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You get a Car! Live JS Pro Tips + Swag Giveaways

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You get a prize! Everybody on the stream will win a free "physical" object that you can hold in your hands. One extra lucky person will win the T-shirt featured in Episode 140 https://youtu.be/Mus_vwhTCq0
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Text Comments (15)
Omar (8 days ago)
How can I create facet filter in angularfire2
Anshika (10 days ago)
You are really decent guys, who share straight forward, that's the best thing i like about you, content quality always top noch
Tinashe Dube (11 days ago)
cool vids man
Boogie Down Games (13 days ago)
always awesome content.
郭晨曦 (13 days ago)
Are there any source code?
gunitakon (13 days ago)
Oh damn I missed it by 4 hours haha Keep up the good work, Jeff
Angular Firebase (13 days ago)
Next time :)
Daniel Luke (13 days ago)
A car???
Angular Firebase (13 days ago)
My accountant made me change it to a sticker
Vallabh Rao (13 days ago)
You are the best!! Love your videos!!
Angular Firebase (13 days ago)
Thank you everybody, not a Tesla, but the next best thing :)
Omar (8 days ago)
How can I create facet filter in angularfire2 , please.
Angular Firebase (13 days ago)
Thanks, I think it's just a good camera angle
Marius Timuț ☑️ (13 days ago)
Angular Firebase OMG, you look so healthy and happy. Wish I was like that
Berat Sulimani (13 days ago)
Hi Jeff, your are the best.

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