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How to Post Invoice in SAP?

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Verify and post the invoice using tcode MIRO.. check blog : http://sapscreencast.blogspot.com/
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Desucof K (28 days ago)
No explanations? I'd like to hear someone explaining things.
megaknight84 (1 year ago)
Mine keeps saying enter a tax jurisdiction code!?!?
Maniak5100 (10 months ago)
That'd likely be the Vendor Master, where you'd need to enter the tax jurisdiction code for that specific vendor. Just a guess, as just that happens exactly on the customer side with invoices, where they get blocked from posting to the ledger when a tax jurisdiction code is unspecified within the customer master.
cynthia m (1 year ago)
megaknight84 yea same how did you end up fixing it?

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