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How to add wordpress site to google webmaster? - Google Search Console Tutorial Video

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In This video you will learn how to add wordpress site to google webmaster or search console. I have expalin step by step process to add your wordpress site to google search console and get it verify. Following topics are covered in this video : 1) What is Search Console? or What is Google Webmaster Tool? 2) Why Search console is important? 3) Step by Step list for adding & verifying your wordpress site to google webmaster tool 4) Practical execution/verifying of a wordpress site to google webmaster or search console In this video I have used HTML Tag method to verify the website. Hope this video helps you to verify your wordpress site on google webmaster or google search console. Happy Learning & Keep Digitising!
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Khalid Shariff (11 months ago)
Great Video - Learned one more thing - Thank you . Always a Fan It became quite clear when i did the practical approach which you showed. The Step by Step - Steps are leading somewhere else. This is Good and very helpful video
MouryaViv MV (11 months ago)
Good bro
Ashwini Bissa (11 months ago)
MouryaViv MV plz chk my response below..hope this ll help you...let me know if you need any more clarifications on this topic!
Ashwini Bissa (11 months ago)
Once you have verified your property, even if you remove or delete the plugin it doesn't affect your search console status...
MouryaViv MV (11 months ago)
Ashwini Bissa - Diigitus tell me plz
MouryaViv MV (11 months ago)
Bro but i had small dought that..just now i had submited my site to googel .if i would delete my seo pluggin .did i lost my website verifaction.? Just i have a beginner i was struggleing alot. Help me...->mvhat.com. Tq in advance.
Ashwini Bissa (11 months ago)
Thanks Buddy!

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