates value, the work of tge employees and/or the work of the founders. You never mentioned the employees in your explanation, do you consider them like slaves or robots maybe???
Colin Wagaba (4 months ago)
Very insightful.
KIRAN BOYAPATI (4 months ago)
Surafeal Wolday (4 months ago)
I wish you were my professor in college! This is “painfully easy” to understand.
James Parker (4 months ago)
Lutherangrants com are life savers .I just received a grant of $40,000 from them .
Crystal Yeow Ching Ching (4 months ago)
I only focus on profit!!!
Mohammed Zaid (4 months ago)
This was so relaxing and informative at the same time.
Ayush kumar (5 months ago)
thank you. it really helped me to understand
Luis Del Giudice (5 months ago)
Usually the money isn't for servers, that's actually the cheapest part, most of the time the money is needed to bring the engineers full-time. An investment of 50k is considered a pre-seed investment and seed investments are usually 1M or less. Series A usually go for 1m+
Istvan Homoki (5 months ago)
Can you recommend a mentor? My company has huge potencial but I need guidance.
Israel Galivjan (5 months ago)
515 people never understood the game the rich play.
Ritam Talukdar (5 months ago)
Speak slow
Atsushi Yamaguchi (5 months ago)
i love it when he says congrats
Well explained!. Thanks
Navak (5 months ago)
Bank loan -- you pay it back with interest Fundraising -- your equity is diluted Kickstarter -- you own everything
TheGameFreak013 (5 months ago)
dilution sounds a bit unfair to the early investors
Rohit Kumar (5 months ago)
You should mention the name of the song used, along with the mention.
Sándor András (5 months ago)
I like how you said "crowd funding" instead of fools, almost the same.
Jovad Uribe (5 months ago)
Can some one point me in the right direction for setting up the legal structure to distribute 100,000 shares in an employee owned company. I have an LLC but don’t necessarily know how to create legal documents. I am also interested in the legal side of receiving a seed investment. Thanks
IT Build (5 months ago)
can anyone recommend me some books on startups investments ??
IT Build (5 months ago)
God how i missed this video
chaos98GTVS (5 months ago)
The quiet fatrat song in the background, so great :D
Tun Tun (5 months ago)
Love the intro lol
flora williams (5 months ago)
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Bryan Smith (5 months ago)
Seems like the first investment would be the hardest to get.
S O M E O N E (5 months ago)
100 out of 10 What a nice explanation I subed BTW
許漢庭 (5 months ago)
I have finished watching this video completely. (我看完這部影片了) I am a Taiwanese who cares about the global affairs. (我是一個關心全球事務的台灣人) And, sadly, most of my fellow Taiwanese don't really care about the world. (但是,很不幸地,我大部分的台灣同胞不那麼在意世界。) Hopefully Taiwan can become increasingly globally-aware and globally-competitive. (希望台灣可以越來越有全球意識與全球競爭力。) God bless Taiwan. (天佑台灣。)
ahmad fadzel (5 months ago)
if they are exiting by going public, who runs the company?

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