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How to Organize Your Life Using Google Calendar

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Improve your productivity by organizing your life using Google Calendar!
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Mike Bacon (2 days ago)
I’ve watched hundreds of productivity apps and never before have I immediately stopped what I was doing to implement it. Wow! Game changer
Elenatrix (8 days ago)
This calender is amazing
Avraham Bank (16 days ago)
Pot client!
Lala J (24 days ago)
Can I do this on the app or is it different?
Ali Ezzi (28 days ago)
Im the 1000th subscriber :3
Elaine Smith (1 month ago)
how do I get my calendar to come aboard my iphone and computer?
health lifestyle (2 months ago)
Fantastic video. .
Angela Perez (2 months ago)
Very interesting way to set up google calendar. Thanks for sharing!
Fatima Sadique (2 months ago)
Great video, just what I was looking for! Thanks
SortedbyLori (2 months ago)
So glad it was helpful to you! :)
Glacy Zapanta (2 months ago)
Can i create new calendar using the app?
Tom Hinz (2 months ago)
Hey Lori, nice video and nice to connect with you... do you have anything you have learned lately that isn't in your video, that you have added/subtracted/changed? Tom
SMB ! (3 months ago)
hi lori. I was wondering can the calendar names/adding calendars be done on the phone? I can't seem to find how. Please help! Also why do you use evernote too. Couldn't you just use Google calendar for all?
SMB ! (3 months ago)
Loved this. Ty so much. I normally do not sub to technology videos but you explain/teach about this subject so well, I didn't want to lose your channel. I like to stay in the know but hate all the standard channels
Ahsan Mohammad (3 months ago)
That's really helpful
SortedbyLori (3 months ago)
So happy you found it helpful!
95scats (4 months ago)
Love this but was wondering if you use the "task" feature at all?
SortedbyLori (4 months ago)
So glad to hear you found it helpful! I am not a big fan of the task feature. Just haven't found it useful, as I prefer to have all my tasks on my T2D calendar. I could see using the tasks feature for things that are not time-sensitive, but I don't do that.
Rickie (4 months ago)
This has really helped me, thank you!
SortedbyLori (4 months ago)
So happy to hear that! Please let me know if you have any questions.
allkrazi (4 months ago)
At 9:42 you mention the name of an app.  I'm unfamiliar with it and couldn't catch what you said, can you clarify please?
SortedbyLori (4 months ago)
Hi! The calendar app I use is called "Calengoo". I still love it. Here's a link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/calengoo-calendar/id300370871?mt=8
TheInsanlyAwsomeGuys (4 months ago)
Note, the message below is mine. I think somehow I inadvertently clicked on a different youtube site and then sent the message. Just wanted you to know that it's not from The InsanlyAwsomeGuys!
TheInsanlyAwsomeGuys (4 months ago)
Hello, Can you tell me if its possible to display all the appointments within each day when looking at a monthly calendar - essentially I want to see all my appointments at a month at a glance. Currently, I need to click on 2more for example to see all the appointments but then it ends up displaying the appointments in a weekly format. Thanks.
SortedbyLori (4 months ago)
Hi! If you have a lot of appointments on one day, you'll see that "2 more" message. However, up at the top right of the calendar, you have the option of changing the view to Monthly, Weekly, or Daily. If you select Daily, you'll be able to see all of your appointments on that day. Does that answer your question? (Not sure if I understood exactly ;) Thanks for watching!
tom martin (5 months ago)
What's the name of the app for your phone?
SortedbyLori (5 months ago)
It's called Calengoo and I still love it.
Larry Shaw (5 months ago)
Thank you so much... OMG.. love it!! Question, how do you know when you have not accomplished something that needs to be done, just by color and memory?
gloriouz89 (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video. Seeing your actual schedule and how you use it for reference helps more. I use to use iCalendar (Apple), it is not as versatile as google however.
Mobitronix Apps (6 months ago)
CalRinger - Persistent ringing reminders for Google Calendar events I have developed android app which gives persistent ringing reminders for calendar events. The reminders will keep ringing until explicitly dismissed. As opposed to default alert notifications which are prone to be missed as they just disappear after a short while. I am sure it will be game changer for those users who rely heavily on Google calendar events for day to day life. Playstore link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobitronix.gauravchauhan.reminder_calendar_events.pro
Stefanie Mangold (6 months ago)
this is a is a super effective and easy system! I was looking for tutorials when I switched from paper planner to digital. I followed your instructions and after playing around a bit, it works perfectly fine for me. I also like the monthly view!
Stefanie Mangold (6 months ago)
how about an updated "plan with me"?
SortedbyLori (7 months ago)
That makes me SO HAPPY, Stefanie! Thanks so much for telling me and really glad my system is working for you.
Deb Reale (7 months ago)
Great system, Lori! Thanks so much for sharing it. 👍🏼
Lori Donley (7 months ago)
Thanks so much, Deb!
Elaina-Louise Smith (7 months ago)
Very helpful! Giving it a try. Your systems so easy to use and simple. AWESOME!
Raul Souza (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot!!!Amazing tutorial!
Francis Wade (7 months ago)
Hi, I just added this video to our social proof page at www.ScheduleU.org. It's a great explanation of manual Total Task Scheduling. http://scheduleu.org/social-proof
S Kenzig (8 months ago)
Is there a way to reorder the calendars on the side? I now have these 4 along with my other specific ones. I have one specifically for Drs appointments, school (full-time college student), and some for specific activities I am involved in. I did change the informational label to Good to Know because for some reason I couldn't remember what to put on that one or what was on it otherwise.
Gaby (8 months ago)
u must post this on udemy and make a buck while you're at it
Lori Donley (8 months ago)
wow, thanks! Just checked it out and think I'll sign up.
gmc9753 (9 months ago)
Until Google calendar can handle recurring tasks based on completion date, it's no good for me. For example, if you are a month late changing your air filter, do you want the next filter change to be a month early to keep the schedule? Obviously not.
Lilian Jannotti Santana (9 months ago)
When I move my recorring events from main calendar to history, it changes all of them. Is that a way to change a single one?
Lilian Jannotti Santana (9 months ago)
I notice that you dono use the Tasks. Is that a specific reason to that?
Lilian Jannotti Santana (9 months ago)
Wow, exacly what I was looking for. Actually, more than I was looking for. I am a very organized person, but I used to use diferente apps, like reminders, wundelist, productive... with this ideas I can do it all with Google Calendar. I shared a to-do list with my husband and it seems that will work great. Thanks Lori
SortedbyLori (9 months ago)
So happy you found it helpful! Let me know if you have any questions. :)
Marc-Antoine Rivet (9 months ago)
Great Video, love it ! But i still have 2 questions related to calendar : 1 - Why the 1,2,3,4 is important ? It is for Google or for better organization ? 2 - Why history ? Google keep any events, tasks ect ? Thanks for you support !
SortedbyLori (9 months ago)
So happy you like my Google Calendar system! I use the numbers in the calendar titles so that they are organized according to my priority, rather than alphabetically. I keep a history calendar because I like to have the ability to go back and see what I did on a certain day if I want to. As far as I can tell, Google does not keep a history of deleted calendar items. Hope this is helpful!
1025huskym (9 months ago)
I may have missed something here. What is the purpose of putting numbers in front of the name of each calendar?
SortedbyLori (9 months ago)
Hi! I put the numbers in front of the calendars so they're in the order of my preference rather than alphabetical order.
barbara clampin (9 months ago)
Thank you so much, I never understood before about all the different calendars. Best guide I've seen. I have done this on laptop, I hope it will connect with my android calendar too. Also I like the background colour around the whole text, which you said only happens on all day events - I never knew that before. Makes it easier to see. I have set up a birthday and a to do calendar now. Thanks again.
SortedbyLori (9 months ago)
I'm so happy you found my system helpful, Barbara! Please let me know if you have any questions. :)
Abdullah Al Asif (9 months ago)
It was very helpful, Thank you very much, Lori!
SortedbyLori (9 months ago)
So glad! Thanks very much for the kind words, Abdullah.
Mariusz Szurgot (9 months ago)
This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank You :)
SortedbyLori (9 months ago)
I'm so happy you found it helpful! :)
Mina Kaye (10 months ago)
This will change my life. You are my hero
SortedbyLori (10 months ago)
Ha, ha! So glad you like my little system. I've been using it for 3 years now and it's still working. Let me know if you have any questions!
MyShadowCanDance (10 months ago)
This was a great video! I'm, currently trying it out. However, I'm having trouble with moving recurring events to the History calendar. I just keeps on moving all the events and not just the one which is "done". Have you experienced similar issues?
SortedbyLori (10 months ago)
Hi, thanks! Yes, that is one of the annoying things about Google Calendar. They won't let you move just one event of a recurring event to another calendar. It's more steps, by my work-around is to duplicate the event (making sure the recurring box is unchecked) and then saving it to the History Calendar.
JohnS0603 (10 months ago)
Lori, you are my new Calendar hero! < Isn't there any way to drag-and-drop events from the past from the Main calendar onto the History calendar? I have multiple entries that I want to lay to rest on the History calendar, but it's a pain having to open the Edit dialog box for each one, then specifying the History calendar.,.. one... at... a... time... < Likewise, not having the ability to peel off the individual events in a Repeating-Event item is a real pain . Major show-stopper, in my case. < I hope you or someone else (maybe the Google Calendar brain trust?) will figure fixes to one or both of the abore. Bravo the the post! Thanks, JohnS0603
SortedbyLori (10 months ago)
Hey John! Really glad you found my video helpful. Yes, it's super-annoying that Google won't let you move just one event of a recurring event to another calendar. Maybe the Google Brain Trust is listening -- we can hope! I duplicate the event (making sure the recurring box isn't checked) and then save to the History Calendar. Should be easier, but I haven't found a way.
Cj Omalley (10 months ago)
I was just schooling myself and looking for a calendar that I could sync to my cell phone and also use as an organizer. After I figured out how to sync the 2 calendars I happened to stumble upon this video. I started to watch it and laughed when she started creating the different calendars because I am always making THINGS TO DO lists. When she showed this I knew I had to watch the whole video. Nice tips, thanks for the help. I hope you have a most excellent 2018 and I know you will be organized!
Andre W (10 months ago)
Great job Lori, lil bit confused between main calendar and informational, why dont put ur hubby schedule at main? Is there other reason than just the looks?
SortedbyLori (10 months ago)
Andre W Hi, Andre! For something like that, you might try a separate calendar (I.e. 5 - Diet) This way you can easily uncheck it. Try it out and let me know how it works! (Napa was so long ago!
Andre W (10 months ago)
SortedbyLori Lori, if I want to journal my diet, where should I put it? Btw really enjoy your video, esp. Napa...woohoo...:)
SortedbyLori (10 months ago)
Andre W Hi Andre! Thanks so much for watching. I like to reserve my Main Calendar for appointments that require my action at a specific day/time. I don’t want it to be cluttered with my husband’s obligations though I do like to know if he’ll be gone. Thus, I put his stuff on my informational calendar. Does that make sense?
ariamis07 (10 months ago)
I was always intimidated to set up a calendar for some reason and this really helped with how to structure it for myself. Thanks a lot!
SortedbyLori (10 months ago)
Oh, I'm so glad you found my system helpful! Let me know if you have any questions at all. Thanks!
Journey with Antoneta (10 months ago)
Great Tutorial. Thank you for sharing!
jvapr27 (11 months ago)
Does anyone use a desktop client anymore? Do you know of anything that works will with Google Calendar? Sometimes, we don't have access to the internet on our desktops(business travel..).
SortedbyLori (11 months ago)
Oh bummer! I actually don't know of a desktop client that works with Google Calendar. I prefer using the online versions so they sync across my phone and laptop really easily. So sorry I can't be more help!
Barnabas Szakal (11 months ago)
Awsome! Thanks Lori!
SortedbyLori (11 months ago)
Thanks, Barnabas!
Mark Shirley (11 months ago)
I find Google Assistant frustrating - for instance I've set my default notification time to 1 hour before on both my computer and phone in my calendar app, but it sets to 15 minutes before if I use Assistant to create a calendar event. I have tried contacting Google but they say they don't support the calendar app and point me to a forum that then points me to links that I have already looked at. 5 years I've tried to find a solution - I've just come to the conclusion it's a bug they just don't know how to fix. I have the new Pixel 2 and it's still a problem.
SortedbyLori (11 months ago)
How frustrating! I wish I could help, but I don't know much about Google Assistant. Like you said, must be a glitch they don't want to fix.
Gary Pritchard (1 year ago)
Great video and great method of using Google Calendar for To Dos and organizing life. My question is concerning Task List…I want to use a task list for my grocery shopping list therefore I want to view the Task List on my iPhone when I get to the store. Is this list synced to my iPhone Google Calendar and how can I view “Task List” on my iPhone?
SortedbyLori (11 months ago)
Hi Gary - thanks for watching my video! I don't use Task List because I prefer Evernote for lists and I keep my grocery lists on an app called "Shopping List". This system just works better for me. I've never been a fan of Google Task Lists. I just tried to find Google Tasks on the Google Calendar app and I can't find it. I tried following tips explained on Google, and I still can't seem to make it work. I'm sorry!
GPV 2018 (1 year ago)
Excellent video. Loved it. Please explain why did you numbered your calenders? Thank you so much for the great tutorial.
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Hi Suroshree, thanks so much! The reason I number the calendars is so I can order them how I want, rather than alphabetically. If you don't include the numbers, Google will organize them alphabetically.
SonnyBoy (1 year ago)
Fantastic stuff !!! thank you so much
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Thank YOU! :)
James Phillips (1 year ago)
Amazing video. Made Google calendar make total sense... Thanks
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Thanks a bunch, James! Really happy it was helpful to you.
anat zamberg (1 year ago)
loved it!!! thanks a lot
Archita Desai (1 year ago)
+1 for Trello - amazing app!!
crazeechick81 (1 year ago)
What about events that are on repeat? How do you change it to the history calendar without all future events also moving to the history calendar? I have just set them up and am looking forward to using it :) Thanks for the vide and tips
crazeechick81 (1 year ago)
SortedbyLori ok got it. Thanks 😊
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching! Annoyingly, Google Calendar doesn't allow you to move individual repeated events to a different calendar. So, I usually just delete the individual completed event and add it as a new event to my History Calendar. It's a bit extra work, but I like having a record. Hope that makes sense!
Marlene Lee (1 year ago)
Great video and well explained. I love how you set up your calendars. But how do you deal with family members if they have a different schedule? And do you use the Tasks list?
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Thanks so much! If my husband has stuff going on that I need to remember, I add it to my Informational Calendar. (i.e. he has a work dinner one night and I'll be home by myself with the kiddos.) My children are little so because I need to be with them when they have activities, I add those to my Main Calendar. If they were older and their activities didn't require my presence, I'd add them to my Informational Calendar just like I do with my husband's stuff. You could also create a separate calendar for each child, but I would always include items that required my presence to my Main Calendar. I prefer to see my tasks in calendar form, so I add those to my Things to Do Calendar and I don't use the tasks list. :) Hope this is helpful!
Dillon Gaines (1 year ago)
just so stupid........................................................
StrongImaginationA (1 year ago)
I'm editing my calendar as I watch this video, I like the idea of just having seperate calendars instead of just changing the colour of each event you add.
kamry271 (8 months ago)
Does anyone know how to do this on the app
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Yay! I've been using this system for two years now and it works so well. :) Hope you like it!
Eric Guel (1 year ago)
Why is "Trey 11 Months" filed under "Weather"? :-D
magnamia (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! This is so helpful!
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
So glad it's helpful for you! Thanks!
Michelle Lynn (1 year ago)
Thank you for the video- I have a question regarding the repeat events. How do you move the completed repeat event to the "history" calendar??? When I try to move a finished event that is also a repeat event, it forces me to change ALL events to the history calendar.
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Hi Michelle, thanks for watching! You actually can't move only one event of an event that is repeated on Google Calendar. It's a pain, but what I do is just create a new event and add it to the History Calendar and erase the one event on the main calendar.
BlessedbyTMH (1 year ago)
This video was extremely helpful. Thanks for the tips!
Tausif Mulla (1 year ago)
Man!!!! You are ONE organized lady (pun intended). I am gonna make some changes in my calendar. Thanks for this informative video.
Ali Thorn (1 year ago)
Kyle Sherman (1 year ago)
I used this tutorial to set up my calendar. It was so very helpful to organize my frantic life as a teacher. I will be using this system this year to stay on top of my life .
Kimberly Carter (1 year ago)
Google calender has a widget that gives you a view of your calender for the month on Android I'm not sure about Apple. You should check it out I live by mines.
Magalie Linda (1 year ago)
Hey Lori! Thumbs up! This was excellent! Keep it up. You have a new subscriber :)
Roms Jr (1 year ago)
thank you!
Chi9ja (1 year ago)
really helpful thanks
Bob Malone (1 year ago)
Great video! I am trying to integrate your system with the 12 Week Year system (Brian Moran). I have 2 questions: 1. Can you "color code" a calendar (background) to designate dedicated time slots (block schedule)? 2. You mentioned an App toward the end of the video for your phone, but you said it a little too fast and I could not discern the name of it. Can you tell me the name of it please? THANK YOU!
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Hi Bob, thanks! I'm not familiar with Brian Moran's 12 Week Year system. I'll have to check it out. You can certainly change the background colors of a particular calendar (or the color a single, repeated event) to block schedule. For me, I've found the simpler, the better by only having the 4 calendars/colors so all events are classified as either: Appointments, Things To Do, Informational or History. The app I mentioned is called "Calengoo". I prefer it to all the other calendar apps I've tried. Although, the Google Calendar app is a good second. Thanks again for the comment!
person peace (1 year ago)
Amelia EverAfter (1 year ago)
Love your organisation! I have been using Google Calendar for years but it is always so messy, which stresses me out a lot. Thank you for sharing and I already can envision this will help me a lot.
Serene Chan (1 year ago)
i am so happy to find your video!! i have trying to find a way to organize, thank u!
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Wow, thanks so much! So glad it's helpful!
avevictoria (1 year ago)
This is so helpful! I love the idea of having a history tab, and moving things as you go. I will definitely start organizing things this way. Thank you!
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Oh, I'm so happy you found it helpful! Thanks for the kind words. Let me know if you have any questions!
James Raleigh (1 year ago)
How did you get the background colour on the month view? I only seem to be able to change the text colour.
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Hi! The background color is only on "all-day" events. The text color is for those events that occur at a specific time. Hope that helps!
year1929 (1 year ago)
Thank you. Perhaps the most useful thing I came across in a long time! I always hated the idea of not being able to mark calendar task as complete or strike thought them. I hated to just delete stuff, it feels like i have not done anything lol. Your simple idea of creating "history" solves that problem. Thank you!
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Wow, what I nice compliment! I'm so happy you found my system helpful. The History Calendar is pretty much my favorite little trick.
Dave Mauder (1 year ago)
Great video and awesome system for using GCal! I've been reading about the possibility of Wunderlist going away, and this provides a great alternative. Have you considered using Google Reminders as an alternative to the "Things To Do" calendar?
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
I'm so glad you like it! Totally unfamiliar with Google Reminders... I'll check it out! I used to use Google Tasks, which sounds similar, but I really find value in seeing my Things to Do in combination with my other calendar commitments so I can better plan my schedule. :) Thanks, Dave!
Ali Raja (1 year ago)
very informational. Thanks
JMOR M (1 year ago)
Amazing tutorial! Just implemented this last night for my personal and work calendar. I made all 4 calendars for each (8 total) but made sure that each calendar was the same color regardless of whether or not it was personal or work, so I don't get confused. Love it!
Jo Jones (1 year ago)
Great. Thanks.
BlueSeas (1 year ago)
Thanks great help!
Sama H (1 year ago)
Nice -- i've been looking for a video like this (i.e. how you organize the different types of calender/ why and how and what to look for on each iCal) for a while now! Thanks for the tips... I might try this out :)
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Awesome - so glad to hear it! Hope it's helpful for you. :)
Katty Arnow (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! It was a great tutorial :) Just wanted to ask you how you manage to put many events on your "to do " calendar at the same time on the beginning of the week?? It was on Monday and then you move it as the week goes. LMK. Thanks
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Thanks, Katty! I'm so glad you liked it. :) With regard to your question... I like to add my to-dos for the week on Mondays so it doesn't clutter the rest of my calendar. But that doesn't mean that I actually DO all of them on Monday. Typically, when Monday rolls around, I look at all my to-dos and figure out what I think I can reasonably accomplish that week and I'll move items around as appropriate. Sometimes, I'll move an item to the next Monday if I don't think I can get to it that week. Does that make sense?
Jaimee Storrier (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this video, I have started to switch from pen to paper organising to electronic and have loved Evernote to keep track of projects and ToDO lists, but was struggling with Daily/monthly planning as I have a business, work and my personal life to schedule this is PERFECT for me. Im excited to set it up :)
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
I'm so happy you've found my system helpful, Jaimee! It really helps me to see my to-dos in the context of my calendar. If you have any questions while you're setting it up, feel free to email me. [email protected] Good luck!
HI Lori, Great ideas and presentation! Thank you. Is it possible to have an app etc. to open the calendar from the desktop? Thank you!
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Hi! Thanks so much! Really happy you like it. I don't think Google calendar has a desktop app. I just use a browser on my desktop and I use an app called Calengoo to open it on my Iphone.
Adam Traylor (2 years ago)
Hi Lori, I have a quick question. How come sometimes when you make a new calendar item it shows up as a solid background and other times it only turns the text that color? Thanks. Great video.
Adam Traylor (1 year ago)
Lori, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I had figured it out a bit ago and you are correct. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the world. I have been implementing your system for a little over two weeks and very much like it. It's simple and effective. Keep up the good work. Thanks again! - Adam
SortedbyLori (1 year ago)
Hi Adam - thanks for watching! Certainly, so the calendar items that show up with a solid background are designated as "All Day" items. The ones with the colored texts appear that way because they occur at a specific time (i.e. at 3:00pm.) Let me know if you have any additional questions.
Ashley Mathew (2 years ago)
Hey great video! Quick question, how do you move past recurring events to the history calendar without all future events moving too?
Ashley Mathew (2 years ago)
+SortedbyLori I ended up doing the same thing haha! I really appreciate you making this video. This has been the one way of organizing a calendar that actually works for me. Looking forward to more helpful videos!
SortedbyLori (2 years ago)
Thanks, Ashley! That's the one annoying challenge with Google Calendar... you can't move one event of a recurring series to another calendar. What I do is just delete that single event and add it as a new event to my history calendar. (It's an extra step, but I haven't found a work-around for that.)
Bùi Xuân Bảo Danh (2 years ago)
The way you categorize your tasks is so interesting! :)) Thanks a lot! By the way, can you tell me how to add weekly or monthly tasks?
Bùi Xuân Bảo Danh (2 years ago)
+SortedbyLori Thank you very much :D
SortedbyLori (2 years ago)
Awesome, thank you so much! To add a recurring event, simply click "Edit Event" and check the "Repeat" box right below the date. Then you can adjust how often you want that event to recur.
Pete Kane (2 years ago)
Awesome video.....I've been perfecting the GC for 5 months since Sunrise went away. Love the 1-2-3-4 with different calendar. Mine looks too busy ......Thanks so much for your knowledge sharing
SortedbyLori (2 years ago)
Thank you for watching, Pete! Let me know if you have any questions or additional thoughts. :)
John Duval (2 years ago)
Barbara Hanna (2 years ago)
I see you already answered that below. Is there a way to integrate google calendar and contacts? Have been using another planning program and need to change and find a better tool, and this sounds like it. Looking forward to visiting your web site. Is there a way to print the monthly calendar?
SortedbyLori (2 years ago)
Hi Barbara - I have a Mac (it may be different on a PC) but when I click "Print", it allows you to print in the current view pretty well.
Barbara Hanna (2 years ago)
This was WONDERFUL. The way I like to organize and have been looking for a tool to use. I typically use a paper copy as well, is that possible w/this program? And what was the app you recommended? Sounded l ike calengoo app for phone.
SortedbyLori (2 years ago)
Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for the kind words. :) The app is Calengoo and it's pairs awesomely with Google Calendar (much better than the standard Iphone calendar app. I think you could use this system with a paper calendar but you might lose some of the benefit, including being able to "uncheck" certain calendars so you can focus on the most important stuff.
Severina Roumenova (2 years ago)
This video is awesome! Thanks for the great ideas and tips. What was the name of the app that you mentioned? I would like to give it a try!
SortedbyLori (2 years ago)
Yay, thanks so much, Severina! The calendar app I use on my Iphone is called Calengoo and I LOVE it. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/calengoo-for-google-calendar/id300370871?mt=8
Plannergirl 777 (2 years ago)
This video is great!!!! One of the most helpful videos that I have ever watched!!! If possible, can you do weekly & daily planning as well??
Alaina Burke (5 months ago)
Plannergirl 777 u
Deana Duquesne (7 months ago)
I'm going to give this a try! I'm in college, & working, I want to see if this is manageable... I may also try Planner Pad, it might be easier to use their funnel system & just put appts in Google calendar.
Plannergirl 777 (2 years ago)
+SortedbyLori Thanks!!! I've just started using wunderlist recently and I am now trying to combine it with my paper based planner. I am also using evernote for keeping information & references, so I am very excited to see how you use it for daily routines! Looking forward to it as well as weekly and daily planning videos!!
SortedbyLori (2 years ago)
Hi! Thanks so much for the encouragement and I'm so happy that the video helped you! For sure, I can do weekly and daily planning videos. In fact, I'm working on a video about how I use Evernote to plan my daily routines. If you have any other ideas, lemme know and I'll try! :)
Saviglia Mariposa (2 years ago)
Thank you ! I generally hate those calendar videos (is spite of the fact I would like to better understand using calendars) : yours is the 1st one I manage to see from start to end. You have a very soothing voice, and good tips !
SortedbyLori (2 years ago)
+Saviglia Mariposa Yay, thank you! So glad it was helpful for you. :) Let me know if you have any questions about calendars... I'd love to help anytime!

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