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How to Add Payment Gateways in Shopify

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In this video tutorial we will walk through step-by-step how to setup payment gateways in Shopify so you can start accepting payments for orders. We will go over the different options you have for accepting payments as well as how to set them up on your Shopify store. Subscribe to this channel if you want to be the first to be notified of new weekly videos each week all about Shopify!
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aMbEy H (1 year ago)
I have a question on the shopify payment part the first one. if you sent that up when the customers pay does it go street to the bank account that you put on there?
Oma Beauty Bar (10 months ago)
Please I have one more question, I have set up my account payment with shopify, but on the paypal section, it says: Your store accepts PayPal payments with PayPal Express Checkout. A PayPal button will display during checkout. After your first sale, PayPal will email you with instructions for setting up a PayPal Merchant account and claiming your funds. Do you advice I wait for my first sale? Secondly, do I need to create Amazon pay account before I will start receiving money into my account? Thank you
White River (1 year ago)
what if i like to get paid by credit card or Visa ? i think its the fastest payment method instead of using direct bank account
Yes you are correct if you enable Shopify payments the customer can pay with any card and it will be processed for you and put into your bank account. For PayPal, you will need to setup a PayPal account to collect payments through here. Once you create your account and link it to your store people will be able to pay with PayPal but the money will go into your PayPal account and not directly into your bank account.
aMbEy H (1 year ago)
i have one more question for you.say that I only use the first one, the shopify payment. Can the customers use any payment method with that one? Use any any card? And can they use their paypal on there and send the money to my business bank account that way without me having a paypal?
aMbEy H (1 year ago)
thank you. I'm glad u knew what i meant cuz i didn't mean to put street. lol. But thank you =-)
HAN ANGEL SHOPS (1 month ago)
hi shopify payments do they want the necessary documents
Yes after you have reached a certain threshold of sales they will contact you asking for documents.
Kofi Annor (1 month ago)
Yay!, good stuff !
Glad you liked the video Kofi!
jay hernandez (3 months ago)
Hey have you ever had to set up the HTML Code to your website for affirm, they making me embed it and its really confusing
No we haven't had to do that before. Did they give you a link to an online tutorial you could share?
Mike Breler (3 months ago)
Can a Shopify seller set up Paypal as the only payment option for buyers, or is Paypal only available to set up as an additional payment option for customers?
Dennis Crooks (3 months ago)
Was hoping a demonstration would be done for persons outside of the countries such as Canada, US etc.
Mike von dice (4 months ago)
the paidmen provider is the key to make money.. this is what all people have problem with.
Macleata Kirkwood (4 months ago)
I am banned from stripe
BLVD W (5 months ago)
Shopify payments is bullshit
ErickTheGreat (5 months ago)
can i do it with out credit card?
Edward Bronner (8 months ago)
thank you again.very good info.
Tor Tilla (8 months ago)
Change the name of the video please. It should be "How to setup Shopify Payments settings". Useless information to people in countries where this gateway is unavailable. Thanks.
Hussam (8 months ago)
is this only for people in the us?
Yes there are different payment gateways for different countries. You can see all the different payment gateways by country here: https://www.shopify.com/payment-gateways#Gateways
Nancy S. Flores (9 months ago)
Hi, Thank you for your video. I live in Sweden what wold recomment to choose as payment method?
mexxstylez (9 months ago)
Do I need a business number?!
Florida Dental Supply (9 months ago)
Can you have a default payment option and enable some other payment option for special customers?. For example I want all new customers to pay with PayPal and current customers pay with Checks in 30 days. Is this posible?
Nagiyeva Elvira (9 months ago)
Hello! Guys, I need your help. Share your experiences, please. I'm looking for crypro payment gateway for my online store. Is someone here who is already using this service? I will really appreciate your help. Thanks
Julia Veng (9 months ago)
Hello)) Try elegro plugin, they offer bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin and 0% for exchange. its very handy, you can try to download it and start to accept in 5 min.
Oma Beauty Bar (10 months ago)
Elle thank you so much. I don't know what I would've done without noticing you on youtube. Everything I needed for my shopify at one place. Thank you again
Thanks so much for the feedback and I'm so glad to hear you found it helpful
gordon wilkinson (10 months ago)
thanks found this video very helpful, just like no if you got video out show how separate products on shopify shop page like columns as want all clothes together then watches together and so on but when on my shop everything all over
B_Lockk (10 months ago)
NAJ (10 months ago)
Jayrod (10 months ago)
Thank you so much this is exactly what I was looking for!
So glad we were able to help!
Amir Laraki (11 months ago)
Sup, i just wanted to know if you can use only one credit card for many stores?? Is it possible???
Yes you can use the same credit card and bank information for many stores however you will still have to set them up individually.
sLiM sHaDy (11 months ago)
I have connected paypal with shopify, but I do not have stripe, I'm from Serbia, so I need to find the way to put in except paypal, any credit cards for paymant, like visa/master ... Can you help me ?
Rapid 4life (11 months ago)
I have a question what should i do if when i want to pay by paysafe appear “xml error”??please help me!
Are you seeing the issue on the backend of your store when adding in the payment gateway or in the checkout process when you are trying out a test order?
Rapid 4life (11 months ago)
@ Curious Themes - Shopify Experts
Newborn Paraguay (1 year ago)
I have a question. I don't get the shopify pay recomended option. I am from Paraguay so Paypay is not available here either only 2checkout. I had to change the currency to US dollars to be able to have the option to have Paypal express. Do you konw if my country will get the Shopify pay any time soon? What's your recommendation for someone like trying to use shopify to expand my business overseas?
Shopify did announce that they are opening up other payment providers this summer/fall but there is no clear date on that yet.
PRITOM HASNA (1 year ago)
Hi Curious.thank you so much for your informative video.can you please tell me can i add my payoneer global bank account number in stripe ?
Hi Pritom I am sorry but I'm not familiar with that bank so I recommend contacting the Stripe support team.
Niikster (1 year ago)
For some reason, i dont have the shopify payments option. I only have "select provider". Can anyone help?
Yes Elyo TV is correct and different providers are available due to your country so if you choose the select provider dropdown you can see all your available options
Elyo TV (11 months ago)
Niikster in settings>payment providers>select provider, you will see what’s available for your country
Niikster (11 months ago)
ah, ok then... but would should i select then? thanks in advance
Elyo TV (11 months ago)
Niikster are you outside the US or Canada? If so, then you won’t find it
David Ng (1 year ago)
hello, my shopify doesnt have the shopify payment section, it just have the paypal section, i dont even have the amazonpay section too, is it because i am not in the USA? i am from panama so i dont know if thats the problem
Elyo TV (11 months ago)
David Ng yes! It is only available for the US and Canada.
Vega 6 (1 year ago)
when doing setting up shopify pay it says Companies House Registration Number (CRN) and I'm not quite sure what that is, do I need to fill that in? thanks for the video btw very helpful
Kelli Copley (1 year ago)
Can you tell me how to edit my account/routing info for my store?
Yes to edit your bank account go to your Shopify backend under "Settings"- "Payment Providers" and then click "Edit" for Shopify Payments. It will then expand with options and you will see "Bank Account" listed there and a link to edit it.
Hunter (1 year ago)
I don't have shopify payment as an option, can you please help?
CharlesCarabott (11 months ago)
Hunter I don't have shopping payments either but that's because I'm not from the USA
CoffeeAndVapes (1 year ago)
Nice vid. Thanks. Could you do a tut on how to set up postage? I will be selling different size vape eliquids and would like to know how to have it automatically combine say 5 bottles to a different postage tier than 1 would be. Hope this makes sense. 👍
Great idea for a video and thanks for sharing! Your best option for shipping products in tiers is going to be using an app called Better Shipping https://apps.shopify.com/better-shipping
SH4D0W_-G4M!NG (1 year ago)
what's the difference between PayPal express and PayPal pro?
PayPal Express is free and will just take your customers right to PayPal to pay. PayPal Pro is paid and lets you customize the checkout process more to add more of your branding
Sara Brandy (1 year ago)
I only have paypal on my online store and the shopify payment options is not even there when i click on settings and payments. Where do i find and it and how can i add the shopify payment option?
Teressa j (1 year ago)
but not for every country is available right? because I dont have either paypal or shopify payment in my store, the choices for ' add a provider ' are mastercard, 2check out and cybersource . I chose mastercard, since 2check out is kinda complicated. and I wanna ask you is mastercard a good choice? im still in the trial mode, didnt yet pick a plan
Hi @Sara! When you go to the "Settings"-"Payments" page you will see the top section of "Accept Credit Cards". When you click on the "Add Provider" button then you will see the option there to add Shopify Payments
Alden Fox (1 year ago)
thank you for this!
glad you found the video helpful!
krishna sagar (1 year ago)
my paypal not connect to shopify.......
Take a Smile (1 year ago)
Thank you so much

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