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E-Commerce: Expanding Trade Horizons

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The expansion of e-commerce offers new markets for SMEs and entrepreneurs, and is poised to drive inclusive growth. What top challenges are ripe for international collaboration? Join this issue briefing for the latest insights on global e-commerce from e- payments to trade in digital services. · Roberto Azevêdo, Director-General, World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva · Jeff Kratz, General Manager, Latin America, Canada and Caribbean, Amazon.com, USA · Demetrios Marantis, Senior Vice-President, Global Government Relations, Visa, USA Moderated by · Jean-Claude Ramirez, Managing Partner, South America, Bain & Company, USA http://www.weforum.org/
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Manuela Alboreto (1 year ago)
Thanks ~ What I can do to be part of this GLOBAL MOMENT ? I know who I am , I know what I can do, I know I can help others ,I have experience in school, tourism and organizzation .... BUT who is near me DON"T BELIEVE what I try to say and manifest ~ I know my mission and I patient long long time ~ From Sri Lanka to Italy ~ I know I need help form someone is behind and I don't know who is ~ :) thanks for all you working for GLOBAL IN PROGRESS
Manuela Alboreto (1 year ago)
From Italy ~ hello !
mahdi sazagar (1 year ago)
Phenamenal topic and panelists. ..tnx
Colin Burnside (1 year ago)
E- Commerce has a limit on how it can work, it,s a nice concept based on the principle of if we reach 1000 people we can sell to 1%. Well we have 10 customers. Selling is the Goal. I you have a product that is can reach 10% of the customers you have 100 customers. But, and this is the big bang. Manufactures and buyers have to be comfortable with each other.

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