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HAVOC 2012

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Berkley Havoc 2012 features all the Pro Designed baits in 2011 that made it successful plus the three new baits for the 2012 Bass Master Classic. (Skeet Reese, Mike Iaconelli, Gary Klein, Bobby Lane, Larry Nixon, Boyd Duckett)
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choppa gunna (4 years ago)
Pit boss and craw fatty all day. The 5in pit boss is a crazy bait too it's big and bass love them havoc us the shit
Tim Wood (6 years ago)
what is coming out for berkley powerbaits and gulp
Maddux Lytle (6 years ago)
@beasthockeyplayer4 He was nice to me when i met him at West Point Last year. he said he was gunna give me some of his baits but his boat was in the water.
beasthockeyplayer4 (6 years ago)
NOO hes a prick
max peterson (6 years ago)
@beasthockeyplayer4 R U KIDDING ME
beasthockeyplayer4 (6 years ago)
They have them on tacklewarehouse.con now
beasthockeyplayer4 (6 years ago)
Hate skeet reese!
Josh Korbel (6 years ago)
i love havoc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jacob andrews (6 years ago)
Love all of em

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