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BEST FREE SUPREME BOT EVER! (Supreme Auto Checkout Bot)

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In this video I go over what is in my opinion the best free Supreme bot on the market. This bot is dope, and I definitely recommend you check it out if you can't afford to drop fat stacks on Forcecop. *This bot is not mine, all the credit goes to the original creator!* ♦DOWNLOAD LINK♦ http://bit.ly/2fzZqaH ♦SUBSCRIBE♦ http://bit.ly/2j9hlXr ♦SOCIAL MEDIA♦ ➤Instagram: @dafsupreme https://www.instagram.com/dafsupreme/ ♦MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO♦ ➤http://bit.ly/1QXKNta
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Text Comments (130)
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
What's up guys, been really busy with school and all that, I'll try to respond to all your comments. This video blew tf up by the way, thank you guys so much! 124 likes and 7.4k views, insane frfr
Declan Warner (4 days ago)
Should I trust this because I’m not tryna get robbed
Declan Warner (4 days ago)
Idk if I wanna put my credit card number into this
Krisjelly2 (10 days ago)
Took an L Today gutted wanted that bogo beanie' i got card declined XD
XXX fan_ pageXXX (10 days ago)
thanks dude
christian palumbo (12 days ago)
Boys i have a question ive never used it before so i leave My computer on with autocop whit autopay enabled i can buy thing while Im in School can happen to appaer recaptcha of Google or somthing Like that or i can be sure i'll buy what i want??????
Krisjelly2 (24 days ago)
did this fail anyone else today on the killer collab or nah
Faiz Dalik (3 days ago)
Mason whats your add to cart and checkout delay times? Manual cvv?
christian palumbo (12 days ago)
So is there any chance i can buy AF 1 x supreme x cdg tomorrow whit autocop while Im At School how The fuck does autocop works??? XD
Mason (15 days ago)
Kraken yes it works good will be trying for box logo in December
Kraken (16 days ago)
+Mason so this bot works?
Mason (16 days ago)
Krisjelly2 I just got black warm up pants in medium this week but wasn’t really that hyped. Checked email and got it at 11:01 so that means the bot did cook even with all the lag that was on the drop this week.
UMO (1 month ago)
Can yo make a live cop with this bot?
Christopher Wilson (1 month ago)
What about the ccv if your not able to be there for the drop? Do you have to fill it it?
drxtonio (1 month ago)
Christopher Wilson i got the same question
DJ3K42 (1 month ago)
quick question, does supreme only allow you to put 1 item in your cart? Like if you’re using a bot will it put hella hoodies or are you restricted to one of each item regardless. p.s. - this is gonna be my first try to cop tm
TheAsianAstronaut (1 month ago)
UMO nah
UMO (1 month ago)
Did you cop?
TheAsianAstronaut (1 month ago)
DJ3K42 same lol
UMO (1 month ago)
Still work?
Mason (1 month ago)
UMO yeaa
Retail Buddy (1 month ago)
200 + 2000 has never worked. I reccomend 1500 + 3500, which seems high, but I cook most items. *_Side note, you desever wayyyy more subs <3_*
Reddit Addict (22 days ago)
wait hold up this bot still works in fw18?
Alistair Smith (1 month ago)
+Emiliano Camacho it's 4s if you can even math
Emiliano Camacho (1 month ago)
u cookin bricks or sum? Thats like 15 seconds everything sells out before that
Retail Buddy (1 month ago)
Max Eastwood (1 month ago)
Any of you guys not getting the drops sections, it keeps loading and won’t show the latest drops and the weeks
Jenny Yun (1 month ago)
When you put down the color and you want either red or black do you put both ??? Or do I have to add different item?
Famous Dennis (1 month ago)
It doesnt auto add to cart, help or auto checkout.. only fills it in after clicking add to cart then checkout
Raid (2 months ago)
Failed me today, it couldn‘t find the product although I used the supreme community droplist function…
성주영 (2 months ago)
Raid they changed the tshirt to tops/sweater
Ldzzle x (2 months ago)
same, it failed
Thomas Jadallah (2 months ago)
If I leave it on auto checkout and auto pay, with the autocop set correctly, if I'm away from my computer during drop, will it just be able to automatically go to supreme site? Also if I don't care about color or size can I leave it blank?
christian palumbo (12 days ago)
+DAFSupreme can happen Like recaptcha while Im afk????
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
Not sure about the color/size thing, but yes, you can leave your pc alone. I left my laptop on at home while at school and copped a tnf hat afk
Clay Migura (2 months ago)
i hope it works mate. i’m trying to cop cdg box logo sweatshirt
Vape Naysh Yall (2 months ago)
Did it work???
ivan , (2 months ago)
PWS (2 months ago)
Clay Migura same
DcRone (2 months ago)
Can I trust them, if I give them my credit card?
DcRone (1 month ago)
DAFSupreme ok thank you
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
Yes, your info is not stored anywhere in their servers. This is just an autofill/checkout :)
TanaMoose (2 months ago)
lol step up your game
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
step up my game? in what way
PWS (2 months ago)
TanaMoose AND YOU KNOW bruh look at ur pic, that meme was funny 8 years ago
Sebastien Devaleriola (2 months ago)
what do u mean
FILTEROFFICIALS (2 months ago)
so will it work tomorrow or not?
Jorge Rodriguez (1 day ago)
I don’t think it works anymore
ivan , (6 days ago)
When you break it down there really isn't that much just follow the sections and fill out what it asks Google is your friend for example the ATC product description which it gets identified as you can look up the Bot descriptive words I also had it loading on another computer to compare times and it's pretty unbeatable definitely awesome for free
ivan , (6 days ago)
Jorge Rodriguez You definitely need to set drop time at least for me I did a minute before and it kept scanning the website until it dropped and then I had a cart delay and check out delay it's very few milliseconds like 500 and 1500 I think you can look it up to be sure but I believe that was the times people have their own times also it worked for me first try just make sure you have all of your info and everything checked
Jorge Rodriguez (6 days ago)
ivan , like timing of the drop or how much time to check out ?
ivan , (6 days ago)
Jorge Rodriguez Yup gotta make sure you get your times right so you don't get denied
die yolos (2 months ago)
I wanna cop the come des garçons shirt this Thursday
die yolos (1 month ago)
DAFSupreme no
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
hey, how did the cop go? did the bot work out?
Do u know what color name it is?
Jacob Rosado (2 months ago)
die yolos How do you know that it doesn’t work??
die yolos (2 months ago)
Jiggy Rosado no 😭
die yolos (2 months ago)
What means checkout delay? I put 0 in the field .. is this good ?
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
set the delay to at least 3-4 seconds, it reduces the chance of a card decline
die yolos (2 months ago)
Ok now I put same inside like you is it good?
Arturo Duran (2 months ago)
No you'll instantly get a decline try 3
Kixrgold (2 months ago)
Guys HMU on ig @kixrgold for forcecop for $10
FirePoseidon (2 months ago)
does it work on fw18?
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
It should work, haven't tested it personally on fw18
Tiny Tech00 (3 months ago)
Since I’m on the west coast would I do west coast time or east coast time like in the video. I will need a answer ASAP please!
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
Put west coast time, whenever the items drop in your area
Kanye Waste (2 months ago)
Tiny Tech00 do you know what time to put for west?????
Brayden's Kicks (3 months ago)
probably the time it says on your computer
Thomas Pistillo (3 months ago)
Which time do i have to write?
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
write your local time, when the item drops
Pijus (3 months ago)
Works f/w 2018?
Vahe Toros (3 months ago)
anybody know if this bot is a scam or not?
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
I've used it a few times, and I can confirm it's not a scam
spacecity713 (2 months ago)
The bot is not a scam
Derivin (3 months ago)
falafel er fråd (3 months ago)
Does it work in Fall 2018?
Mike Miller (2 months ago)
ayo dont try youll get black listed!
Kixrgold (2 months ago)
falafel er fråd Im selling forcecop for $10 hmu on ig @kixrgold
byYesus (3 months ago)
so supreme will bann autofill?
Janko Stojadinovic (3 months ago)
I saw, but who knows if it will work
Leandro Solano (3 months ago)
they just updated the bot today
leo lefi (5 months ago)
Hey, do you have card declined with this bot or not ?
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
I've been card declined when I set my checkout delay too low, but usually it's fine
HP Yeti (3 months ago)
Maxime boi (5 months ago)
does the auto cop cop everything he can ?
Jonas (6 months ago)
Does it also work in SS18?
Vape Naysh Yall (2 months ago)
It really does?
LiTTLE GANGi (4 months ago)
Yes it does
Dingle (6 months ago)
says bot not configured yet... i cant make it work
Gohu (4 months ago)
Dalton M (7 months ago)
Thanks buddy!
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
you are very welcome
roshspike (7 months ago)
Hey man i wanted to let you know that this vid was very helpful, i was wondering if you have to put the new york time or your regular time zone
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
Set the time for whenever it drops in your area. For example, if your country has a 6 hour difference, NYC drops at 11am, so in your country it would drop at 5pm. Just set the time to whatever time it is in your area when the items drop, if that makes any sense :)
Trvpbøi Vinø ™ (7 months ago)
Do you have to be on the computer or can it cop while your off it?
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
you can leave your computer on with the bot running, but don't turn your pc off or else it won't work :)
Ewan Stewart (7 months ago)
Unknøwn-_-Gøat TM can be copped afk as long as you fill out autocop correctly
Kamil Bednarz (8 months ago)
Has this actually worked for you?
DAFSupreme (8 months ago)
Yeah, I copped a Supreme x Scarface tee and a TNF 6-Panel hat using this bot
Max Volle (8 months ago)
Does this bot bypass the captcha?
UMO (1 month ago)
Max what value did you type for delay?
DAFSupreme (1 month ago)
Maybe you set the checkout delay too low? Supreme may have added new ways to detect bots tho, so idk
Max Volle (8 months ago)
DAFSupreme Today I attempted to buy the Tennis Balls and the Long Sleeve Striped Shirt. I had auto checkout and Auto cart enabled but I left the CCV blank. After entering it in and checking out, it said Supreme does not tolerate bots on its site. Does this mean this bot doesn’t work anymore?
Max Volle (8 months ago)
DAFSupreme thanks! I would love to see some videos of you live copping stuff if possible! Also just subbed :)
DAFSupreme (8 months ago)
You should be able to bypass the Captcha if you don't autofill your cvv, and just paste it in yourself. It will probably take a few seconds longer, but it should work for you :)
Sammy Kramer (10 months ago)
How well does this work in comparison to ForceCop? Especially when trying to cop more than one item at a time (i.e., beanie, and a t-shirt)?
DAFSupreme (10 months ago)
I haven't tried copping multiple items before, but I think it should work fine. I'm not sure if it's better than Forcecop, but if you've already bought Forcecop, I would use it instead. Since it's a paid bot, it'll most likely do better than this one. This bot is just for the people who can't afford Forcecop, but it still does the job pretty well :)
epic Jamaica (10 months ago)
hey go and check out these supreme hoodies for the lowest price ever. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338233418&mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fm.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FNew-Supreme-Champion-Box-LogoHip-Hop-coats-Embroidered-Cotton-Sweater-Hoodies%2F253323160542%3Fhash%3Ditem3afb3cabde%3Am%3Am8dH-DoaJeN-LWtVU-FCByw%20
Ty Liu (10 months ago)
hey i was not able to add this week's scarface™ jacket to cart, it says product not found. any idea why
Hyuntaek Seo (7 months ago)
You need to put the right color name, that's why
Jacob Starr (10 months ago)
probably sold out? it worked for me i got it within seconds
DAFSupreme (10 months ago)
I'm not sure, you should ask the developer. Maybe you put the wrong keywords?

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