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Berkley Ripple Shad

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Bobby Lane explains the great features of prefers Berkley's new Ripple Shad. For more info and videos visit http://www.wfn.tv/jpgear/
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WisFishing (7 years ago)
I brought these up north with me and they are the best.. They are cheap and the deliver better than any other swimbait i've used.. I just went and bought 5 packs!
Tikoloss (8 years ago)
anyone knows a website for how to hook it nicely, i've got some probs with it... i miss a lot of fish actually and i think its due to the way i hook the bait... help plz?
canmoore (9 years ago)
These kick serious ass! Picked some up recently, these things look so real in the water!! Caught so many fish on this lure. I prefer jigs, 1/8' in shallow water, 1/4 in deeper water. KILLER!!

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