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What is strategy? Michael Porter explains common misunderstandings.

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Strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable position, involving a different set of activities.
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Wonderful Explanation
Suman Bashyal (9 months ago)
he mostly talk about component of strategy and comment other environmental factor but what is strategy?
Suman Bashyal (9 months ago)
but what is strategy? give me a definition
krd Allia (20 days ago)
Is to achieve the company's long term objectives with a good use of resources in the right time
Tommy Slinning (5 months ago)
The means used to achieve their objectives.
Isaac Dietz (10 months ago)
the background movement is vertigo inducing
BriaLianaBesos (1 year ago)
Needed this for one of my Masters class
Francisco Cornejo (1 year ago)
The only way to stay ahead of the curve in the next decade (as an Entrepreneur) is to become an innovator. Augmented Reality will be the next wave of technological innovation that will surely disrupt all industries alike. DON'T BECOME THE VICTIM -- Start creating an Augmented Reality business strategy NOW, before your competitor takes advantage - https://youtu.be/t-R1w8hbTYo
buzz (1 year ago)
Strategy is about businesses having uniqueness and provide value other businesses can't provide. Its not about being the best, but to provide a unique service that brings new and keeps loyal customers.
TSD TSD (11 months ago)
completely wrong
thanks for this video - i have shown the video in my lectures. Wir haben ein Erklärvdieo erstellt in deutsch zur IT-Startegie.
evans white (1 year ago)
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Lisa A. (2 years ago)
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kaushal singh (2 years ago)
superb presentation .......the knowledge on strategy is clear now:)
Tinomudaishe Chitsiko (2 years ago)
Quite informational keep it up Prof
Nicholas Vachon (2 years ago)
Trump should listen to this video.
Balkrishna Parab (9 months ago)
You think Trump could become the President of the strongest nation in the world without understanding strategy?
Chee Teng Ho (2 years ago)
He did and that is why he won. He created a unique image for himself and position himself as the only savior of America!

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